Sony Tv Turns On By Itself! 6 Quick Fixes!

Have you ever faced your Sony TV turning on automatically in the middle of the night? This is a scary experience! And there is no phantom behind this; rather, there are some issues with your Sony TV. 

Most Sony TV users, including me, have faced this issue. So, if your Sony TV turns on by itself, you don’t need to worry about it. 

Even though this unusual process has a few disadvantages, It disturbs your sleep, wastes electricity, etc. But it’s not a big issue at all. 

In this guide, we have shared some of the common reasons behind this and some quick processes that help you eliminate this horrible problem. 

Why My Sony TV Turns On By Itself

Your Sony TV turns on automatically due to these reasons;

  • Your TV might be connected to BlueTooth Device
  • Eco Mode is turned on
  • Issue With Remote Control
  • The CEC feature is turned on
  • The issue with the electrical outlet
  • Automatic updates are on
  • Software or Apps issues 
  • A sleep timer is on
Eco Mode is turned onTurn off Eco mode in the TV settings
Issue with Electrical Outlet or Power CordCheck and repair faulty outlet or power cord
CEC feature is turned onTurn off the CEC feature in the TV settings
Issue with Remote ControlCheck remote for power button issues or low battery; power cycle the remote
Automatic Updates are onTurn off automatic software updates in the TV settings
Software or Apps issuesUpdate the TV firmware and perform a factory reset
Sleep Timer is onTurn off the sleep timer in the TV settings

1- Turn Off Eco Mode

Sony TV switches on by itself

Sony TVs include Eco mode, which is responsible for saving power. This feature controls some major settings of Sony TV and reduces their power consumption. But sometimes, ECO mode gets 

Even though there is no direct relation between Eco mode with a TV being turned on automatically, but eco mode controls the lot of the settings to save power, that why turning it off might solve your problem. 

Here are the steps to turn off ECO mode on Sony TV; 

  • Press the “Home” button on your remote control
  • Choose “Settings” on your TV screen
  • Under settings go to “Power” and select “Eco.”
  • Now turn off the Power Saving.

Note: By turning off Eco mode, your issue will solve. But if you’re still facing a similar issue, we recommend turning eco mode back on because this feature saves you money on your electric bill.

Now let’s try other methods to deal with the automatic turning on of your Sony TV. 

2- Issue with electrical outlet or Power cord

Sony TV keeps turning on

This is a common issue with most of our readers. A faulty outlet doesn’t give constant power to the TV, so sometimes Sony TV turns off and on by itself. 

You should check the problem with an outlet if you’re a DIY person. Simply open the bolts, and check the fault in both positive and negative terminals.

Similarly, sometimes the copper wire inside the cord slides off from the terminals, so your Sony TV turns on by itself. That’s you have to ensure there is no fault in TV’s power cord. 

You can also try a surge protector or any other outlet in your home. If your problem is solved with the surge protector, then your outlet must have an issue.  

3- Turn Off CEC Feature

The Consumer Electronic Control or CEC feature on Sony TV helps users to bring multiple HDMI devices into a single ecosystem. 

This feature gives more hybrid compatibility to all connected devices with Sony TV, and you can control them with a single remote.  

But do you know the CEC feature can also cause Sony TV to turn automatically? Yes, it seems the CEC feature has nothing to do with the Sony TV being automatic turn on. But sometimes, turning on other HDMI devices will also force Sony TV to turn on. 

So you should turn off the CEC feature on Sony TV. Here are the steps to do this. I’m doing this on my Sony Bravia TV.

  • Open Settings by pressing the gear button on the remote. 
  • Scroll down and select “Watching TV” under General Settings. 
  • Go down and tap on “External Inputs.”
  • Bravia Sync Settings > Bravia Sync device list
  • Now here, make sure all the Settings are disabled

4- Issue With Remote Control

Sony TV starts up on its own

If there is a problem with Sony TV remote, it sends unusual signals to the TV resulting in it being turned on. 

There are two major possibilities that you should look at on the remote. First, ensure the power button is fine because it sometimes sinks in when you press it hard. 

Secondly, the low juice in remote batteries can also cause malfunctioning. So make sure that the batteries are new and have enough juice for proper working. 

In rare cases, the water splashes penetrate a Sony TV’s remote control and damage its circuit. In this scenario, the remote control can also send unusual signals. 

And if you’re not facing such problems, it’s time to power back the TV remote. 

For this, you must remove the batteries from the remote and simply press and hold the power button for 15 to 20 seconds. Now put the batteries back into the remote. This will solve your problem.

5- Turn Off The Automatic Updates

turn off Automatic Updates on sony tv

You may have noticed on your smartphone or laptop that it turns on and off automatically when a new update comes. Likewise, smart TVs also update themself automatically, and to complete this process, they turn on by themself. 

If you have enabled automatic updates on your Sony TV, then there is a possibility that a new update came out that forced the TV to turn on automatically.

So, in this case, you have to simply turn off the automatic updates on Sony TV. Here are the steps to do this. 

  • Press the “Home” button on your Sony TV remote to open “Settings.” 
  • Scroll down and find “System Software Update.” 
  • Now simply turn off the “Automatic Software Download.”

Note: Before turning off this feature, you have to check for the latest updates on your Sony TV. The updated Software or firmware reduces bugs in TV and makes it more secure and smooth.

6- Issue With Software 

Sony TV auto-turn on trouble

Sometimes furious bugs in Sony TV also cause it to turn on itself. Or malware penetrates the TV’s Software and causes malfunctioning. 

To deal with this problem, ensure that the firmware on Sony TV is current. Also, never connect any kind of malicious USB to your TV. 

After updating your Software, if you’re still facing a similar issue, you should factory reset your Sony TV, which will solve every problem in it. 

Here are the steps to reset Sony Bravia TV. 

  • Settings -> System Settings
  • Setup -> AV Setup
  • Customer Support 
  • Factory Settings, a pop will appear, and tap on yes

For other Sony TVs, you can follow these steps. 

  • Settings 
  • Device Preferences
  • Reset
  • Factory Reset

After resetting Sony TV to factory settings, it will restart after a few seconds, and then you have to do initial settings like language settings and others. 

7- Turn Off the Sleep Timer

A few models of Sony TVs allow you to set a sleep timer, and at that time, the TV turns off automatically.

If your sleep timer is enabled, try to turn it off, which might solve your problem. 

Here is how to turn on Sleep Timer on Sony TV.

  • Settings
  • Preferences
  • Setup
  • Timers
  • Sleep Timer and simply turn it off.

8- Contact Sony Customer Support

Contact Sony Customer Support

Now if you have tried all the mentioned methods but still your Sony tv looks furious and turns on automatically, you should contact Sony tv support.

Sony has very cooperative and responsive support, and I’m sure they will find a quick solution for you. Moreover, you’re lucky if your Sony TV is under warranty; in this case, you can easily replace your tv model.

Final Words: 

Suppose you’re in a deep sleep, and suddenly, your Sony TV turns on itself; it creates a scene like in a horror movie.

If your Sony TV turns on automatically, it doesn’t mean that there is a big fault; there are various reasons that can create such a situation.

At first, these issues don’t cause any damage or harm, but continuous turning on and off the Sony TV can damage the power supply. So you have to immediately fix this issue. 

We have mentioned some of the common causes that force your Sony TV to turn on by itself. I hope this article has solved your problem.