How To Set Up Vizio TV Without A Remote? 6 Ways!

Having no remote makes you stuck! And it’s pretty challenging for someone to set up Vizio TV without a remote. 

But don’t fret; this article will discuss alternative ways to set up and control Vizio TV with no remote. After this article, you can surely set up Vizio TV on the go without using a remote. 

Different Ways To Setup Vizio TV Without A Remote

First, look for the physical buttons behind your Vizio TV; you can easily control the Vizio TV with these buttons. You can also use an Alexa voice assistant to set up and control Vizio TV with your voice.

Plus, there are many ways to set up the Vizio TV without a remote, so look. 

Method 1: Use the Physical Button

Setting up Vizio TV without remote control

Before rushing for any other solution, just use the physical buttons of Vizio TV to setup it up. Almost all the Vizio TVs come with physical buttons on the back side, and some models have buttons below the TV. 

Every model of Vizio TV has a power button, volume button, and output. Using these buttons, you power on or off Vizio TV without a remote or change the volume easily. 

But if these buttons don’t fulfill your need, you can choose our next solution.

Method 2: Use a Keyboard Or Mouse 

Vizio TV setup without remote

The next solution to set up Vizio Tv without a remote is a Keyboard or mouse. And it’s one of my favorite methods to temporarily control the Vizio TV., especially when encountering such issues with Vizio TV.

All you need is a mouse or keyboard with a USB cable, plug any device into the USB port of Vizio TV, and the TV will automatically show the pointer on the screen. 

If you’re using a mouse, you will see a pointer, and the two mouse buttons will use to tap the option. Using a keyboard, use the arrow key for navigation and the “Enter” key for tapping any option. 

Method 3: Use Alexa Voice Assistant

Configuring Vizio TV without a remote

Alexa is gaining more fame, and most people now use Alexa Assistant to control their TV with their voices. And you can also use this option to set up Vizio TV with your voice. 

You can turn up the volume and switch the channels with just one command. Similarly, you can also do settings, connect your TV to wifi networks, change brightness, and do more with voice commands. 

Method 4: Use SmartCast App

Vizio TV setup options without remote

SmartCast app is the next method to set up Vizio TV without a remote. You can turn your mobile phone into a virtual remote using this method. 

Here are the step to use the SmartCast app to control Vizio TV; 

  • First, install the Smartcast app on your phone; the app is available for both iOS and Android users. 
  • Open the and skip the initial guide screen. 
  • Tap the cast button from the top left corner, and your TV will automatically search for nearby Vizio TVs. 
  • Ensure your TV and phone are connected to the same wifi network.

Once your phone is connected to the TV, you can control the Vizio TV easily via a virtual remote. 

Method 5: Universal Remote

Vizio TV installation without a remote

The next method to set up is to use a Universal remote. This is a permanent solution that makes your life easier. 

There are a lot of universal remote controls available in the market. A few premium universal remote controls let users control the sound bar and other Bluetooth devices simultaneously. 

So if you have many remote controls and want to avoid cluttering, go for universal remote control. 

We recommend going for Logitech universal remote controls because they also include Alexa assistant and make it simple to control Vizio TV. 

Method 6: Use Xbox Or PlayStation Controller

Connecting Vizio smart TV without a remote

Finally, you can use any gaming controller to set up Vizio TV.

It’s sound crazy! If your kids have a gaming console, go for it. Connect the gaming console with your Vizio TV and use the controller to access streaming apps. 

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A third-party controller is also a worth-it option if you want full control over Vizio TV. But you have to choose a controller with a USB cable. 

All you need is to connect the controller’s USB end to the Vizio TV’s USB port, and you are all set. 

Now you can navigate menus, select things, switch channels, control volume, and more. But if you don’t have a gaming controller, don’t buy it; go for a universal remote control. 

Wrap Up

No doubt, remote control is a must-have thing for Vizio smart TV, and without it, your TV gets freezes. 

You can use the physical buttons to make little movements, but this is not a permanent solution. So you can use a SmartCast app to turn your phone into a virtual remote. 

For a more persistent solution, buying a universal remote control is recommended. 

Vizio TV comes with a physical remote to control it. But sometimes the remote get lost or break. In such situations, you can use the universal remote control or the SmartCast app to turn your phone into a physical remote. 

We have also mentioned some best alternatives that you can use to set up Vizio TV without a remote. I hope this article was useful for you and your problem is solved.