13 Common Vizio TV Problems: Vizio TV Troubleshooting Guide

Vizio TVs are among the leading smart TVs on the market; they last longer and offer incredible features at a reasonable price.

But like other smart TVs, Vizio TVs are also prone to damage and software failures. 

With time, you will encounter various Vizio problems. But rather than getting worried or investing in a new TV, you should figure out the cause and fix the problem. 

In this guide, we have listed the most common Vizio TV issues that you can easily fix yourself. So if you want your Vizio TV to work seamlessly, keep reading this guide.

13 Most Common Vizio TV Problems That Can Be Easily Fixed!

The Vizio problem listed below are the most common one. We have collected comprehensive data on different forums, personal experiences, and customer questions. 

And after filtering data, we are making this powerful troubleshooting guide for Vizio TV users. You can also bookmark the guide for future use. 

1- Vizio TV Not Connecting To Wifi    

vizio tv wifi issue

The most common problem encountered on Vizio TV is the Wifi connectivity issues. 

There are several reasons why Vizio TV won’t connect to Wifi; It could be a router issue, software glitches, or poor wifi signals. 

I know how frustrating it is to encounter Wifi connectivity issues because you become stuck and can’t access your favorite streaming apps. 


The foremost solution to Wifi connectivity issues on Vizio TV is to do a power reset.

Simply unplug Vizio TV from the power outlet and wait for 60 seconds. Now press and hold the power button of the TV for 30 seconds and plug it back.

If the power reset doesn’t work, try other quick solutions. 

  • Restart the router 
  • Update the TV Firmware 
  • Conduct a Wifi test and make sure it’s stable speed. 
  • Use ethernet connection 
  • Make sure that time and date are correct 
  • Forgot the wi-fi network from settings and reconnected it. (Make sure to put the right password)

If none of these solutions work, then you should try power reset. The power reset will wipe out all the data and bring default factory settings to Vizio TV. 

In 90% of cases, the factory reset solves the Wifi connectivity problem on Vizio TV. 

2- Vizio TV Is So Slow 

vizio tv wifi issue

The slow Vizio TV makes the streaming experience very loathing. The slow performance of TV makes the apps slow, content lagging, buffering, and apps crashing. 

With time, you will see Vizio TVs become slow due to cache buildup and many apps installed that use more resources. 


The first and quick solution to deal with the slow performance of Vizio TV is to delete the cache. 

  • Open the Home Screen of Vizio TV
  • Go to “System”
  • Scroll down to “Reset & Admin”
  • Tap on “Reboot TV”

Note: After rebooting, the TV automatically restarts and clears all the cache.

If this solution doesn’t work, you can try alternative solutions to make Vizio TV faster.

  • Use high-speed internet. As you internet provides to upgrade the internet package. 
  • Power Cycle Vizio tv to clear power buildup.
  • Update the Firmware of the TV
  • Use wired ethernet connection instead of depending on Wifi signals
  • Clear storage on Vizio TV. 
  • Provide proper ventilation to avoid overheating. 
  • Update the apps if they are crashing.
Tip #1
If none of the solutions work for TV, it’s time to factory reset the TV. After a factory reset, all the storage will be free, and the cache will be deleted. This gives a more smooth and seamless streaming experience than ever.
Tip #2
If Vizio TV performs slowly due to flooded storage and you don’t want to delete the apps to clear storage, you should go for a FireStick.

3- Vizio TV Freezing Up

vizio tv freezing

Sometimes Vizio TV keeps Freezing while streaming Netflix and other such apps, which sucks!

Freezing TV seems just like old Windows laptops that became stuck due to multitasking or overheating. 


Instead of pulling your hair, try these solutions to eliminate Freezing Vizio TV. 

  • Restart the Vizio TV and try a power reset
  • Use 5 GHz Wifi bandwidth 
  • Update the software of TV
  • If only one app is freezing, then reinstall the app. 
  • Change the picture mode
  • Check advanced video settings, and make sure they are fine.
  • If you’re using FireStick, ensure it’s properly plugged in; also, update the Firmware of FireStick. 
  • Factory reset Vizio TV.

4- Vizio Remote Not Working

vizio tv remote not working

The Remote control of Vizio TV is just like a brain that controls the TV. But if the Vizio remote doesn’t work, it’s time to take action and fix this problem. 

Without a remote, it’s miserable to control the TV. Even though you can use alternative ways, like the Vizio TV app, universal remote apps, etc., to control TV with the phone, it’s not a permanent solution. 


The first and quick solution to fix the Vizio remote is to power cycle the remote. 

  • First, remove the batteries 
  • Now press every button of the Vizio remote control for one time. 
  • Reinstall the batteries into the remote. It’s recommended to use new batteries this time. 
  • Check if the remote is working.

