Why is Crunchyroll So Slow? 8 Ways To Fix It!

Have you ever experienced a slow Crunchyroll? It’s frustrating when you’re watching your favorite anime show, and Crunchyroll slows down. It sucks!

Many reasons cause Crunchyroll to slows down. And in today’s quick guide, we will share some fixes to eradicate delays from the Crunchyroll app.

The Real Reasons Behind Crunchyroll’s Slow Performance

Several reasons contribute to slowing down Crunchyroll streaming. Before rushing for a solution, you should first identify the root cause.

Crunchyroll slows down because of an unreliable internet connection. Or you might be using a VPN or ad blocker on your device.

We have mentioned some of the solutions to fix the sluggish Crunchyroll performance.

1. Check the Server’s Uptime

What causes Crunchyroll to have slow loading times

Severe uptime is what you must consider first. Because if there is any fault at the backend or server, Crunchyroll will slow down automatically.

Perhaps you think about how I can check the servers of the Crunchyroll app. Well, there is a quick way to view the server’s current status in your region.

Open Whatsmydns.net and check the status of the Crunhyroll servers. Or you can use downdetector.com to check the server’s status.

If the servers work fine in your region, move on to the next solution.

2. Slow Crunchyroll App? Check Your Internet Connection

Reasons behind Crunchyroll's sluggish performance

Your internet connection is the second major factor that can slow down Crunchyroll streaming.

Slow internet connection is a big headache, which makes your streaming experience terrible. You must first check the internet connection on other devices at home.

You can also conduct an internet speed test on any website. Once you have fixed the internet connection problem, try resting the router. Because this slow internet is the root of the malfunctioning of the Crunchyroll app, sometimes the Crunchyroll’s subtitle won’t work due to this problem.

Resetting the router will resolve all the connectivity problems, and you can again stream Crunchyroll without lagging or crashing.

restart your router

Here are the steps to rest the router:

  • Unplug the router from the power switch.
  • Wait for 60 seconds.
  • Now plug the router back into the switch.
  • This is how you can quickly reset or restart your router.

Resting a router improves network performance and solves connectivity issues.

Once your router resets, reconnect the device to the Wi-Fi and continue streaming your favorite anime on Crunchyroll.

3- Boost Crunchyroll Performance By Clearing The Cache

clearing the cache

The cache constantly accumulates in the memory, and when it is overloaded, the Crunchyroll slows down or starts malfunctioning.

So cleaning the caching will wipe out all the temporary data and give you a smooth streaming experience on Crunchyroll.

So if you’re using Crunchyroll on a smart TV, you can clear the cache by setting it or doing a power rest.

And if you’re streaming Crunchyroll on your laptop, consider clearing the browser or app cache.

4: Update the Crunchyroll

Update the Crunchyroll

Have you ever wondered why Crunchyroll often launches new updates? The new updates fix all the bugs and streaming problems.

So if Crunchyroll slows down on your device, it might be due to the outdated version of the app.

So you need to simply update the app from the App Store. If you’re on a smart TV, open its App Store and update the Crunchyroll update.

Once you have updated the app, restart your TV and reopen the Crunchyroll app. Hopefully, this time you won’t face a sluggish Crunchyroll experience.

5: Update the firmware or software of your device

Firmware is what the Crunchyroll runs on. So if the firmware is outdated, it will cause bugs in streaming services and probably slow them down.

So based on your device, either a smart TV, laptop, or browser, you need to update them.

Most smart TVs with outdated firmware cause Crunchyroll to slow down. So make sure that your TV is operating on the latest firmware version.

Likewise, outdated browsers are also prone to streaming issues. Especially the Chrome browser, you must update the platform you’re using the Crunchyroll app.

6: Turn off the VPN and ad blocker

turn off vpn

According to research, VPNs can slow down the Internet connection by 10–20%. But it depends on the type and IP location of the VPN; sometimes, it slows down the internet speed by 50%.

So if the VPN on your device is turned on and you’re streaming Crunchyroll, it will gets slow.

Similarly, ad blockers are the real problems that interrupt the scripts and prevent them from loading effectively. They also become the reason to slow down the Crunchyroll app.

So all you have to do is turn off the VPN and ad blockers on your browser or smart TV.

7: Lower the video quality

 lagging issues on Crunchyroll

Nothing is better than watching your favorite anime on Crunchyroll in 4K resolution. But 4K resolution needs a stable internet connection.

And if you have enabled the 4K quality over a slow internet connection, guess what happens? The Crunchyroll slows down or starts lagging.

So if your internet connection is unstable, lower the video quality. Streaming Crunchyroll animes in low video quality doesn’t seem very entertaining; however, it’s the only solution to your problem.

8: Contact Crunchyroll Customer Support

If none of the method works then get in touch with Crunchyroll Customer support. But I’m sure they will solve your problem.

Go to the Crunchyroll help desk and send them a request to solve a slow Crunchyroll problem. They will get back to you with some troubleshooting tips to solve your issue.

Wrapped Up

The slowdown of Crunchyroll streaming services is a common concern. You can use simple methods to deal with slow Crunchyroll. We have mentioned some quick ways to fix Crunchyroll’s dull performance.