What Does Exp Mean On Hulu? Truth Unveil

If you’ve been using Hulu for a long time, you might have seen the ‘Exp’ option next to the content title. What does it mean?

Well, most people get scared of the ‘EXP’ symbol. And interestingly, this symbol doesn’t appear on every content.

In today’s article, we will unveil the meaning of this ‘EXP’ and discuss how long it will stay on the screen. So let’s get started!

What Does Exp Mean On Hulu? 

In simple words, Exp stands for expiration. If you encounter the word “EXP” in the content’s title on Hulu, it means that the content will soon disappear from the Hulu library. 

The situation is alarming, so you need to complete the series ASAP if you see the “Exp” word in the title.

You might think about how content can be deleted from the Hulu library. Hulu has the right to add or remove content from the library. 

There might be many reasons why Hulu will remove content from its library. 

Hulu might delete the content because it gets too old or licensing issues. Hulu has the right to keep the content for a specific time frame; after that, the agreement needs renewal. Otherwise, they remove the content.  

Does ‘EXP’ Also Appear On Hulu Premium Account?

What does 'exp' stand for on Hulu

Hulu also offers premium accounts, which don’t have ads. Does EXP also appear if you have this account?

You will also encounter the EXP even with a Hulu premium account. Exp stands for expiration, which means Hulu will soon delete the content from the Hulu content library.

You will also encounter the EXP even with a Hulu premium account. Exp stands for expiration, which means Hulu will soon delete the content from the Hulu content library. 

The content library of Hulu is the same for both Hulu basic and premium plans. So whether you’re using an ad-supported or a premium plan, the EXP appears on both. 

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For How Much Time Will EXP Content Available On Hulu?

Once the EXP content appears next to the content title, it means that the content will disappear soon. It may be deleted within a few days to the next month. 

The EXP option will also show the remaining date or day. 

  • EXP. 12 Days: It means the content will delete after 12 days. 
  • EXP. 13 Days: The content will be deleted after 13 days. 
  • EXP. Tue: If you encounter the day with the EXP option, the content will expire on that day in the current week. 
  • EXP. Today: This means that the content will be removed from the Hulu library on the current day.

If A Content Expires, Does The Related Episodes Expire Too?

Yes, if any content expires, the entire season will also expire. I know it’s very annoying. 

That’s why it’s recommended to watch all the episodes ASAP if you see EXP on any episodes because you won’t access that Hulu shows again on Hulu. 

Download EXP Content For Offline Viewing

What does 'exp' stand for on Hulu

If any content is going to expire, then you can download it and watch it later.  

Here are the steps to download any content on Hulu; 

  • Open the Hulu app and play the desired content you want to download for offline viewing. 
  • If the content is downloadable, you will see a download icon next to it. Tap on that icon. 
  • Now hover over the menu, and find the download section. 
  • You will find all the download content there, now you can stream movies and tv shows if they are expired.

Note: Hulu doesn’t allow users to download every type of content. The shows from premium Add-ons aren’t downloadable. 

Save Expire Hulu Shows Through Recording?

"Decoding 'exp' on Hulu"

Yes, with cloud DVR storage, recording any TV show, sports, event, and movie on Hulu became too easy. That’s what I love about it, so you can save EXP content recording for later use. 

This app can also record content on other streaming platforms; that’s why it’s a renowned app.

Here are steps to record content on Hulu; 

  • First, download the PlayOn Cloud app on your iOS or Android phone. 
  • Start your free trials
  • There you will find different streaming platforms, tap on Hulu , and put your account credentials to log into your Hulu account. 
  • Now play your desired TV show that you want to record. 
  • Select view more details and tap on the Record button. 
  • All the recordings will be available under “My Stuff.”

Why are so many shows expiring on Hulu?

There are a couple of reasons, but the major one is licensing. Hulu has the right and agreement with them to keep their episodes for a certain period of time. 

But it doesn’t mean the shows will disappear permanently from the Hulu content library. After a few months or weeks, the expired Hulu shows will come back, and you can stream them again.

Before removing any content, Hulu first notifies about that. You will see an EXP option on content indicating that content expires soon. 

Do Hulu shows expire at midnight?

Yes, Hulu’s content expires on a certain removal day at midnight EST. This means you have 24 hours to complete the episodes that day, and others will be deprived of it. 

Or if there is a lot of content remaining that you want to watch and you don’t have much time, then you can download or record it using the above two methods. 

Wrap Up!

I hope you understand that EXP is an alarming sign showing that the content expires soon. You can also view the time frame of EXP that indicates after these days, the content will expire. 

So it’s recommended to watch that content as soon as possible. You can also record and download such content on Hulu. But the download option is not available for all types of content.