How Do I Reset My Vizio Tv Without A Picture?

In this article, I will tell you how to reset the Vizio TV with no picture in just 2 minutes. 

I know resetting the Vizio TV is difficult when there is no display. At that moment, you can’t control Vizio TV with the remote. But there is another quick way to reset Vizio TV without a remote. 

So let’s discuss that!

How Can I Reset My Vizio TV Without Pictures?

You can easily reset Vizio TV without a picture by using the physical buttons at the back side of the TV. Press and hold the input and Volume down buttons to reset Vizio TV. This process will fix all the screen or picture related issues.

Before doing a factory reset, you must try a power reset; this might solve the black screen issue of the Vizio TV. 

Try power resetting the Vizio TV

power resetting vizio tv

Most Vizio TV problems can be solved with a simple power reset. The power reset can eliminate whether you have a black TV screen, slow Vizio performance, firmware-related issues, and other glitches. 

That’s why you must try to power reset Vizio TV before doing a factory reset. In this way, your data on TV will remain secure, whereas the factory reset will delete all the data. 

So how can you power reset Vizio TV?

First, turn on Vizio TV and wait for a few seconds. Now unplug the TV from the switch directly (don’t press the power button). 

Keep the TV unplugged for 60 seconds, and it’s very important. Most people don’t wait and again plug the TV into the switch. 

You have to wait at least one minute. After that, press and hold the power button on the TV for 30 seconds. You can use your phone as a stopwatch to note the time. 

Then, you’re ready to plug the TV back into the wall socket. 

If done properly, the power cycle will solve the maximum Vizio TV problem. This process will drain all residual power from the TV and improve its performance and fix black screen issues. 

But if your Vizio TV is still not showing pictures, then try a factory reset. 

Factory Reset Vizio TV Without Picture

reset vizio tv


Factory reset is the ultimate solution to fix the black Vizio TV screen and any other software-related issue. 

If you don’t have a Vizio TV remote, you can still factory reset the TV using physical buttons. Below are the steps that you have to follow for a factory reset. 

  • First, turn on the Vizio TV. 
  • Locate the keys on Vizio TV. Most of the time, keys are loaded at the back side of the TV. 
  • Press and hold the Volume Down and Input buttons together. 
  • Keep holding both buttons for at least 7 seconds. 
  • Now release both buttons and immediately press and hold the “Input” button. 
  • Keep holding the “Input” button for 10 seconds. 
  • Wait for a minute, the TV will automatically restart, and you will see the Vizio TV logo, which means that the tv’s screen problem is not fixed.
The factory rest only solves the software-related issues. If there is a faulty backlight due to which Vizio TV is not showing the screen, you have to look for alternative ways like replacing the backlight, etc.

Other Fixes For Vizio TV Not Showing the Picture

1- Check HDMI Cable

check the hdmi cable

The faulty HDMI cable is one of the major reasons for the black Vizio screen. The HDMI cable is responsible for the display, and if it’s not properly sung, you will not be able to see the display. 

So make sure that the HDMI cable is properly connected with your HDMI cable, check the loose cable, and snug them perfectly. 

Sometimes the HDMI cable gets damaged, so you can connect any other HDMI cable with it for testing purpose.

2- Check The Backlight 

If the factory reset didn’t work and you’re still getting a black screen of death, there is something wrong with the backlight.

The backlight is one important TV component responsible for making the screen glow. That’s why any fault in the backlight can snatch the brightness of the Vizio TV

Luckily, you can conduct the backlight test and check the health of the backlight in a few seconds. 

Grab the touch (you can also use your phone touch), and bring it near the TV screen. If you see any dark images on the screen, the LED power strips on the backlight are damaged. 

You can easily replace the LED strips if you’re a DIY person. 

But if your Vizio TV is under warranty, I don’t recommend you open it; instead, contact Vizio support and tell them about the issue. 

3- Vizio TV Support

The last option to deal with the Vizio black screen problem is to contact the Vizio support team. 

They will ask about your model and give some best advice to fix the issue. If your Vizio TV is under warranty, they will replace the model or repair the internal hardware without cost. 

You can contact them at 1-844-254-8087.


Wrap Up

It can be aggravating when your Vizio TV is not showing pictures. You can fix this issue by simply resetting the TV. The physical buttons at the back side of the TV will help you reset Vizio TV without a picture. 

If your Vizio TV is still not showing a picture after resetting, then it means there is a problem with the LED strips on the backlight; you need to consider replacing them. 


How do you fix a Vizio tv that has sound but no picture?

If your Vizio TV has sound but no picture, then a simple solution to fix this is a soft reset. Simply unplug the TV from the switch for 60 seconds, press the power button for 30 seconds, and plug the TV back into a wall outlet. 

How much does it cost to replace the backlight of the Vizio TV?

The cost of replacing the backlight varies from model to model. Few Vizio TVs come with 50”, 60”, or 85” screens, and their backlight replacement cost is higher. Whereas the smaller one has a minor backlight replacement cost. On average, the backlight replacement cost of Vizio is between $100 to $300, depending on your model.

Can I reset Vizio TV without a remote?

Yes, you can reset Vizio TV without having a remote control. Simply press the “Input” and “Volume down” buttons on the TV for 5 seconds, then press and hold the input button for 10 seconds. This process will reset the Vizio TV to its factory settings.