If this doesn’t work, then you can try other solutions mentioned below; 

  • Bring the Vizio remote control closer to the TV. 
  • Use new batteries. 
  • Make sure that the IR sensor is working fine. To test this, turn on the flashlight on your mobile and bring it closer to the IR sensor; if it doesn’t reflect red light, it means the sensor is dead. 
  • Look for water damage.
  • You can use the new Vizio remote. 
  • If you have the universal remote, you can use it with Vizio TV.

5- Vizio TV Apps Not Working

Vizio TV Apps Not Working

Vizio TVs run on SmartCast Os, and most apps are incompatible with this OS. 

But sometimes, the apps running seamlessly on Vizio suddenly stop working. There is no single reason behind this, so you must figure out what prevents apps from working on Vizio TV.


As I mentioned earlier, most of the streaming apps like Peacock, Crunchyroll, Spectrum, Hulu, HBO Max, and some other apps aren’t made available for Vizio TV. In such cases, you need FireStick to access these apps. 

But if the apps suddenly stop working, it might be due to glitches. In such a scenario, follow the below mention solutions; 

  • Power reset your TV. 
  • Reinstall the app.
  • Make sure that you have a stable internet connection. 
  • Make sure there is enough storage on the TV. 
  • Do a factory reset.

6- Vizio TV Turn on But Has No Picture 

You might have experienced the Black screen of death or blank screen on Vizio TV. And this is one of the horrible problems you must deal with. 

If you have turned on the TV and it has no picture, there might be a power board issue, or the TV’s backlight was damaged.

 Several software bugs and glitches often bring a black screen of death on Vizio TV. 


  • Check the power cable.
  • Use a new power cord.
  • Power cycle your TV. 
  • Disconnect all the external devices
  • Check the backlight.
  • Reset Vizio TV If it’s not showing picture.
How To Conduct A Backlight Test?
To test if the backlight works fine, turn on the flashlight on a mobile phone. Bring the flashlight closer to the tv screen and inspect the entire screen. 

If you find any stuck image on the screen, it means the backlight is damaged. The flickering vizio tv screen is also caused by poor backlight.

Tip: If there is a backlight issue or the power board of the TV got damaged, then you can contact Vizio Customer Support for TV replacement. If your TV is under warranty, they will replace the model.

7- Vizio TV Has No Sound

Vizio TV Has No Sound

Sound is crucial for a seamless streaming experience. Unfortunately, we have many questions from people asking how to fix the sound issue on Vizio smart TV. 

In this case, Vizio TV shows pictures, but you’re unable to hear any sound of content. This problem has multiple causes, so let’s hover over solutions. 


  • Disconnects all BlueTooth devices and only uses the TV’s sound. 
  • Ensure that sound is not muted from the settings. 
  • Check if the TV speaker is turned off; turn them on. 
  • Power cycle your TV. 
  • Check the Vizio TV remote, may be the volume keys aren’t working. In this case, you can use the physical volume button of Vizio TV.

8- Vizio TV Doesn’t Update Firmware 

Vizio TV Doesn't Update Firmware 

Vizio frequently launches new firmware updates to keep the TV free from bugs. The new updates also bring a lot of new features and security updates. 

And if your Vizio is not updating, then you’re missing something on the table. A few users ask that their Vizio be stuck on updates, and a few complain they cannot initiate updates. 

So in both cases, the root causes are the same. Let’s find solutions to the problem. 


  • The first reason why Vizio won’t update Firmware is the sluggish internet. So make sure to use a faster Internet connection, or you can use ethernet. 
  • Restart your TV and then update the Firmware. 
  • Do a factory reset; this will automatically install the latest firmware version on Vizio TV. 
  • If nothing works, contact Vizio customer support.

9- Vizio TV Turns On By Itself

Vizio TV Turns On By Itself

Sometimes Vizio TV users claim that their TVs turn on by themselves. There is no ghost behind this problem. You have turned on HDMI-CEC on TV, or an update is completed, which forces the TV to turn on. 


  • Disconnect all other devices from the TV. 
  • Turn off HDMI CEC. Settings > System > CEC, and turn it off. 
  • Make sure that the power button of the TV remote is fine. Remove the batteries from the remote. 
  • Turn off the sleep timer on the TV. 
  • Update the Firmware of the TV. 
  • If the problem doesn’t go away, then factory reset TV.

10- Vizio TV Blinking Power Light

If your Vizio Tv is blinking the power light, you should fix it yourself instead of throwing cash on technicians. 

Your TV blinks power light due to internal tv hardware issues, faulty power supply, remote control issues, or outdated Firmware. 


  • Perform a soft reset on Vizio TV to clear all the power buildup. 
  • Make sure that the remote control is working fine. 
  • Update the Firmware. 
  • Check the power cord. 
  • Detach Fire Tv Stick or any other external devices from TV. 
  • Factory reset TV.
If none of the solutions work for you, then it means there is some hardware issue. Fixing hardware issues is not a cakewalk for beginners. In such a case, you should bring the TV to a nearby repair shop.

