TCL Roku TV Overheating Message [100% Fixed]

Are you frustrated with overheating messages on TCL Roku TV? And you think that overheating might damage my smart TV? 

Most TCL Roku users also face a similar problem, but there are a few simple solutions to this issue.

Overheating your TCL Roku TV is caused by continuous streaming of high-resolution content, or a few apps can cause your TV to overheat. You can fix this by restarting the TV, cleaning the TV vents, updating the firmware, and resolving other software issues.

Constant overheating of TCL Roku TV is a sign of danger. You must take the necessary precautions to avoid any big loss. 

Why is TCL Roku TV Showing Overheating Message?

There are several reasons behind the overheating of Roku TV, but most commonly, if you have placed the TV in any enclosed place or cabinet, the heat is trapped and causes overheating. 

Watching 4K TV shows or movies continuously also heats Roku TV and, after some time, shows an overheating message. 

I know the overheating message interrupts your entertainment, but you can eliminate this message by following a few methods. 

  • Restart the TV & Remove the Cache
  • Clean the Vents of the TV 
  • Provide proper ventilation
  • Clear up storage 
  • Update The Firmware
  • Factory Reset

Method 1: Restart TV & Remove the Cache

TCL Roku TV Heat Warning

If you have seen the overheating message on Roku TV, the first thing that you should do is restart the TV. Once you have restarted, let the TV cool down for a few seconds, and then clear all the cache from the TV. 

Restarting Roku TV will clear up memory and let the app run smoothly. Similarly, clearing up the cache will help Roku TV not consume much memory and prevent the app from crashing. 

Here are the steps to restart TCL Roku device.

  • Go to Settings
  • Scroll down to “System”
  • Choose Power
  • Under power, select “System restart.”
  • Tap Restart

Once you restart the TV, it will turn off and turn back on by itself. 

After restarting, you must clear the cache to free up the resource allocation. This will also reduce the TCL Roku overheating. 

Clearing cache on TCL Roku TV differs from the other smart TV. Here are the steps to clear the cache on TCL Roku devices.

  • Turn on the TV and make sure that the TV is on the home screen.
  • Now press the Home button 5 times.
  • Press the up button.
  • Press the Rewind button two times.
  • Press the Fast Forward button 2 times. 
  • Now waiting for a few seconds until your Roku TV restart.

Once done! Continue to watch your favorite TV show or movie. This time you will not see an overheating message on Roku TV, but in case you again spot the message, follow the below methods.

Method 2: Clean the Vents of the TV 

Thermal Shutdown on TCL Roku TV

Check the vents of the TCL Roku TV. If the vent holes are blocked by dust and debris, the heat remains trapped in the TV, causing overheating. 

You can use any microfiber clothes to clear up the dust clogging. Don’t apply any liquid or detergent to clean the Roku TV; it can cause damage to it

It’s recommended to clean the vents of your smart TV once a week to avoid overheating. 

Method 3: Provide Proper Ventilation

TCL Roku TV Cooling Issue

Poor ventilation also causes Roku TV to overheat. Ventilation is important for proper heat flow; if you have placed the Roku TV in a cabinet or closed it, place it overheat immediately. 

Especially on hot summer days, the Roku TV gets heated quickly. That’s why turn on the Air conditioner and do not place the TV in a narrow cabinet.

To avoid TCL Roku device overheating, never expose it to direct sunlight. Because most electronic devices are prone to sunlight, direct sunlight exposure will reduce their lifespan.

Method 4: Clear Up Storage 

Fix Overheating Message on TCL Roku TV

If the Roku TV runs out of storage, it will cause lagging and overheating. So clean the storage, delete the futile apps, and don’t install unnecessary apps. 

If your Roku TV storage is limited, you can use any third-party streaming device like Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV stick, chrome cast, etc. 

Method 5: Update The Firmware

Update The Firmware

TCL Roku device regularly launches the latest updates to improve the user experience and reduce bugs. If you’re using the older version of firmware, it means you’re missing something. 

The outdated firmware of Roku TV might contain bugs that can cause overheating. So you must update the firmware to reduce the bugs and avail of new features in Roku TV. 

Here are the steps to update the firmware in Roku TV;  

  • Press the Home button on remote
  • Settings
  • System
  • System Update > Check now
  • The Roku TV will check for the new update. If the update is available, it will install automatically.

Method 6: Factory Reset

TCL Roku TV Temperature Alert

If the above methods didn’t benefit you, try to reset Roku TV to its factory settings. This will delete all the data and apps from the TV. In most cases, a Factory reset solves the overheating problem. 

Here are steps to Factory reset Roku TV; 

  • Press on the Home button
  • Go down to Settings
  • System
  • Advance System Settings
  • Factory Reset
  • Tap on “Factory Reset Everything”

Check For Internal Issues

You should check for an internal hardware issue if the problem still exists. You need DIY skills to open the back panel and check for burnt items. 

In case any items are burnt, you would smell that. Under this scenario, you must contact TCL Roku support; they will replace the item in case of warranty. 

Final Words: 

TCL Roku TV overheating message is very frustrating because continuous exposure to heat can damage the power supply or any hardware inside the Roku device. 

In case of an overheating message, you need to take immediate action. We have mentioned some of the proven ways that you can use to fix Roku overheating. I hope this article was helpful for you and your problem will be solved.