Vertical Lines On The Vizio TV Screen: [100% Fixed]

Do you encounter vertical lines on the Vizio TV screen? I know it’s annoying to see color vertical lines on the Vizio TV screen, as it ruins your streaming experience. 

Even though VIZIO TVs are affordable and last longer, most folk often encounter screen issues on Vizio TVs. 

The vertical lines appear on Vizio TV due to loose cables, power board issues, and faulty T-Con board; sometimes, the Firmware glitches also cause this problem.  

But you don’t need to worry at all. 

I have been troubleshooting Smart TVs for the last seven years, and in today’s guide, I have covered the foolproof methods to fix vertical lines on Vizio TV screens. 

Why Vertical Lines Appear On Vizio TV Screen?

Before troubleshooting vertical lines, you must know why they appear on the screen. 

Two types of vertical lines can appear on the Vizio TV screen: the moving lines caused by firmware glitches or loose HDMI cables. Secondly, the static vertical lines appear due to faults in the mainboard or T-con board. 

So, if the lines are moving, you can easily solve this issue within a few minutes. 

But upon encountering the static vertical lines, you need to sharpen your tools to replace the T-Con board or mainboard. 

A Quick Way To Fix Moving Vertical Lines On Vizio TV

Power Reset

The moving vertical lines on Vizio TV are not a big problem; these lines either appear due to firmware glitches, faulty picture settings, or loose power cables. 

You have to power reset the Vizio TV to deal with moving vertical lines. 

The power reset will clear the residual power and eliminate all screen-related issues like vertical lines, resolution not supporting issues, buffering, and other Vizio TV problems. 

First, unplug the Vizio TV for at least 30 seconds. 

Now press and hold the power button for 15 seconds. 

Plug back the TV, and turn it on. This short yet proven way will fix the vertical lines on the Vizio TV screen. It will also improve the performance of Vizio TV and make it much smoother than before. 

If the problem persists, follow the next solution to fix it. 

Check For Loose HDMI Cables

Check For Loose HDMI Cables

Vizio TV uses HDMI cables to capture signals from other streaming devices like FireSticks, Apple TV or Chromecast. Sometimes, vertical lines appear on the screen due to improper HDMI cable connection. 

So, what happens when there is a loose HDMI cable?

The signal transmission gets interrupted due to a loose HDMI cable, and the Vizio TV can’t deliver the full-picture on TV’s screen.

Due to missing or corrupted signals, the TV displays vertical lines on the screen. These vertical lines usually move and have different colors like red, white, green, blue, etc. 

So, before rushing to the Vizio customer support team, you should check for the loose HDMI cables. 

First, ensure the cable is properly snugged, and apply a little force to firmly plug it into the port.  

Also, clean the dust inside the HDMI ports because dust particles also interrupt signals. 

If you have a faulty HDMI cable, try to buy a new one, or you can use the HDMI cable of any other smart TV. 

Tip: If Vizio TV delivers low sound or there is no sound on the TV and it’s also showing vertical lines, it surely means a problem with the HDMI cable or port. 

What To Do If Vizio TV Port Is Faulty?

Sometimes the Vizio TV shows vertical lines due to a faulty HDMI port. So if one of the HDMI port of Vizio TV becomes defective, you can simply switch to another port. 

There are various ports on VIZIO TVs; one supports full 4K UHD resolution, while the rest supports less resolution. 

After switching the ports, don’t forget to change the input settings. Refer Article. 

Problem With Streaming Device

Are you using any kind of streaming device with Vizio TV? If yes, then probably the verticals happen on the Vizio TV screen due to some fault in that streaming device. 

To ensure this, remove the streaming device and play any video from YouTube or any other streaming platform. 

The vertical lines don’t appear after removing the streaming device, which means something is wrong. 

Try to update the firmware of your streaming devices to fix the issue. The vertical lines may also appear due to incompatible resolution; ensure to plug the HDMI cable into the 4k port. 

Update The Firmware Of Vizio TV

One of the most common problems due to which vertical lines appear on Vizio TV is temporary firmware glitches. 

With time, you will see different technical glitches on Vizio TV, which may slow down Vizio TV or cause some other display issues. 

So, to avoid all these temporary glitches and bugs, you must frequently update the firmware of your TV. 

The VIZIO TVs usually automatically update the firmware if you have enabled the auto updates. But sometimes, the updates get stuck due to an unstable internet connection. 

You can manually check for the latest Vizio TV update by following the steps mentioned below. 

  • Grab the Vizio remote and press the Menu button. 
  • Go to “All Settings”
  • Choose “Admin and Privacy” 
  • Now tap on “Check For Update.”
  • If any update is available, the TV will automatically install it.

Note: Before updating the TV, ensure you have stable internet; don’t turn off the TV while updating. 

Factory Reset Vizio TV

If the vertical lines are still appearing on the Vizio TV screen, you should try to factory reset the Vizio TV. 

All the temporary glitches and display problems can be fixed by factory resetting the TV. If vertical lines happen due to inaccurate picture settings, the factory reset will bring default picture settings, too. 

Remember that a factory reset will wipe out all the data from your TV, including apps, account data, cache, and current settings. 

