Paramount Plus Is Not Working On LG TV: 10 Fixes!

Are you experiencing Paramount Plus issues on LG TV? Most of the time, Paramount Plus works seamlessly on LG TV, but in rare cases, it gets stuck or doesn’t install. 

Today’s guide will elaborate on some quick fixes for the Paramount Plus app not working on LG TV. 

Reasons Why Paramount Plus Not Working LG TV

LG TV users might have trouble accessing Paramount Plus for several reasons. 

  • Internet connectivity issue
  • LG TV Compatibility Problems with Paramount Plus”
  • Outdated Firmware is Hindering 
  • Paramount Plus Unavailable in Your Region
  • Your LG is running out of storage

These are some common reasons that cause Paramount Plus to not work on LG TV. But you don’t need to worry; below are some fixes to eliminate this problem. 

1- Troubleshooting Your Internet Connectivity Issues

Problem with Paramount Plus app on LG TV

Poor or dull internet connection is the foremost cause that obstructs Paramount Plus from working on LG TV. 

If you cannot install the app on the LG TV, inspect the internet connection on other devices, or conduct an internet speed test. Upon getting inferior signals, try to restart the main router. 

To rest the router, you have to unplug it from the power switch for 60 seconds and again plug it back. Now wait for a few minutes and let the router reboot. 

restart your router

Once the router is turned on, reconnect the Wi-Fi with your LG TV and re-try to install Paramount. This time you will get the app on your LG TV

2- LG TV Compatibility Problems with Paramount Plus

Unable to stream Paramount Plus on LG TV

Are you using an LG TV screen that came earlier in 2018? Alas! You can’t access Paramount Plus on LG TV; the app is only available for LG TVs running on webOS 4.0 and later. 

But don’t worry; there is a convenient alternative that will help you seamlessly watch Paramount Plus TV shows on LG TV. 

You can use a Fire TV stick to get Paramount Plus; it’s not more than 50 bucks and gives access to hundreds of streaming apps. You can easily connect the fire tv stick to your LG TV. 

3- Outdated Firmware Hinders Paramount Plus from working on LG TV

Paramount Plus app not functioning on LG tv

LG often releases new updates on its smart TV to prevent bugs and give users a smoother streaming experience. 

By default, LG TV automatically installs new updates. But if you have turned off the auto-updates, you lack some things. The outdated firmware blunts the streaming experience and causes a few apps to not work on LG TV. 

So you must update the LG TV software; this will bring new features to LG TV and remove bugs from it. 

Here are steps to update the firmware of LG TV. 

  • Go to Settings
  • General
  • About This TV
  • Tap on “Check For Updates”
  • Now the LG TV will start looking for new updates.

Once the new update is installed, the TV will automatically restart.

4- Paramount Plus Unavailable in Your Region

Unable to access Paramount Plus on LG Smart TV

Paramount Plus is an American streaming app, but it doesn’t mean it’s not providing its services outside the USA. However, it’s still restricted to countries like UAE, Asia, UK regions, and Africa. 

So if Paramount Plus is not supported in your region, you can simply use VPN to align your IP address to the USA. 

Sometimes you live in the USA but your LG TV region settings change. So you must check the location settings on your LG TV to ensure they are correct. 

  • Settings
  • General 
  • Location
  • Broadcast country
  • Here you can change the region that you want on your LG TV.

5- Check The Storage On LG TV

Check The Storage On LG TV

LG TV’s low storage also prevents the Paramount app from working. You can’t install more apps when your LG TV runs out of storage. 

You can check the storage of LG TV from Settings; 

  • Go to All Settings
  • General
  • Devices
  • TV Management 
  • TV information
  • Scroll down to “Available Internal Storage)

Here you can find the remaining storage on your LG TV. If the TV storage is full, try to factory reset the TV to flush all the data, or you can use a Fire TV stick to stream apps. 

