Vizio Tv Won’t Update Firmware: 6 Fixes!

Updates are important to prevent Vizio TV from glitches, bugs and increase its longevity. And the new firmware update also brings tons of new features.

But what if your Vizio TV won’t update the firmware or gets stuck on downloading updates?

This usually happens with most Vizio TV users. If the Vizio TV is stuck on the update, it means there is an internet connectivity issue, or your TV doesn’t have sufficient storage to welcome new updates. 

Apart from that, some other factors cause updates to get stuck on the downloading screen. Keep reading the article to know why this happens and how to fix it. 

Troubleshooting steps for Vizio TV update Problems

If the Vizio TV doesn’t update the firmware, it might be due to insufficient storage or internet problems. You can use an ethernet cable to speed up the updating process. Otherwise, a factory reset can solve the Vizio updating issues. 

Below are some quick solutions you can use if your Vizio smart TV fails to update the firmware. 

1- Power Reset Vizio TV

Power Reset Vizio TV

Power or soft reset is the first solution for entangled Vizio TV updates. 

A Power reset solves many connectivity issues and glitches in Vizio TV. That’s why we usually recommend doing a power reset for most of the Vizio TV problems

So how can you exactly power reset Vizio smart TV in just one minute? 

Step 1: First, turn off the TV by pressing the power button, then unplug the power cable from the power outlet. 

Step 2: Wait for 60 seconds. 

Step 3: Press and hold the power button for 30 seconds. 

Step 4: Now plug the Vizio TV back into the switch. 

So how can power reset fix most of the Vizio TV problems? 
A power cycle or reset clears all the residual power build-up, which is the main cause of most software glitches and network connectivity problems.

So doing a power rest on Vizio smart TV will solve update, resolution or buffering issues, fix the apps that aren’t working, and more. 

2- Insufficient Storage

Insufficient Storage of vizio tv

The new updates require storage, and most of the Vizio firmware updates are stuck on downloading due to insufficient storage. 

The old Vizio TVs have very limited storage, so large-size updates are usually stuck on them.

Vizio smart TV shows the actual size of updates before starting the downloading process. Before updating the firmware, you must check the remaining storage of Vizio TV; if it’s insufficient, free up the storage before starting the update. 

Here is how you can check the remaining storage on Vizio TV. 

  • Tap on the “Home” button from Vizio TV remote
  • Go to “System”
  • Tap on “System Information”
  • Here you can check the remaining storage.

If your Vizio smart TV doesn’t have enough storage to welcome new updates, you need to uninstall the unnecessary apps. 

3- Troubleshooting Internet Connectivity

Internet Connectivity

Your Vizio TV is stuck on downloading updates due to poor internet speed.

Undoubtedly, a stable internet connection plays an important role in updating the firmware of Vizio TV. And sluggish Internet speed can put you in dire problems, and it also makes Vizio TV slow.

So before searching for other fixes, ensure you have a reliable internet connection. Conduct an internet speed test to verify that it’s working fine.

If you find slow internet, restarting the host device or router can fix this issue. 

Here is how you can restart your router; 

  • Unplug the router from the switch.
  • Wait for a minute.
  • Now press and hold the power button for 20 seconds. 
  • And plug the router back into the switch and turn it on. 
  • Wait for a few seconds until the router reboots.
Once the router is restarted, disconnect the Vizio TV from the wifi network and re-enter the password to establish a new connection.

Restarting the router gives reliable internet speed by clearing the cache and memory. It also improves the bandwidth and fixes performance-related issues. 

4- Use Ethernet Connection 

Use Ethernet Connection 

If you placed the router far away from Vizio TV, it wouldn’t catch the signals properly. And if the signal strength is poor, the Vizio Tv won’t update the firmware. 

The best solution to this situation is to use an ethernet or wired connection, which provides blistering speed. 

Also, the wifi signals may be interrupted by mediums like walls, roofs, fans, furniture, etc. Whereas the ethernet connection doesn’t rely on these mediums, that’s why it gives stable internet speed. 

5- Update Vizio TV Through USB

Update Vizio TV Through USB

If you’re still facing updating problems on Vizio TV, then give it a try to manually update the firmware. 

Most people feel overwhelmed by manually updating, but to fix a Vizio TV stuck downloading updates this is the best solution.

Also, manually updating Vizio TV is an easy process and isn’t as complicated as it sounds. You need a laptop/computer and a USB to manually install a new firmware update on Vizio smart TV. 

Step #1: Open the Vizio firmware resource page from your laptop. 

Step #2: Type the serial number of your TV.

Tip: The serial number is in System > Admin & Privacy > System Information. 

Step #3: Download the file, and unzip it into the USB. 

Step #4: Eject the USB and connect it to your Vizio smart TV. 

Step #5: The TV will automatically pick up the USB and start the updating process. 

Step #6: Now follow the on-screen instructions and let the update install on Vizio TV. 

6- Factory Reset TV

Factory Reset TV

A Factory Reset is the last step that can make your day and solve updating problems on your TV. This process will also save a lot of other software glitches, bugs, and lagging issues.

Factory reset will clear all the TV data and bring default factory configurations and settings. That’s why I only recommend going for a Factory reset after trying all the other solutions.

Here is how you can factory reset Vizio TV within minutes; 

  • Grab the Vizio remote and tap on the menu button. 
  • Scroll down to “System”
  • Locate the “Reset & Admin” and tap on it. 
  • Tap on Reset To Factory Settings. 
  • A pop will appear for confirmation; tap the “Reset” button. 
  • After the factory reset, the TV automatically restarts and shows the initial setup page.

If you don’t have a Vizio TV remote, then you can use the physical reset button for a factory reset. 

  • Press and hold the “Volume down” and “Input” buttons together. 
  • Now wait for the popup that will appear on the top of the tv screen. 
  • Then press the input button for 10 seconds to begin the factory reset process.

Wrap Up

I hope you have gone through all the possible solutions mentioned above and fixed Vizio TV, which gets stuck on downloading updates. 

It’s also mandatory to keep your TV updated to prevent any kind of lagging and software glitches. 

If you’re still in trouble and unable to update Vizio TV, we recommend you contact Vizio Support. 


How can I update my Vizio TV?

Press the home button on the remote control to update the Vizio TV. Go to System > Check For Updates > tap on okay. Now the TV will search for new updates; if any firmware updates are available, it will automatically install them. 

How long does it take to update Vizio TV?

The Vizio’s firmware updates take only a few minutes to install. But it depends upon the size of updates and your internet connection speed. Sometimes the updates take more than 10 or 15 minutes due to slow internet speed and large update size. 

How to skip the Vizio update?

Vizio automatically updates the firmware, so if you want to bypass or skip the new update on Vizio TV, simply turn off the auto updates. But it’s not recommended to skip updates because the new firmware updates will fix the bugs and performance issues.