Sony Smart Tv Keeps Losing Internet Connection? 7 Fixes!

Sony TV has a prominent reputation in the electronics industry. These smart TVs work seamlessly, but users often face wifi connectivity issues on their Sony TV. 

Wifi connection is the foremost thing in any smart TV, and if it keeps losing, it annoys you because this situation pauses your all source of entertainment. 

There is not a single reason why Sony tv keeps losing internet connection. And you can easily fix the problem once you have identified the root cause. 

So let’s jump into some fixes that will solve your Sony TV’s internet connection issue.

Why Sony TV Keeps Losing Internet Connection?

Most of the time, the unstable wifi signals make the Sony TV’s internet connection wired. Similarly, sometimes the software glitches also cause Internet problems on Sony TV. 

If you’re facing an internet connection problem on Sony TV, do a soft reset or reset your routers. All the potential network connectivity issues will be resolved. 

The internet connection issue on Sony TV is not a big problem. You can easily fix it by using the below mention solution. 

1- Check The Internet Connection And Reset Router

Sony tv losing Wi-Fi connectivity

If the wifi router misbehaves, it will send bad wifi signals, making the Sony TV lose its internet connection. 

Usually, this happens because of limited bandwidth. If there are more wifi users in your home, it will cause network congestion and it makes the internet connection sluggish. 

So how can one know that their wifi connection is inconsistent?

First, conduct the wifi speed test on your mobile phone; if you find unstable and slow internet, there is a problem with the router. 

restart your router

So in case the easy peasy solution is to restart your router. This small chore will wipe out temporary configuration and solve the network glitches to recover a stable internet connection. 

Here is how to reset the router.

  • Make sure that your router is plugged in.
  • Locate the small reset button behind the router, and it might name as “RST” or “Reset”.
  • Now take a pin or pen, and hold the reset button for 30 seconds. 
  • You will see an indicator light will blink; release the button now. 
  • Wait for the router to reboot.

2- Do a Soft Reset On Sony TV

Internet drops on my Sony smart TV

If the Sony tv wifi keeps turning off, a soft reset is our next weapon to resolve this problem. I know most folks neglect this step, but soft reset works very well for connectivity issues. 

Here are steps to soft reset your Sony TV;

  • Unplug the TV from the power outlet. 
  • Wait for 60 seconds.
  • Locate the power button beneath the TV. 
  • Press and hold the power button for 30 seconds. 
  • Now plug the TV back into the socket.

This process will refresh the network settings and establish a stable internet connection on your Sony TV. 

3- Make Sure That the Date And Time Is Correct On Sony TV

Sony TV unable to maintain internet connection

I remembered my TCL TV, which was not connecting to wifi, and I did my utmost to fix the problem, and nothing worked. Finally, I got the wrong date and time on it, and once it was fixed, the wifi connection recovered automatically. 

So before getting back to the grindstone, check the date and time on your Sony TV settings. 

  • Settings
  • Date & Time 
  • Turn Off the Automatic Date & Time
  • Now set the date and time according to your region.

4- Update The Firmware Of the Sony TV

Sony TV keeps disconnecting from the internet

The next reason Sony TV keeps losing internet connection is the outdated firmware

It’s wise to turn on the auto-update on Sony TV so it automatically updates the firmware whenever a new update comes. 

But sometimes updates get stuck due to bad internet connection or storage issues. So you should manually check for the latest updates. 

Here are the steps to install a new firmware update on Sony TV (Android Version); 

  • From the Home Screen, tap on the Help icon. 
  • Scroll down to Status & Diagnostics.
  • Hover over to System Software update. 
  • And tap on Software update.

The TV will now begin searching for new software; if any update is available, it will start downloading. 

5- Use Ethernet Cable

use ethernet cable

The wifi connection is comparatively slower than the ethernet cable. That’s why you should go for an ethernet connection, as it provides stable internet to your Sony TV. 

The wifi speed worsens when mediums like walls, roofs, fans, etc. obstruct the signals. 

Similarly, if the distance between the wifi router and your Sony TV is greater, this causes Sony TV to keep losing wifi signals.

Whereas ethernet connection is beyond any obstructions. Therefore it provides a stable and speedy connection. 

6- Ask Your Internet Provider To Upgrade The Plan

Internet Provider To Upgrade The Plan

If you can’t use an Ethernet connection, you can simply ask your internet provider to upgrade the current internet plan. 

The Internet speed becomes sluggish, especially if a maximum number of people in your home use the same wifi you want to connect to the Sony TV. This is the main cause of the internet connection problem on Sony TV. 

7- Get In Touch With Sony Customer Support 

If you have tried all the steps mentioned above and your Sony TV wifi keeps turning or losing internet connection, then it is time to contact Sony customer support. 

They will share some troubleshooting steps to get out of the internet connection problem. 

Final Words: 

Internet problems on Sony TV are bothersome because they stop all sources of entertainment and fun.

This is because of poor internet connection or software glitches on your Sony TV. By fixing these issues is one of the easy tasks. You can simply power reset your Sony TV or router to eliminate this issue.