Can A Vizio Tv Screen Be Repaired? How Much Does It Cost?

A broken TV screen creates a dire situation because you can’t repair the TV screen. It’s not a cakewalk, but a proper procedure and steps can help you to get out of this Vizio TV problem

If you have a broken Vizio TV screen, you can’t repair it. Instead, you have to replace the screen. 

In some scenarios, the Vizio TV screen doesn’t even have a scratch, but the backlight or T-Con board gets damaged and won’t show a picture. In this case, you can replace these items and get back the picture on the Vizio TV screen.  

In this guide, I will share how much it costs to replace a Vizio TV screen and how to know if a faulty backlight causes the issue. So stay connected!

Can I Repair Vizio TV Screen

Repair Vizio TV Screen

If your Vizio TV screen is broken, you can’t repair it; instead, you must opt for a TV screen replacement. Bring it to a nearby TV repair shop and ask them to replace the TV screen. 

But if the TV screen is okay and you’re still unable to get the picture, it might be due to faulty backlight LEDs or the damaged T-Con board. 

In this case, you need to replace the T-Con board or backlight, which is way too easy than replacing a TV screen. Even you can also do it yourself. 

Similarly, the backlight of Vizio TV consists of strips of LED light; if one LED light gets stuck, the entire strip becomes useless. In such a case, you have to replace the entire LED strip. 

But before going for other solutions, let’s discuss the Vizio TV screen replacement cost.

How Much Does It Cost To Replace Vizio TV Screen?

The screen replacement cost of Vizio TV ranges from $100 to $200. The screen replacement cost depends on the display type and size. Compared to the older model with OLED screens, the new 4K display panels are much more expensive. 

Likewise, getting the screen replacement for older Vizio TV models is harder because the parts are hard to find. But if you have a new Vizio TV model, you can easily replace the screen from a nearby repair shop. 

Apart from the screen replacement cost, you must also consider the labor cost, which might be between $60 to $80, depending on your Vizio TV model. 

Most of the time, you won’t get the original Vizio screen panels because they are harder to find; that’s why professional fit screen panels from any other TV brands that work with Vizio TV. 

Backlight Repairing For Vizio TV & Its Cost?

Backlight Repairing For Vizio TV

The backlight in any TV is responsible for brightness, and a faulty backlight makes the TV screen dead. 

The easy way to check for faulty backlight is to test the sound of Vizio TV. If the Vizio TV has sound but does not have picture, it means that the LED strips are damaged.

Multiple LEDs are aligned on a strip, and if one LED gets damaged, you need to replace the entire strip. 

Luckily, the LED backlight strips are inexpensive, costing around $50 to $60, depending on the number of strips you need. 

I recommend you call a professional and ask him to replace the backlight instead of doing it yourself. Because replacing LED backlight strips is not an easy task, there are a lot of screws to remove. Also, there are some fragile components that you need to take care of while replacing. 

For professionals, backlight strip replacement is child’s play. They will charge a $30 to $45 labor fee for backlight replacement. 

T-Con Board Replacement 

t con board replacement

Most of the time, the Vizio don’t show picture due to a faulty T-Con board. 

Grab a flashlight to check for faulty T-Con board and bring it closer to the Vizio TV screen. If you don’t see any image on the screen, then it probably indicates that the T-Con board is faulty. 

The T-Con board is on every TV, responsible for creating images on the screen using drivers. That’s why if the T-Con board is damaged, it can put you in trouble. 

But fortunately, the T-Con board replacement is straightforward and takes only a few minutes. You can easily replace the T-Con board if you have minor DIY skills. 

First, open the back panel of the TV, locate the T-Con board, remove the screws, place the new one, and you’re good to go. 

So, instead of directly rushing for Vizio screen replacement, you should check the T-Con board first. It only costs around $30 to $50 to replace a T-Con board, and you can do it yourself. 

Does Vizio Offers a Screen Warranty 

Every Vizio TV model comes with one year of warranty for non-commercial use. But sadly, the Vizio TV warranty doesn’t cover normal wear and tear and cosmetic damage. 

You can’t claim a warranty if your Vizio TV screen gets broken accidentally.

The Vizio TV’s warranty only applies if you’re using the TV under Vizio guidelines and suddenly an abnormal hardware issue arises. 

So if Vizio TV’s screen gets broken, you must take it to a nearby repair shop instead of wasting time searching for warranty claims. 

Tips That Help You To Secure The Vizio TV Screen

tips to Secure The Vizio TV Screen

The smart TV screen is very fragile; a small drop or jerk can break them. That’s why caring for such a fragile screen is very important. 

Below are some tips that help you to avoid any big loss. 

  • If you have kids at home, use the wall mount method instead of TV stands. 
  • While cleaning the TV screen, don’t put too much pressure on it. 
  • While moving the TV from one place to another, ask your partner and take their help. Never grab the TV from the screen; always pick on the TV from the side. 
  • Don’t expose the TV to direct sunlight, as it can cause potential damage to the display. 
  • Use the power surge protector for a stable power supply and to avoid electrical fluctuations because the electric fluctuations can damage the power board. 
  • Before cleaning, make sure to turn off the TV. 
  • Be careful while mounting the TV. Don’t put too much pressure on the screen, as it can immediately damage it.

Final Words

The Vizio TV screen is fragile; you can’t repair it once it gets damaged. The only solution to the broken Vizio screen is a replacement that costs around $100 to $200. 

So taking care of the TV screen is essential, and it’s better to take prevention to avoid bad consequences. 

I hope you found this article helpful and it has solved your problem.