Why Are Hulu Ads So Loud? Easy Way To Fix!

If you find Hulu ads so loud, you’re not alone; it’s one of the most annoying experiences every Hulu user complains about.

I know Hulu commercials are seriously degrading your entertainment experience, and it’s a major interruption. However, there are solutions to get rid of such noisy Hulu ads. 

In this guide, we will discuss some fixes for loud Hulu commercials. So let’s get started!

Why Hulu Commercials Are So Loud?

Why Hulu Commercials Are So Loud

Hulu commercials are so loud to grab the user’s attention towards their product. The loud sound has a greater impact on conveying emotions, and users become more attracted by their precuts. 

Similarly, the content on Hulu has low volume, and such content increases the suspense level of users. Also, few users have increased the volume of Hulu content. And when Hulu ads come, they sound extremely loud. 

Why Hulu Has Commercials?

Hulu loves ads because this flows money for them and makes their subscription plans cheaper.

If Hulu stops displaying ads, then guess what? The prices of their subscription plan skyrocket instantly. That’s why commercials are crucial to run the Hulu business. 

Also, some commercials are useful for a few folks, and they make purchases due to these commercials. It means they also provide valuable experience to the users. 

But I know too many commercials with booming sound feels very annoying. We have mentioned a few methods to eliminate loud Hulu ads. 

How To Deal With Loud Hulu Ads?

  • Mute the sound
  • Install an Ad blocker extension
  • Enable the auto volume feature
  • Switch to Hulu premium

1- Mute The Sound

Hulu commercials volume too loud

So when Hulu ads play, pause the sound of your TV. This is a quick and easy way to deal with loud commercials. 

For this method, you must grab the remote while streaming. And as soon as any commercial comes, immediately press the mute button on the remote control.

And when commercials are done, again press the mute button to unmute your TV. 

Similarly, if you’re watching Hulu on a laptop, press the mute button (F10) on the keyboard, which will mute the system sound. 

My wife and I use the same method to overcome roaring commercials on Hulu. But surely this method only works for those with a tv remote control, so if you don’t have a remote, hover over to the next method. 

2- Install An Ad Blocker Extension

Hulu commercials playing at high volume

This is a smart way to block distracting ads on Hulu. You can install an ad blockers extension if you’re using Hulu on your laptop. 

Too many ad blocker extensions are available on the internet, but one called “Hulu Ad Skipper” is specifically made to skip Hulu ads. And the good news is this extension is free. 

All you need is to open this web page and tap “Add to Chrome.” Once the Hulu Ad Skipper extension is added, you can stream your favorite TV shows without distractions. 

But unluckily, this method won’t work for smart TV.

3- Enable the Auto Volume Feature On Your TV

How to stop loud ads on Hulu

The auto volume feature is what equalizes volume for every channel. So when louder Hulu play, this feature automatically lowers the volume, and you’ll find no difference in the sound of Hulu content and commercials.

This automatic volume adjustment feature is available on a few TV models like Samsung, LG, Vizio, Sony, TCL, etc. 

The automatic volume adjustment feature is made to maintain a consistent volume when you switch channels. But this feature also works to maintain no sound difference between commercials and actual streaming. 

Below are the steps to turn on the automatic volume adjustment feature on various TV brands; 

  • Sony: Home -> Settings -> Display & Sound -> Sound -> Advance Auto Volume -> Auto. 
  • Samsung Smart TVs: Settings -> Sound -> Expert Settings -> Turn on Auto Volume.
  • TCL TV: Settings -> Display & Sound -> Sound -> Advance Settings -> Turn on Auto Volume Control.
  • LG TV: Settings -> Sound -> Volume Mode -> Turn on Auto Volume.

Even though these settings may vary depending on the TV model you’re using, you can enable the auto volume adjustment feature from the sound settings on every TV model. 

This setting will remain pretty much the same for streaming devices or fire tv devices. All you have to do is go into Audio Settings and turn on the auto volume feature to deal with loud sounds.

4- Switch To Hulu Premium (Ad Free Plan)

Hulu premium plan offers an ads-free streaming experience. So, if ads are too loathing for you, you can go for a Hulu premium subscription plan. 

The premium plan costs you $12.99/month. Here are the steps to switch Hulu subscription plan. 

  • Open your Hulu account on your laptop. 
  • Under the “Your Subscription” section, go to Manage Plan. 
  • Toggle off the current plan. 
  • Now select the Manage Add-ons and add a new one.

And if you don’t want to pay 12 bucks per month for a premium Hulu subscription, you can simply opt for other streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney Plus, etc. 

Final Words

Hulu commercials are so louder and sound irksome to the ears. And these noisy ads become even more annoying when they come in the middle of a suspenseful segment.

But these loud commercials are the backbone of Hulu that lets company wheels roll. A greater part of Hulu’s revenue comes from these ads. And due to this, Hulu keeps their plan price lower. 

Luckily, you can avoid these loud Hulu ads. We have mentioned some possible solutions that will surely help you to deal with these louder commercials. 


How many commercials come on Hulu per episode?

Well, it depends upon what types of content you’re watching. If you’re watching TV shows, greater than 1 hour, ads will appear after every 8 to 10 minutes. But for shows videos or small videos, you will see a very limited number of ads. 

If you want to skip these ads, you can go for a premium Hulu plan which costs you $12.99/month. 

Why are Hulu commercials so louder than the show I’m watching?

The advertiser wants to grab the audience’s attention; the outer sound is the best way to do that. That’s why Hulu ads seem louder than the Hulu content. 

Can I adjust the ad volume on Hulu?

Yes, you can use your smart TV’s automatic volume control feature to adjust Hulu’s ad volume. 

This feature balance the decibel of Hulu content and ads volumes, so you will feel a balanced sound throughout your streaming experience. 

Similarly, this feature stabilizes your TV’s volume while switching between different channels.