11- Vizio TV Not recognizing HDMI

Vizio TV Not recognizing HDMI

Are you trying to connect Xbox, FireStick, or other streaming devices with Vizio TV, and the TV isn’t recognizing the device?

It’s very distressing when HDMI ports don’t work, or the TV is not picking up the device. There are a couple of reasons why you’re facing this problem. 


In this case, the primary goal is to select the right HDMI port from the input settings. Only select the input port on Vizio TV through which you have connected the external device.

  • Press the input button on from remote. 
  • A menu will appear here; choose the exact port through which you have connected the device. 
  • And select Ok.

If this didn’t work, then probably go for some other solutions. 

  • Switch the HDMI ports. There are several ports available on Vizio TV. If one is not working, switch to the other. 
  • Clean the HDMI ports because, with time, dust and debris particles accumulate. 
  • Check for the fault in HDMI cables. Use any other HDMI cable for testing purposes. 
  • Update the Firmware of the TV. Maybe the outdated Firmware of your TV is not compatible with the device you’re trying to connect. 
  • Lastly, give it a try to power reset.

12- Vizio SmartCast is Now Working

The latest Vizio TVs are powered by SmartCast OS, which is the primary element in the TV. 

If you have a brand new Vizio TV, the SmartCast will work seamlessly for a couple of months, but after several months SmartCast will start showing issues. 

Sometimes the SmartCast doesn’t load on Vizio TV or gets stuck on the TV. It could be because of network problems, software bugs, or outdated Firmware. 


  • Check the internet connection, and restart the router. 
  • Restart your TV. 
  • Update the Firmware of the TV. 
  • Soft reset your TV. 
  • If none of the methods works, reset the Vizio TV to its factory settings

13- Horizontal lines on Vizio tv screen

Horizontal lines on Vizio tv screen

Among all Vizio TV problems, Horizontal lines are one aggravating thing. 

The horizontal lines appear due to the input problem, faulty HDMI or power cables, and sometimes it could be due to hardware issues. 

These horizontal lines become a headache when it’s due to faulty hardware. Because in such cases you need to bring your TV to a nearby repair store.


First, you have to identify whether the horizontal lines appear due to hardware issues or if there are some other causes. 

A simple rule of thumb is that if the horizontal lines are moving, the problem is with the software. But if the lines are stuck at one position, there is some hardware problem.

Here are some powerful solutions to deal with Horizontal lines of Vizio TV; 

  • Check the HDMI cables.
  • Switch the HDMI ports. 
  • Power cycle your Vizio TV. 
  • Update the Firmware of the TV. 
  • Lastly, you can try power resetting your TV.

But if you’re still facing the issue, it means the power board got damaged, or there is something wrong with the backlight. 

In this case, contact Vizio customer support for a warranty claim. They will return the TV if it’s under warranty. 

Otherwise, the only solution is to bring the TV to a nearby repair shop; they will surely fix your problem. 

Wrap Up!

Like any other smart TV, the Vizio TVs can also suffer from problems. But it doesn’t mean that you need to switch to the new TV. 

In this Vizio TV troubleshooting guide, we have listed some of the most common problems encountered on Vizio TVs. And for every Vizio problem, we have listed the solutions that will surely help you. 

A few of the Vizio TV problems are related to hardware, so you should look for an expert. 

If you’re not a DIY or technical person, we will not recommend repairing the power board or backlight of the Vizio TV by yourself. 


How do you do a power reset on Vizio TV?

Power reset is one of the powerful ways to fix many software and connectivity problems on Vizio TV. To do a power reset, you only need to power off your TV and unplug it from the power source for 60 seconds. 

Now press and hold the power button of the TV for 30 seconds and then plug it back into the switch. 

This process will drain all the electricity or power buildup from the TV’s root cause of most problems. 

How to factory reset Vizio TV?

The factory reset process deletes all the data, cache, apps, and other settings from the TV. It helps you to solve all the software glitches.

Here are steps to do a factory reset on Vizio TV; 

1- Press the Settings button on remote
2- Scroll down the “All Settings”
3- Go to “Admin and Privacy”
4- Tap on “Reset to Factory Settings”

How much does it cost to replace the Vizio TV screen? 

Well, the cost of replacing the Vizio’s screen depends on the Vizio TV model. The average range to repair Vizio TV is from $200 to $400. The screen repair price is even higher when you have an 85” P Series Vizio TV. 

How much does Vizio smart TV last?

Vizio smart TVs are durable, and they last longer than other brands. But the lifespan of your Vizio TV depends on the usage. 

If you’re a crazy fan of entertainment and excessively use the TV, then your Vizio TV might last for 4 to 5 years. But if you rarely use it, it lasts more than seven years.