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Paramount Plus Lagging? 10 Fixes For Slow Paramount +

Nothing is more exasperating than lagging Paramount Plus. It seems like you’re living in an old-timey world, and your smart TV belongs to an ancient age. 

The lagging of Paramount Plus ruins all the entertainment while watching smart TV shows or movies. Instead of being fret, have you ever thought about why this happens?

Many factors can cause Paramount Plus to lag, and you can easily fix them in a few minutes. So let’s explore these ways. 

Why My Paramount Plus Lagging?

Before rushing for a solution to fix the lagging of Paramount Plus, you need to identify the root cause. 

Paramount Plus lag because of sluggish internet connection. Streaming requires high-speed internet, especially if you want 4K content. 

Sometimes the abundance of cache on memory also slows down streaming services and causes Paramount plus lagging.

Below are some fixes that you can try to avoid lagging while streaming content on Paramount Plus. 

  • Troubleshoot The Poor Internet Connection
  • Check Paramount Servers 
  • Power Reset Your Device
  • Update And Restart The Browser
  • Update The Paramount Plus App
  • Go For Lower Video Quality
  • Use Ethernet Cable With Your Streaming device
  • Update The Software Of Your Device
  • Turn Off VPNs To Prevent Paramount Plus Lagging
  • Get In Touch With Paramount Plus Support

1- Troubleshoot the Internet Connection 

Paramount Plus buffering problems

First, you must check the internet connection on the rest of your home devices. You can also conduct a speed test on any website. If you find a slow internet speed, restart the router. 

Restarting the router will fix the slow internet connection, and you can stream Paramount without lagging. 

To restart the router, unplug it from the switch for 60 seconds and then plug it back. Let the router reboot for a few minutes, and you’re good to go.

Hopefully, this will fix the Paramount Plus lagging on your streaming device. 

2- Check The Uptime Of the Paramount Plus Server

How to fix Paramount Plus lagging

In very rare cases, there is an issue at the backend servers of Paramount Plus that can also cause lagging. 

So you need to check the servers before taking any initial steps. Here you can check the Paramount Plus server issues

3- Power Reset Your Devices

Troubleshooting Paramount Plus lag

Power resetting is one of the powerful methods to fix Paramount Plus lagging issue, and unfortunately, most people skip this step. 

If you are using Paramount Plus on your smart TV, it’s too easy to power rest it. 

Simply unplug it from the main power source for 60 minutes. After that, press and hold the power button on the smart TV for 30 seconds, and plug it back into the switch. 

By doing a power rest, all the temporary data and cache will be deleted. This also solves internet connectivity problems. 

4- Update And Restart The Browser 

Troubleshooting Paramount Plus lag

Most of us use web browsers to stream on Paramount Plus. And do you know that browsers allocate a lot of memory and slow down streaming services?

When a browser allocates the maximum memory, the device overheats, and streaming services start lagging. 

The Chrome browser is the enemy of memory (RAM). So you need to frequently update your browser. 

Also, close all the tabs on a browser and close them for a few minutes. Now reopen the browser and continue streaming on Paramount Plus.

5- Update The Paramount Plus App

Paramount Plus lags frequently

Paramount Plus often launches new updates to prevent glitches and bugs while streaming. Most of the time, Paramount Plus lagging is caused by outdated version of a software.

So make sure you’re using the latest version of the Paramount app on your smart TV to avoid lagging issues. 

6- Go For a Lower Video Quality

If you’re still facing lagging issues on Paramount Plus, try to lower video quality. Because if you’re streaming videos in 4k, it will require a speedy and stable internet connection. 

But for 1080P or 720P resolution, then 5Mbps internet speed is enough. 

Even though low-quality video takes away all the crispiness of a realistic streaming experience, it’s the only solution to avoid lagging. 

7- Use Ethernet Cable 

Paramount Plus video lag

If you don’t want to watch low-quality content and you’re a perfectionist, use an ethernet cable instead of a router. 

Ethernet cable gives you a reliable and fast internet connection that can help you to watch content in 4k resolution. 

You can also ask your internet service provider to upgrade the current internet plan, so you can enjoy streaming without lagging.

8- Update The Software Of Your Device

Streaming problems with Paramount Plus

The outdated software is also a cause of Paramount Plus’s lagging. Updating your streaming device will not only fix the streaming issue but also brings a new feature to your device.

Check for new updates on your streaming device, and let them update. Once the update is completed, relaunch the Paramount Plus, this time, you won’t face lagging issues. 

9- Turn off VPNs And Ad Blockers

Paramount Plus lag on smart TV

VPNs alter your IP address and slow down your Internet connection. And if your internet is slow, it will cause Paramount Plus to lag. 

Similarly, most VPN users also experience the malfunction of Paramount Plus, and this is because VPN changes your current country. And Paramount Plus is restricted in a few countries. 

So simply turn off the VPN before accessing Paramount Plus. 

Similarly if you’re using ad blocker extension in your browser also turned off, as it can impact the streaming service.

10- Get In Touch With Paramount Plus Support

Our last hope is Paramount Plus support; if you have tried all the mentioned methods but still facing the lagging issue, contact Paramount Plus support. 

They will give you some troubleshooting tips to solve all the streaming issues. You can get in touch with the Paramount Plus support team here. 

Wrap Up

Paramount Plus lagging is common, so you don’t need to panic. You can solve the lagging issues by following the simple steps mentioned above. 

Hopefully, this article has solved your device’s Paramount Plus lagging problem.