What Channel Is ABC On Samsung TV Plus? How To Find!

Most Samsung TV users use Samsung TV Plus because it’s a free entertainment platform.

With over 250+ live tv channels, it’s difficult to locate your favorite channel on Samsung TV Plus. If you’re searching for an ABC news channel and didn’t find that, don’t fret. 

In this article, I will help you access the ABC news channel on Smaug TV Plus, so keep reading. 

What Channel Is ABC Channel On Samsung TV Plus?

ABC News has a 1007 channel number on Samsung TV Plus. This channel number is valid for the USA and may vary on other locations. Similarly, other ABC child channels have different numbers mentioned in the table below.

Channel NamesChannel Number
ABC News1007
ABC15 Arizona1035
ABC7 Bay Area1036
ABC 13 Houston1035
ABC7 New York1038

All above mention ABC channel numbers are valid for the USA.

Samsung TV offers over 1200+ TV channels across the globe. And for the USA, it offers 250+ channels. So, the ABC channel number might vary if you live in Asia, Europe, and the Middle East. 

Alternative Methods To Access ABC News Channel On Samsung TV Plus

alternative ways to get abc app on samsung tv

Samsung TV Plus is a diverse platform, so it’s a bit difficult to locate TV channels. Also, there is no built-in search feature that can help you to navigate the desired channel. 

A filter option in the Samsung TV Plus app helps you navigate channels in different categories. To navigate ABC’s new channel, you must navigate to the News category. 

Alternatively, you can use the Samsung TV Plus website to find the channel number. 

Simply open the Samsung TV Plus website, press the “Ctrl + F” or “Command + F,” and search for ABC News. This will show you the exact ABC Chanel number according to your region. 

Once you have the exact channel number, you can easily locate it in Samsung TV Plus. 

What To Do If You Are Unable To Find Samsung TV Plus?

In some cases, if you’re unable to find the ABC channel on Samsung TV Plus, what should you do?

Samsung frequently updates the channel’s library in the Samsung TV Plus app. And if you’re using an outdated version of the app, you may not be able to access ABC’s new channel. 

In this scenario, you need to update the Samsung TV firmware and Samsung TV app to get the new ABC channel. 

First of all, update the firmware of your Samsung TV; 

  • Open the menu on Samsung TV and go to Settings.
  • Tap on Support. 
  • Choose the Software update, and check for the latest updates. 
  • If a new update Is available, the TV will automatically install it. But make sure that your TV is connected to the internet.

Now update the Samsung TV Plus app. 

  • Open the Home Screen on your Samsung smart TV. 
  • Navigate to the apps option and tap on it
  • Now from the top right corner, tap on “Settings.” 
  • Here you will see the Auto-update option; ensure it’s turned on. 
  • Your Samsung TV will automatically update the apps if connected to the internet.

Get ABC App Via Amazon FireStick On Your Samsung TV

If you still find the ABC app on Samsung TV Plus, don’t worry. You can still access the ABC new app via Amazon FireStick. 

The Fire TV Stick is a handy device that gives access to hundreds of popular apps without restrictions. So if you’re using the Fire TV Stick, you can download the ABC news app from their App Store. 

And if you don’t have a Fire TV stick, you can get one from Amazon. It only costs you around $40, which is an inexpensive option. 

Below are the steps to download ABC’s new app from FireStick. 

  • Press the “Home” button on your Fire TV Stick remote. 
  • From the top navigation menu, tap on “Apps.” 
  • Now tap the “mic” button on the remote, and search for the ABC news app. 
  • Tap the download button to add the app to the Home Screen of FireStick.


If you’re a Samsung TV Plus user looking for the ABC news channel, don’t worry, I’ve got you covered! The ABC news channel can be found on channel number 1007 on Samsung TV Plus in the USA.

I have also mentioned what to do when you cannot find the ABC channel on Samsung TV Plus. I hope this article was helpful to you. Thanks for reading!


Do I need to pay to watch the ABC news channel on Samsung TV Plus?

Samsung TV Plus is a free platform; it doesn’t charge a single penny for streaming apps. You can freely stream ABC News on Samsung TV Plus app without any ads. 

How many channels are there on Samsung TV Plus? 

There are over 1200+ channels available on Samsung TV Plus. For USA residents, it offers 250+ channels. And with time, Samsung has expanded the App Library according to user demand.