Vizio TV Is Not Working With FireStick: Troubleshooting Tips

Some apps don’t work on older models of Vizio TV; that’s why FireStick is a convenient way to access these apps. 

But sometimes, Vizio TV doesn’t work with FireStick, or the TV is not recognizing the Fire Stick; in such a scenario, what should you do?

There are a couple of reasons that prevent Vizio TV to not work with Fire Stick. In today’s guide, we will elaborate on some of the reasons and fixes to solve this Vizio TV problem. 

Why Vizio TV Does Not Work With FireStick?

There are several reasons why the Vizio TV is not working with Fire tv stick.

  • The faulty HDMI cable
  • The fault HDMI port
  • You have to plug the power cord into the USB port of the TV
  • Fault In FireStick
  • Input Settings

What to Do When Your Vizio TV Doesn’t Work with FireStick:

1- Check HDMI Cable

Vizio TV and FireStick compatibility issues

Most of the time, the faulty HDMI cable is the primary reason that causes Vizio TV to not work with FireStick. So before jumping to any big troubleshooting step, you must check the HDMI cable. 

If you’ve previously faced an picture or color issues, or sound-dropping issues with your fire stick, then it means that the HDMI cable is damaged. Replace the HDMI cable and reconnect Vizio TV with FireStick. 

2- Use Different HDMI Port

FireStick not working on Vizio TV

There are multiple HDMI ports available on Vizio TV. Consider switching ports to check which one works with FireStick. 

Sometimes dust and debris accumulate in the tv’s HDMI port and block the signals. 

The second thing you must ensure is choosing an HDMI port with a higher resolution. One of the ports on Vizio TV supports 4K streaming, whereas other HDMI ports are for low resolutions. 

If you have a 4K Fire TV stick, connect it with a 4K HDMI port. Otherwise, the Vizio TV won’t work with the fire stick. 

3- Use Wall Mount To Plug The Power Cable

Vizio TV not recognizing FireStick

I have seen that most people plug the power cable into the USB port of Vizio TV. Remember that the USB port doesn’t provide enough current to FireStick. That’s it doesn’t work. 

A standard FireStick requires around 900mA of current, whereas the USB 3.0 port only provides 0.5A of current, which is insufficient for a Fire tv stick to work.

That’s why you must plug the power adapter of FireStick into a wall mount, or you can use high watts adapter to connect the power cord. 

4- Fault In Fire Stick

Before following the troubleshooting steps, have you checked the FireStick with another smart TV? If not, then first connect it with any other TV. 

This will help you to know whether there is any fault in FireStick. If the fire stick doesn’t work with other TVs, it’s damaged. Now you should go for a new FireStick. 

And if the fire stick is working fine with other smart TVs, follow the next step in the guide, which will solve your problem. 

5- Input Settings

FireStick not displaying on Vizio TV

Once you have connected Firmware with Vizio TV, now it’s mandatory to choose the exact input source to which you have connected the fire stick. 

  • Press the input button on the TV remote, or use the physical Input button behind the TV. 
  • An input menu will appear on the TV. 
  • Now choose the input that you want to connect with Vizio TV. 
  • Press okay
  • The input is now connected to the TV.

6- Update Firmware

Resolving FireStick issues on Vizio TV

The Vizio TV uses Firmware to operate different operations; if the Firmware is outdated, you must update it before connecting fire stick with Vizio TV. 

By default, Vizio TV automatically updates the Firmware, but you can do it manually if you have turned off the auto-update. But updating the Firmware is essential for smooth and bugs free streaming experience. 

Here are the steps to update the firmware/software of Vizio TV; 

  • Press the Menu button on TV remote
  • Select Admin & Privacy
  • Check for Updates
  • Press Okay
  • If the new update is available, the Vizio TV will automatically install it.

Wait for the download to complete. Once it’s completed, the TV will automatically restart. Now again, connect the fire stick to the TV; this time, it will work seamlessly. 

7- Factory Reset FireStick 

Getting FireStick to work on Vizio TV

If you have tried all the steps mentioned above but are still misfiring, try to factory reset the FireStick. 

Resetting Fire TV sticks to factory settings will solve all the glitches and connectivity problems. Factors resetting is the extreme solution, so always try this at the end; it will wipe out all the apps and data from fire stick. 

Here are the steps to reset Amazon Fire Tv Stick; 

  • Grab the fire tv remote.
  • Press and hold the right arrow key and back button for 10 to 15 seconds.
  • A reset popup will appear on tv screen.
  • Now choose the okay button to rest the fire stick.

Final Words

Most Vizio TV users opt for a fire stick to expand their entertainment sources. But it’s frustrating when Vizio TV won’t work with a FireStick. 

You can follow the above checklist to solve the FireStick issue with your Vizio TV. If you’re still facing the problem, contact Vizio TV customer support; they will solve it.