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Paramount Plus Keeps Buffering On Samsung Smart Tv: Fixed!

When you’re lounging in front of a Samsung TV and watching your favorite TV shows on Paramount Plus, it will be very annoying when Paramount Plus starts buffering. 

But you can permanently fix this issue by using simple tactics. But first, you have to identify the root cause of why Paramount Plus is buffering on your Samsung TV. 

In today’s guide, we will discuss some major factors that cause buffering of Paramount Plus on Samsung TV and quick fixes. 

Why Paramount Plus keeps buffering on Samsung smart tv

There is not a single reason that can cause Paramount Plus to buffer. But in most cases, it could be because of a sluggish internet connection or cache. 

Below are some fixes that will surely give a buffering-free experience on Paramount Plus. 

1- Check The Internet Connection 

Streaming issues on Samsung smart TV

Most of the streaming glitches emerge because of slow internet connection. If the resolution on Paramount is set to 4k, you need a speedy internet connection; otherwise, it will start buffering. 

The current models of Samsung TV support 4k with a high dynamic range; that’s why these screen needs a powerful internet connection for a smooth streaming experience. 

To stream 4K content, you need an intense speed of around 30Mbps to 50Mbps; otherwise, Paramount Plus might be buffering while streaming. 

So first, you have to check the internet connection on your phone. Open any speed testing website and check the speed there. If the internet is slow, you need to restart the router. 

Unplug the router for 30 seconds, and then plug it back. Restarting the router will clear store data from the router, helping you to maintain a stable intense connection. 

2- Power Cycle Your Samsung TV

power cycling samsung tv

Before being fret, power rest your Samsung TV to solve buffering of Paramount Plus.

How can power reset solve buffering and glitches in streaming apps?

The power resetting clears the cache and resets the internet connection on Samsung TV. So if Paramount Plus keeps buffering on Samsung smart TV, simply power reset your TV to eliminate this issue. 

How do do a power reset or power cycle Samsung TV?

  • Unplug the Samsung smart TV from the power source. 
  • Wait for 60 seconds. 
  • Press and hold the power button for 30 seconds. 
  • Now plug the TV back into the source.

3- Reinstall Paramount Plus App

Slow streaming on Samsung TV with Paramount Plus

Deleting and reinstalling the Paramount app on Samsung TV wipe out all the temporary data and cache, giving you more smooth streaming experience. 

To delete the app on Samsung TV, open the Home Screen, go to apps, hover over the Paramount Plus, and tap “Delete.” 

Once you have deleted the Paramount Plus, go to App Store and reinstall the app. 

Now put your credentials in to log in to your account. Hopefully, this time, you won’t face buffering issues

4- Update The Firmware

update the samsung tv firmware

The latest firmware updates on Samsung TV make it bug-free and bring new features. Old firmware is also a root cause of glitches while streaming the Paramount Plus app.  

Here are steps to update the firmware on Samsung TV; 

  • Open the Settings 
  • And scroll down to Support
  • Tap on Software update
  • Tap on Update Now
  • If there is any new update available, the Samsung TV will install that.

Once the update is installed, the TV will automatically restart. Now open the Paramount Plus app and enjoy streaming your favorite TV showing without buffering.

If your problem didn’t solve, jump over to the next step. 

5- Lower The Content Resolution 

delays on Samsung smart TV when using Paramount Plus

Undoubtedly the higher resolution content on Paramount requires speedy internet. If your home’s internet connection doesn’t provide much speed, you must lower the content resolution. 

So if you’re watching TV shows or movies in 4K, switch the content quality to 1080P or 720P.

The low resolution of content use requires limited Internet speed. Even if your internet connection has 5Mbps speed, you can easily stream in 1080P resolution. 

6- Turn Off the VPN 

turn off VPN on Samsung TV

VPN slows down the internet speed and impacts streaming services. So if you’re using a VPN on your Samsung TV, turn it off while streaming on Paramount Plus. 

Similarly, VPNs change the IP address, which can also make the Paramount Plus app work on your TV because Paramount Plus is not available in a few countries. 

7- Reset Samsung TV To Factory Settings

Reset Samsung TV To Factory Settings

If none of those mentioned above method work for you, then rest Samsung TV to its factory settings. This is the last option to clear all the data, apps, and settings from your Samsung TV. 

Factory reset will make your Samsung TV brand new and solve the buffering issue. But always try this method at the end, because you will lose everything on your TV. 

Here are steps to reset Samsung TV; 

  • Go to Settings
  • General
  • Reset
  • Enter Pin (0000)

8- Get In Touch With Paramount Plus Support

Now your last hope is Paramount Plus support; get in touch with them and ask to solve the buffering issue. Their team with surely solve your problem 

Wrapped Up

You can easily fix the buffering of Paramount Plus on Samsung TV If you have followed the steps mentioned above. Buffering of Paramount Plus is very annoying, but it’s not a big problem.