TCL Roku Has No Sound: Here Is How To Fix!

The latest TCL Roku TVs have Dolby Digital Plus audio that creates mesmeric and cinematic sound. 

And it’s one of the supreme moments to watch your favorite TV shows in crispy resolution with immersive sound on TCL Roku TV. 

But what if the TCL Roku TV has no sound or it drops suddenly? It sucks!

The sound issue is irksome, but you can fix it by following a few troubleshooting steps. The sound issue in TCL Roku TV is common, and most users eliminate it by using simple and quick steps. 

So here are these steps!

How To Fix TCL Roku No Sound Issue

1- Power Reset TCL Roku TV

How To Fix TCL Roku No Sound Issue

A simple and easy peasy solution is power Power reset. Never heard about it!? Well, the power cycle is what can solve the TCL Roku TV sound problem most of the time. And woefully, we ignore it. 

Power reset is not like a factory rest; your data on TCL Roku TV will be safe. 

So how can you do it?

Just unplug the TCL Rku TV from the power source, and wait for 60 seconds. Now press and hold the power button under TCL Roku TV for 30 seconds, and plug the TV back into the socket. 

This will drain all the remaining power from the TV and clear the cache from memory, diminishing the lagging issues, sound problems, connectivity, and software-related bugs. 

Hopefully, this initial step will solve the problem, but if not, move on to the next step.

2- Check The HDMI Cable

How To Fix TCL Roku No Sound Issue

HDMI cable is responsible for video and audio transmission, And if there is a fault in the cable, it will dumb sound in TCL Roku TV. 

Similarly, the loose HDMI cable also causes sound issues on TCL Roku TV.

So first, check the HDMI cable with any other smart TV at your home. If the cable is working fine, plug the cable tightly into the port. 

In case of a fault HDMI cable, you must replace it with a new one. 

You can also switch the HDMI ports because sometimes the actual fault is in the port. Dust and debris particles accumulate in the HDMI port, causing sound and video lagging issues.

So clean the ports first, and then plug in the cable. 

3- Switch The Channel Or Videos

Resolving sound issues on TCL Roku TV

Sometimes the channel you’re streaming has dumb sound, and you think the TCL Roku TV has no sound. The sound of any channel goes because of poor channel signals or backend issues. 

So try to change the channel or video to ensure the sound is okay on the rest of the channels. 

And if every video and channel has no sound, move on to the next step to resolve the TCL TV sound problem. 

4- Check The TV’s Audio Settings

TCL Roku TV no audio output

The inaccurate audio settings can also lead to no sound on TCL Roku TV. So make sure that the audio settings are correct on the TV. 

The wrong audio settings mismatch with the video-supported audio format, resulting in no sound. For this purpose, TCL Roku TVs come with ‘Stereo mode’, providing the right audio format for every channel and video. 

  • Open the Settings
  • Scroll down to “Audio”
  • Now select the “Audio Mode.”
  • Next, choose the Audio (Stereo).

5- Turns The TCL Roku TV Speakers On 

TCL Roku TV no sound problem

This is a common but crazy reason that most folks erroneously turn off the speakers and think their TCL TV is dumb. And when they realize the cause, they feel madness. 

So make sure that your TCL Roku TV speaker is turned on. 

  • Go to Settings
  • Scroll down to Audio
  • Speaker
  • Turn on the TV speakers

6- Reset The Audio Settings

Sometimes if the kids grab the remote and displace all the audio settings, which causes a sound problem in TCL Roku TV. 

If you doubt this mischief, you can reset all the audio output settings and bring the default ones.

  • Go To Settings
  • System
  • Advanced System Settings
  • Factory Reset
  • Tap on Reset TV Audio/Picture Settings
  • It will ask you to press the Pause Play button on the remote three times.

5- Check The Internet Connection 

restart your router

Internet is the foremost requirement for a smooth streaming experience. The unstable or unreliable internet cause lagging and sound issues on TCL Roku TV. 

You can test the Internet speed on your mobile phone. If your internet is sluggish, then try to restart the router. 

Unplug the router from the switch, wait for 30 seconds, and plug it back into it. 

You can also opt for an ethernet cable. Rather than using a wireless connection, connect an ethernet cable with your Roku TCL TV. The ethernet cable provides a stable connection, so you can enjoy streaming without sound issues. 

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7- Update The Firmware

Fixing audio issues on TCL Roku TV

If your TCL Roku TV has no sound or lagging sound, it might be because of outdated firmware. So updating the software will solve all the sound and streaming-related issues. 

TCL Roku TV frequently launches new updates to provide a glitches-free user experience. By default, TCL Roku TV updates the firmware automatically if connected to Wi-Fi. 

You can also manually update the firmware by following the below mentioned steps.

  • Go down to Settings
  • Tap on System
  • Then scroll down to “System Update.”
  • Tap on Check now. 
  • The TCL Roku TV will automatically install the update if it’s available on the TV.

8- Disconnect The BlueTooth Speakers

No sound on TCL Roku TV

Are you using any external sound system or bluetooth speakers with your TCL Roku TV? If yes, then disconnect them.

Sometimes faulty external speakers become dumb, and you think the TCL Roku TV has no sound.

However, the built-in speakers of TCL Roku TV are working fine. So make sure to remove the Bluetooth speaker and test the sound of the built-in TV speaker. 

External speakers are more prone to wire damage, so you should keep checking them. 

9- Factory Reset The TCL Roku TV

Factory Reset The TCL Roku TV

If you have tried all the possible solutions and your TV still has no sound, try resetting your TCL Roku TV to its factory settings. 

Factory reset will wipe out all the data from the TV and install default settings on the TV. If you have made any wrong audio settings in the past, it will also redo that. 

So here are the steps to factory reset the TCL Roku TV. 

  • Go to Settings
  • Scroll down to System
  • Tap on Advance System Settings
  • Tap on Factory reset everything

After reset, the TV will automatically restart and show you the initial setup page. 

10- Claim The Warranty If There Is an Issue With Built-in Speakers

Finally, if you find a failure in built-in speakers, you can replace the TCL Roku TV. Get in touch with the TCL Roku support team and ask them about their problem. 

They will replace the TV if your problem falls under their warranty coverage. Otherwise, they will share some troubleshooting steps to resolve the sound problem. 

Final Words: 

We have mentioned all the possible solutions to no sound on TCL Roku TV. It’s recommended to try out the simple solutions before rushing for big ones.

Most of the time, a simple power reset or restarting of the tv solves the sound issues on TCL Roku TV. If the problem is still firm, you can use all the solutions mentioned to eliminate it.