6- Delete & Reinstall The Paramount Plus

If you’re streaming Paramount Plus on LG TV, and suddenly it stops working, it means there is an issue with the app cache.

In this scenario, you must delete and reinstall the app, which will also clear all the old data and cache. 

Here are steps to delete the Paramount App on LG tv

  • Hover over the Paramount app using the remote arrow buttons
  • Press and hold the ok button
  • Now tap on the trash icon to delete the app

Once you have deleted the app, the Paramount Plus app and your account information and data will be deleted. Now you need to reinstall the app from App Store. 

  • Open LG TV App Store. 
  • Search for the “Paramount Plus” app
  • Tap on the install button to get it back on your LG TV
  • Open the app and put your account credentials to log in.

This time you won’t get any problem; now, continue streaming your favorite TV shows and movies on Paramount Plus.

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7- Turn Off the VPN

get paramount on lg tv

Most of us use VPN on smart TVs to access apps, but a few apps won’t work if you have turned off the VPN. 

Because of regional issues, few apps block VPN IPs, so you must turn off the VPN before getting Paramount+ on LG TV. 

8- Check The Paramount+ Sever

Check The Paramount+ Sever

Paramount+ works on real-time servers; you need an internet connection to access the server. But if you have all set and have a stable internet connection, but Paramount+ still doesn’t work on LG Tv, there could be a fault in the server. 

You can search the server’s uptime using “whatsmydns.net” on this website, and it will show the current status of the paramount server in your region. 

9- Do a Power Reset or Power Cycle the LG TV

soft reset lg tv

By doing a power rest, all the software-related snags will disappear. So if the paramount app is not working because of a software issue, the power reset will solve that. 

Here are steps to do a power rest on LG TV; 

  • Turned off the TV.
  • Unplug it from the power switch. 
  • Wait 30 seconds, and hold down the TV’s power button for 60 seconds.
  • Now plug the TV back into the socket.

10- Factory Reset

If you tested all of the methods mentioned above but are still unable to get the Paramount app on LG TV, then give it a try to factory rest. 

Factory Reset will wipe out all of the data and apps from the TV and brings factory settings to it. Always try this method at the end because this will flush all the data, but this method will defiantly solve your problem. 

Factory Reset 

Here are steps to factory reset LG TV;

  • Open All Settings
  • General
  • Reset To Initial Settings
  • Press Ok

Once done, the TV will return to its initial settings. You have to do the initial settings as you previously did when you bought a brand-new LG TV. 

Get In Touch With LG Customer Care

The last hope is the LG customer care center. If none of the methods work for you and you’re still in trouble, contact the LG customer care center. 

Tell them that the Paramount+ is not working on your LG TV model. They will share some troubleshooting steps with you to eliminate this problem. 

Wrapped Up

Paramount Plus is a massive streaming platform available across several regions. Most smart TV users prefer Paramount Plus because of its wide library of TV shows, movies, and binge-worthy content. 

But if you can’t get Paramount Plus on LG smart TV, it could be because of several reasons, most probably, because there is a poor internet connection or Paramount+ lacks compatibility with your LG TV model.

We have mentioned some common reasons that cause Paramount Plus to not work on LG TV. Plus, we have listed some proven ways that help you to stream back Paramount+ on your LG TV. 


How to fix Paramount+ if it’s buffering on LG tv?

The buffering of Paramount+ is a common problem, and you can fix it by reinstalling the app. If the problem still exists, update the firmware on LG TV to solve Paramount+ buffering issue.

Why Does paramount Plus keep crashing on LG TV?

Paramount Plus might crash on LG TV because of the high rate cache. In this case, you should delete the app and then reinstall it, and this will delete all the data and cache and free up allocated space. Similarly, outdated software might also crash Paramount+, so make sure that the firmware of LG TV is updated. 

How to update Paramount+ on LG TV?

Open the App Store on your LG TV, and search for the app you want to update. Now simply tap on the update button to install the latest version of the app.