Vizio TV Says Resolution Not Supported! 7 Quick Fixes!

Have you seen a resolution not supported message on the Vizio smart TV?

In this guide, I will tell you what you should do when your Vizio TV says the resolution is not supported and what is the root cause of this issue. 

Why Vizio TV Says Resolution Not Supported?

In most cases, the Vizio TV doesn’t support the resolution because you’re using HDCP 1.4 (low bandwidth HDMI). This HDMI cable doesn’t support high-resolution content. Similarly, wrong HDMI port selection also causes resolution compatibility issues. 

Secondly Vizio smart tv shows resolution not supported messages due to compatibility issues. If your Vizio TV has a peak resolution of 1080P, you can’t stream 4K content on it.

Similarly, faulty HDMI cables or low-quality HDMIs also cause the issue. Sometimes the faulty picture settings on your Vizio smart TV also conflict with the source resolution and display the error message. 

However, you can fix the resolution not supported problem of Vizio TV by using a few simple methods. So let’s jump directly towards solutions. 

1- Always Use HDCP 2.0 or 2.1 

Vizio TV resolution error

If you’re trying to send a 4K or high-resolution picture to Vizio TV, use HDCP 2.0 or 2.1. These cables have high bandwidth for 4k and 4K ultra HD content, allowing the transmission of data smoothly. 

HDCP is High-Bandwidth Digital Content Protection that connects source and input. If the receiver and sender do not use the same HDCP, it blocks the signal.

You can check the HDCP from Vizio smart TV settings. 

  • Press the menu button on Vizio TV remote
  • From Settings, find Vizio Output Settings
  • Tap on Video Output Information 
  • And here, you can see the current HDCP. If it’s 1.4, change the HDMI cable to 2.0 or 2.1.

Changing the HDMI cable from 1.4 to 2.0 or 2.2 will give you higher bandwidth for 4k Ultra HD content. This will surely fix the resolution incompatibilities on Vizio smart TV. 

2- Choose The Right HDMI Port

Unsupported resolution on Vizio TV

The wrong selection of HDMI ports also causes resolution compatibility problems. There are two or three HDMI ports (depending on the model) behind Vizio TV, and only one port supports high resolution or 4K ultra HD content. 

If you have connected the source with 1.4 HDMI and you’re trying to send a 4k picture, your Vizio TV will definitely display resolution not supported error. 

That’s why try to switch the HDMI port and then check whether it works for you. 

Secondly, you must change the input settings on Vizio TV. Open Input settings on Vizio TV, choose the HDMI port through which you have connected the source and turn on the full UHD color. 

3- Your HDMI Cables Are Loose 

Another possibility due to which Vizio TV is showing “Resolution not supported” message is faulty HDMI cable.

Sometimes vertical lines also appears on Vizio TV screen due to loose or faulty HDMI cables.

Check the cables behind Vizio TV and ensure they are perfectly plugged in. 

Replace the HDMI cables with the smaller ones. A short HDMI cable has a less lagging time compared to a large 5 or 6 feet HDMI cable. You can get the short HDMI cables on Amazon or any nearby computer shop. 

4- Soft Reset Your TV

Vizio TV screen resolution problem

The soft reset solves all the glitches and compatibility problems. We usually ignore this solution, but the soft reset is actually work in such scenarios.  

Here is how you can soft reset your Vizio TV; 

  • Unplug the TV from the power source. 
  • Wait for 30 seconds
  • Then press and hold the power button for 15 seconds. 
  • Now plug the TV back into the outlet.

The power reset will drain out all the energy from Vizio TV and redo any unwanted picture settings.

But if this method doesn’t work for you and Vizio, TV is still showing resolution not supported error, then try the next method. 

5- Switch Between Different Picture Modes

Incompatible resolution on Vizio TV

The picture settings can also cause the resolution compatibility issue. So switch the picture modes and check which works with the source. 

  • Press the menu button on the Vizio tv remote
  • Tap on the Picture Settings 
  • Picture Mode. 
  • Switch between different picture modes.

6- Update The Firmware 

updating vizio tv

The outdated firmware of Vizio TV also leads to resolution compatibility issues. You must update the firmware if you want Vizio TV to work seamlessly with other devices.  

Here’s how you can update the firmware on Vizio TV; 

  • Tap the menu button on Vizio remote
  • Scroll down to Admin & Privacy
  • Tap on “Check for updates.’
  • Now the TV will automatically search for available updates. 
  • Make sure that you have an internet connection on TV before downloading updates. 
  • The Tv will automatically restart once the download completes.

7- Factory Reset Vizio TV

If you have tried all the above methods, but your Vizio TV still doesn’t support the resolution, you should try to factory reset Vizio TV. 

All the data, account information, and apps will be deleted by resetting Vizio TV to its factory settings. The process will also revert all the picture and resolution settings to default factory settings. 

Here’s how to factor reset Vizio TV; 

  • Open TV settings
  • Go to “Admin & Privacy”
  • Scroll down and choose “Reset To Factory Settings.”
  • Tap on “Reset TV”
  • Now the TV will automatically restart, and take time to wipe out all the data and clear the settings.

Note: I only recommend you factory reset your Vizio TV if none of the above methods work. Because a Factory reset will wipe out all data.


I hope you have fixed the resolution not supported issue on your Vizio TV. This is a common problem that most users face while connecting gaming consoles, FireSticks, DVDs, and other external devices. 

The resolution compatibility issue occurs due to the poor HDMI cable or you’re using HDCP 1.4, which doesn’t support the 4k or 4k Ultra HD content. 

Similarly, some software-related issues on Vizio TV also conflict with the resolution compatibility and put you in trouble. But luckily, there are various solutions that get you out of this trouble.