Why Does Paramount Plus Have Commercials?

You’re streaming a thrilling TV show or movie on Paramount+, and suddenly a distracting ad comes. Yuck! It lowers the taste of suspense. 

You might wonder if I have a Paramount Plus subscription, but still, ads are appearing on my screen. 

Don’t worry; in today’s guide, We will discuss why Paramount Plus has commercials and how to do away with them.

Why There are Commercials On Paramount Plus?

Paramount Plus Have Commercials 

You have to pay Paramount to access their top-notch services and avoid commercials because commercials kill suspense and entertainment. 

Every single folk just starts hating commercials because they waste time and wreck the entire jubilation. 

But have you ever wondered why Paramount Plus is showing ads? 

To understand the fact, you must know which Paramount Plus plan you currently use on your TV because one of the plans shows commercials. 

Essential Plan

Most individuals want a cheaper plan and opt for the Paramount + essential plan. This plan includes commercials that cause interruption.

So you will also encounter a commercial while watching your favorite TV shows, series, or movies. 

The essential plan costs $4.99/month and $49/year with a 16% off price. But on this plan, you will get deprived of local live CBS station. 

Premium Plan 

To provide a next-level streaming experience, Paramount Plus offers Premium Plan. This plan is available for $11/month and doesn’t include commercials. 

Premium Plan also acquires local live CBS stations to expand the entertainment sources. But most people also encounter commercials in the Paramount premium plan, so why that happens?

Why The Premium Plan Of Paramount Plus Showing Ads?

Even though Paramount says the Premium plan is ads free, it still displays commercials. 

Well, the ads-free policy only applies to third-party companies; you won’t see any ads from external companies except Paramount it’s own. 

The commercials on the Paramount Premium plan are about latest TV shows, movies, etc., which are available on the platform and will help you find some new content to stream.

The main theme of the Paramount Plus commercial is not to diverge people’s attention but to keep them aware of new content. So when new TV shows or movies step into the industry, you will be notified via these commercials. 

Why The Paramount Plus Premium Plan Has Commercials While Live Streaming? 

e Paramount Plus Premium Plan Has Commercials

Whenever you watch something live, it contains commercials. You might have watched a football match on ESPN or Fubo TV; in between certain time chunks, they will show commercials. 

In any live broadcast, Paramount Plus also shows a limited amount of commercials after a certain time. 

In a nutshell, it’s impossible to eliminate commercials while watching live broadcasts on Paramount Plus. However, I don’t think commercials can cause interruption between live streamings; in fact, they boost the suspense.

How Many Commercials to Expect When Streaming on Paramount Plus?

Just like any other streaming platform, Paramount Plus constantly improving user experience. Undoubtedly, excessive ads interrupt entertainment, so Paramount Plus rarely shows commercially. 

But if you’re on a Paramount Essential plan, it will irritate you; on average, it will show between 12 – 17 ads per show and 20 – 23 ads per hour. 

For premium users, there are two brief commercials while streaming, which could be between 10 – 15 seconds. 

How To Avoid Commercials On Paramount Plus?

There is no way to run away from commercials on Paramount Plus. Even if you use the Paramount Plus premium plan, you will still see fewer commercials. 

However, few movies on Paramount Plus allow downloading for offline streaming. Such downloadable content on paramount plus won’t show commercials. But the download option is not available for every TV show or movie. 

Here is how to download the video on Paramount Plus; 

  • Open the Paramount Plus account. 
  • Tap on “More” from the bottom. 
  • Choose “Download” and Browse Available Videos
  • Here you will see a library of different content available for download.

Paramount Plus Free Trial Ads Policy 

Like most Streaming apps, Paramount Plus offers a free trial for the first week. But does the free trial version also show commercials? Yes, the trial version also shows ads while streaming. 

The trial version is available for both Essential and Premium plans; there is no difference between paid and trial versions. So you will also encounter commercials between TV shows and CBS live streaming. 

Wrapped Up

Nothing is too annoying than a commercial on Paramount Plus, that appear suddenly between TV shows and movies.

The Paramount Plus also shows ads in its Essential plan. But what if you have a Premium plan? You will also encounter ads in this plan, but the ads will only be relevant to Paramount; there will be no third-party ads. 

Similarly, you will also see commercials during live CBS streamings, which is obvious, and you can’t redeem your life from them.