Can I Use My Mobile Hotspot To Watch Netflix On My Tv?

Streaming your favorite TV shows and movies on Netflix is always fun, but what if you don’t have Wi-Fi? At that moment, can you use mobile hotspots to watch Netflix on TV?

You can use a mobile hotspot to watch Netflix on your TV. If you have an unlimited data plan on your mobile, then sharing the hotspot with the TV is okay.

But before sharing mobile hotspots with smart TV, you must ensure you have 4G or 5G data plans to provide stable internet speed. Let’s explore more!

Can You Watch Netflix On Smart TV Using Mobile Hotspot?

Undoubtedly, Netflix requires an internet connection to stream content. Whether using a mobile Hotspot or wifi network, Netflix will work if you have a stable internet connection. 

If you have activated an unlimited data plan on your sim carrier and have 4G or 5G internet, you can use a mobile Hotspot to watch Netflix on smart TV. 

In most cases, it might be expensive to watch Netflix using mobile hotspot because few sim carriers provide pricey data plans with limit data. 

And if you’re streaming Netflix content in high resolution, like 4K, and you have a limited data plan, then using a mobile Hotspot is not recommended. 

Requirements for streaming Netflix on TV

Netflix lets users stream content in different resolutions. If you are streaming content in 4k resolution, which is ultra-high-definition quality, your mobile hotspot speed should be 25 Mbps. 

Fortunately, Verizon and T-mobile sim carriers in the USA offer more than 25 Mbps internet speed, so If you have these operators, you’re good to go with Hotspot. But their packages are very expensive. 

Whereas if you’re from the UK, the EE mobile operator provides unlimited data plans with higher speed, so you can stream Netflix in 4k resolution. Also, the data packages in the UK are cheaper than in the US. 

Suppose you’re streaming Netflix content in 1080p resolution; you only need at least 5Mbps internet speed. Every sim operator in USA and UK provides 5Mbps speed. You need 3.04GB of data to stream in 1080P for an hour.

You can check the further Netflix requirements in the blowing table; 

Watch TimeContent Quality Internet Usage 
1 Hour4k7GB
1 Hour1080P3GB
1 Hour720P1.86GB
1 Hour480P700 Mbps
1 Hour240P300 Mbps

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How To Use Mobile Hotspot On Smart TV To Stream Netflix?

Almost all the latest smart TV comes with Wifi and hotspot feature. You can easily create hotspot on your phone and then share it with your smart TV to watch Netflix.

Here are the steps to enable Hotspot on iPhone and share it with smart TVs. 

  • First, turn on the data plan on iPhone.
  • Next, open the Settings app and go to “Personal Hotspot.”
  • Turn on the “Allow Other to Join.” You can also view the hotspot password there.
  • Now turn on your Smart TV and go to the network setting.
  • Tap on a Wifi network, and your TV will search for your iPhone’s hotspot.
  • Enter the password, and you’re good to go.

Now, your smart TV is connected to your phone’s Hotspot. Make sure to keep the phone closer to the TV for better signals. 

Tips To Optimize Data Usage And Watch Netflix For Long Time

Using mobile hotspots to watch Netflix seems expensive because of pricey data plans. So before sharing Hotspot with TV, you need to consider a few things to optimize data usage. 

  • Stream in 1080P: For less data consumption and long-time streaming, you should use 1080P or 720P resolution on Netflix. Go to Playback settings > Data usage per screen and choose Medium quality.
  • Set a data limit on the phone: If you have a limited data plan, you should set a limit on your phone’s hotspot.
  • Turn off auto firmware updates: The smart TVs automatically update their firmware which can consume more data. You must turn it off before sharing your mobile’s hotspot.
  • Monitor data usage: To monitor data usage on the phone to check how much data Netflix consumes.

Use Airplay Feature Instead Of Hotspot 

If your smart TV supports the Airplay feature, you don’t need to use Hotspot to share data and stream Netflix. Use the Airplay feature and mirror your iPhone screen on the TV, and enjoy streaming Netflix. 

  • Turn on your smart TV.
  • Grab your iPhone and install the Netflix app.
  • Put the account credentials to log in.
  • Now play the desired video content that you want to share on TV. And tap on the Airplay icon from the top right.
  • A list will pop up; select your TV model from the list, and voila, done.
You must connect your TV and iPhone to the same network. You need to share your Hotspot with your TV if you don’t have a wifi network.


If you’re in a hotel room or somewhere else where you don’t have wifi, you can use your phone’s Hotspot you stream Netflix on TV. But ensure you have enough data on your phone to watch Netflix. 

In the above guide, we have mentioned the requirements for streaming Netflix on TV. In the above table, you can see how much data you require to stream Netflix.