Here are the steps to factory reset the Vizio smart TV. 

  • Press the menu button on the remote. 
  • To Settings > System
  • Tap on “Reset & Admin”
  • Choose “Reset to Factory Settings”.
  • A confirmation box will appear; tap the reset button to bring the process. 
  • Now wait until the TV restarts and show the initial setup screen.

Note: While resetting the TV, don’t turn it off. After completing the process successfully, you must do some initial settings. 

How To Fix A Faulty Mainboard Of Vizio TV?

Mainboard of vizio tv

It’s time to be technical! 

If you encounter static vertical lines on Vizio TV, it means there is a problem with the mainboard. 

The mainboard, which is also referred to as a motherboard, controls the main function of Vizio TV. It generates an image on the screen, sounds and receives signals. 

If the mainboard is faulty, the TV won’t catch the signals and never generate images on the screen; instead, it will show vertical lines. 

So, if you’re a DIY person, you can easily fix or replace the mainboard. But if you lack the skills to tackle such technical work, I recommend hiring a professional to avoid any further damage. 

Here are the steps to replace the mainboard of Vizio TV to fix vertical lines. 

Step 1: 

First, prepare all your tools, especially the screwdriver. There are many screws on the back panel; unscrew all of them to open the back panel. 

I recommend laying your TV on a bed, mattress, or soft place to avoid screen damage. 

Step 2:

Once the back panel is open, you will see the mainboard at the top right. First, you have to carefully disconnect all the wires from the mainboard. 

There might be a tap holding the motherboard; also remove it. 

Now unscrew the screws holding the mainboard. Once it gets loose, gently pull it out. 

Step 3: 

Now, it’s time to attach a new mainboard. You can purchase one from a nearby TV repair shop or directly order it from Amazon

Place the new motherboard and align it correctly on screw holes. Install the screws and tighten them well. 

Step 4:

Once the motherboard becomes stable on its place, connect the remaining wires with it. 

Now turn on the TV to make sure that everything is Okay. If the replacement becomes successful, reattach the back cover and secure it with screws. 

For a more accurate replacement and to avoid loss, follow the video guide below. 

Fix The T-Con Board 

If you encounter black and white vertical lines, a darker Vizio TV screen, no display, or image distortion, all these issues indicate the fault in the T-con board. 

The timing controller or T-con board takes the signals from the mainboard and translates them for the LCD panel. The T-con board also controls the different picture settings like Gamma, Vizio TV brightness, HDR, etc. 

Sometimes dust accumulates on the T-con board, which also interrupts its signal processing power, due to which vertical lines start appearing on the Vizio TV screen. 

First, you have to clean the dust from the T-con board.

To do this, open the back panel and locate the timing controller board. The two ribbon cables and two LVDS cables are the main identification of the T-con board. 

See the below image to identify T-con board.

Fix The T-Con Board 

Now grab the brush or ear cleaning bug and gently clean the dust over the T-con board. 

In case the T-con board is damaged, you have to replace it. Here are the steps to replace it. 

  • Open the back panel of Vizio TV. 
  • Locate the T-con board. 
  • Remove the LVDS cables by pinching them on the sides. 
  • For removing the ribbon cables, flip up the tabs and then pull out the cables. 
  • Now remove the screws and then remove the board. 
  • Next, put the new replacement board and align it correctly on the screw holes. Put the screws back. 
  • Reconnect the four cables, and you’re good to go. 
  • Turn on the TV and ensure that the TV properly displays image. 
  • Once the operation gets successful, reattach the back panel and put the screw back.

Claim The Warranty 

The good news is that you can claim the Vizio TV warranty and fix the Vertical line problem free of cost. 

Generally, all VIZIO TVs come with one year of warranty; if you encounter vertical lines issues during that time span, you can claim the warranty and get it repaired for free. 

For more information, contact the Vizio customer support and book an appointment with them. 

Final Thoughts 

The vertical lines on Vizio TV is one of the frustrating issue, but you can fix it easily by following the steps mentioned above. 

If the Vizio TV vertical lines are moving, it means that the problem is caused by glitches in firmware or loose HDMI cables. In this scenario, you should consider power resetting the TV, updating the firmware, and checking for loose HDMI cables. 

But in the case of static vertical lines, you might have to put in a little extra effort. In the scenario, you have to either replace the mainboard or the T-con board, depending on the abovementioned symptoms. 

I hope this guide on how to fix vertical lines on Vizio TV was helpful for you and helped fix your problem.


Why does the Vizio TV screen keep flickering?

The Vizio TV screen often starts flickering due to loose HDMI cables, faulty T-con board, faulty backlight, or software glitches. In this case, you should power reset the Vizio TV, and if the problem persists, bring the TV to a nearby repair shop. 

How much does it cost to replace the mainboard on the TV?

The replacement of the mainboard on the TV will cost you around $40 to $100, depending on the size of the TV and model. You must pay $100 to $150 if you include labor costs. 

Why is my Vizio TV showing vertical black-and-white lines?

The vertical black and white lines appear on Vizio TV due to a faulty T-con board. You can easily replace the T-con board if you’re a DIY person. Otherwise, bring your Vizio TV to a nearby repair shop to fix the problem.