How To Reset TCL Roku TV With Black Screen?

Are you struggling with TCL Roku TV’s black screen and looking for a way to reset it? There are ways to reset TCL Roku TV even if it’s showing a black screen. 

By doing a factory reset, the black screen issue on the TCL Roku TV will be solved. Besides that, a power reset will also solve minor glitches, lagging, and software-related bugs.

Below are some quick methods to rest TCL Roku TV without a remote. 

How To Reset TCL Roku TV With Black Screen

Method 1: Power Reset

Restart TCL Roku TV without Display

Before going to do a Factory rest, starting with a power reset is recommended.

Usually, most of the readers don’t know about it and ignore this step. But a power reset will solve the TCL Roku TV black screen problem.

And a power reset won’t wipe out all the data like a factory reset, so you must try it before rushing for factory rest. 

So how do a power reset TCL Roku TV?

Unplug it from the switch for 60 seconds, then press and hold the power button for 30 seconds and plug back the power cord into the switch.

So you’re done!

This is a straightforward way to do a power rest. But if it didn’t work for you, move on to the next solution. 

Method 2: Use The Reset Button

Resetting TCL Roku TV without Visuals

This is one of my favorite way to reset TCL Roku TV to its factory settings. Luckily TCL Roku TVs come with a reset button which is located at the back side of the tv; using that button, you can rest the TV. 

First, locate that rest button; it might be at the Botton in some models. 

Before doing a factory reset, ensure the TV is turned on once you have found the rest button, press and hold it with a toothpick or pin for 30 seconds.

Release the button when TCL Roku TV restarts and shows a recovery screen. Now follow the on-screen instruction to set up the TV. 

Note: After a factory rest, all the data, apps, accounts, and settings will be wiped out, and default settings will be install automatically.

Method 3: Reset Using TCL Roku TV Remote

If you cannot find a reset button on TCL Roku TV, you can also use the remote control to reset the TV. 

There are some specific commands that you can follow on the remote control to rest the TV.

  • Turn on the TV. 
  • Grab the remote and press the “Home” button five times. 
  • Press the Up button once.
  • Then press the Rewind button two times. 
  • Next, press the fast-forward button twice.

Now the TCL Roku TV will take some time and restart automatically. Once the TV restarts, you will see a screen again. Now again, grab the remote the do some initial tv settings. 

What To Do If TCL Roku TV Screen Is Dead?

I know how frustrating it is when the TCL TV screen goes black, it hinders your entertainment. But don’t be fret, you can follow some solutions to escape from this problem. 

So if the power reset and factory rest failed to bring back the TCL Roku screen, you should opt for a few other methods.

1- Loose Cables, No Signal: Troubleshooting Your HDMI Cables

Restarting TCL Roku TV with No Image

HDMI cables provide video signals; if there is a fault in the HDMI cable, the TCL Roku TV will show a black screen. 

That’s why you must check the HDMI cables before doing anything else. You can use the HDMI cable with any other smart TV in your home, and if it turns out to be faulty, replace it with a new one. 

2- Replacing The Backlight 

Resetting TCL Roku TV When Screen is Off

If you have tried everything but are still facing the screen of death on TCL Roku TV, you must check for a backlight. 

Backlight is responsible for illuminating the display, and if there is a fault in the backlight, the screen will turn black. 

For a DIY person, it’s easy to open the back panel and check the backlight. But if you don’t have much experience, you can bring the TV to a nearby repair shop and ask them to replace the backlight. 


How to fix the TCL Roku TV with no picture but sound?

If your TCL Roku TV has sound but no picture, you can fix this by doing a power rest. Just unplug the TV from the switch for one minute, then press and hold the power button for 30 seances. Now again, plug the TV back into the switch. 

Similarly, the faulty HDMI cable also brings the black screen of death on TCL Roku tv; try to replace the HDMI cable to eliminate this problem. 

Using a laptop, can I rest my TCL Roku TV with a black screen?

No, there is no way to rest the Roku TV with a black screen using a laptop. Connecting the smart TV to a laptop will only mirror the laptop screen on the TV. And there is no option to mirror the TV on the laptop to reset it.

What to do If the backlight of the TCL Roku TV gets damaged?

There is only one way to deal with a faulty backlight, and it’s the replacement. Bring your TV to a nearby repair shop and ask them to replace the backlight. 

Final Words: 

Resetting the TCL Roku TV is the foremost solution to a black screen. And luckily, you can easily rest the TV using a reset button behind the TV. We have mentioned three ways to rest the TCL Roku TV to solve the black screen problem. 

Moreover, you can also opt for other options if the TV still shows the black screen of death. Hopefully, this article was helpful for you and solved your problem.