Why Does Paramount Plus Keep Freezing: 10 Fixes!

Last night I was watching a “Tulsa King” TV show on Paramount Plus, suddenly, the app started freezing; for a moment, it seemed like I had an obsolete TV. But some other elements cause Paramount Plus to keep freezing. 

In today’s guide, I will share some tips to help you make Paramount Plus’ performance much smoother. 

Exploring the Root Causes of Paramount Plus Freezing Issues

Undoubtedly the root cause of freezing Paramount Plus is the internet connection which is like a turtle. If you enjoy watching high-quality content on Paramount Plus, ensure you have a fast and stable internet connection. 

Similarly, a few software and internal issue like cache and outdated firmware also contribute to the freezing of the Paramount Plus app. 

Freezing and glitching of Paramount Plus interrupts the entertainment. But don’t panic; we have a permanent solution to eliminate this problem. 

1- Check The Uptime Of Paramount Plus Servers

Paramount Plus freezing problems

Streaming Paramount Plus requires an internet connection because you access live content via their servers. So if there is a fault in the servers, you don’t need to worry at all. 

But how can you check for a problem at the back end? Just open whatsmydns.net and check the Paramount Plus Severs uptime in your region. So if their servers are down in your region, you have to wait a few minutes until they solve the problem. 

But if the servers are running smoothly, jump on the next steps to deal with freezing Paramount Plus.

2- Troubleshoot Unstable Internet Connection

Constant freezing on Paramount Plus

Before taking any big action, you must first check the Internet speed. Open your mobile phone or laptop and conduct an internet speed test. 

So if your internet speed is less than 10 Mbps, you must troubleshoot it. You need around 30 Mbps to 50 Mbps downloading speed to stream 4K content on Paramount Plus. Whereas for streaming 1080P content, you only require 5 – 10Mbps speed. 

So If the internet speed is lower you will face streaming issues.

Sometimes the router sends unstable bits because many devices are connected to it. So restarting the router will restore the original bandwidth.

Steps To Restart Your Router for a Stronger Connection

Restarting the router will boot off all devices from your home network and reset the connection settings. This will help the network to achieve the maximum connection strength

  • Simply unplug the router from the switch
  • Also, unplug the ethernet cable
  • Want for 60 seconds
  • Plug the router back into the switch and attach the ethernet cable.

Now reconnect the device you’re streaming Paramount Plus with the same internet connection. Your device will acquire maximum bandwidth, and Paramount Plus won’t freeze. 

You can also connect an ethernet cable directly to your device on which you’re using Paramount Plus to get the fastest internet speed. 

3- Power Cycle Your Device To Boost Its Performance

Which device you’re using to stream Paramount Plus? Perhaps you’re using a Smart TV, fire tv stick, or a laptop. All these devices are prone to glitches and memory exhaustion. 

So the power cycle or power resetting of the device will clear up all the cache from RAM and free up the space.

Once the memory is clear, you won’t experience glitches or freezing of your Paramount Plus app. 

Steps To Do A Power Reset To Revive Device Performance?

Power reset is a straightforward process that only takes a few minutes and won’t delete any data from your device. So here is how you can do it. 

  • Unplug the device from the power switch
  • Wait for 60 seances
  • Now pass the power button on your SMART TV for 30 seconds
  • Again plug the power cord back into the switch.

If you’re streaming Paramount Plus on laptop, turn it off for a few minutes and then simply turn it on.

4- Update Your Paramount Plus App To Avoid Glitches

Paramount Plus freezes frequently

Paramount Plus frequently launches new updates to prevent bugs and glitches. The new updates not only fix the glitches but also brings some new features. 

So make sure the app is up to date; otherwise, you should immediately update Paramount Plus to avoid problems in the future. 

5- Reinstall Paramount Plus App

Reinstalling Paramount Plus will wipe out all the cache and data in the app, which will probably solve the malfunctioning and freezing of the app. 

So all you have to do first is to delete the Paramount Plus App from your streaming device. Then again, install it from the App Store. Now put in the credentials to log in. 

6- Disable VPN & Ad Blocker

Paramount Plus playback freeze

The virtual private network or VPN changes your current IP address, letting the Paramount Plus app access from another region. Keep in mind that Paramount Plus is not available in every region. 

So if you’re using VPN on your streaming device, turn it off before streaming on Paramount Plus. 

Similarly, VPNs also slow down your network connection speed, and you can’t stream smoothly in high resolutions. Also, turn off the ad blockers if you’re using them in your browser. 

7- Update Your System Software 

You’re probably streaming Paramount Plus on a smart TV, Fire TV Stick, Apple TV or a laptop (on the browser). These streaming devices launch new software updates to provide bugs free user experience. 

The relic firmware is also a reason behind the freezing of a few streaming apps, including Paramount Plus. 

By default, smart TVs and laptops automatically install new updates if you have a stable internet connection. But if you have turned off the auto-updates, you can do it manually. 

8- Reduce Paramount Plus The Picture Quality 

Reduce Paramount Plus The Picture Quality 

Skip this step if you’re streaming content in 720P or even lower quality. 

Accessing 4K or higher resolution content on Paramount Plus requires higher internet speed and stability; as I have mentioned above that you need somewhat between 30Mbps to 50Mbps to stream 4K content without glitches. 

But if you lack internet speed, consider lowering the picture resolution to prevent it from freezing. 

The lower resolution does not seem entertaining, but this is the only solution to prevent Paramount Plus from freezing.

9- Increase The Internet Speed

Paramount Plus keeps lagging

The simple rule of thumb is the more internet speed you have, the less Paramount Plus will freeze while streaming. The speedy internet connection lets you stream in high resolution and enjoy a realistic experience. 

So what can you do to increase the internet speed?

Use the router that supports 5GHz band broadcast, providing more stable and speedy internet to your home devices. 

Also, ask your internet service provider to upgrade your Internet plan. At least you need 30Mbps internet speed to stream high-resolution content. 

Lastly, keep the router close to your smart TV where you’re streaming Paramount Plus. Or you can attach an ethernet cable directly to your TV for faster internet speed. 

10- Factory Reset 

The last thing you can do to treat freezing Paramount Plus is the factory reset your smart TV, which will wipe out all the data, cache, and apps from your TV and make it brand new. 

Resetting your TV to factory setting will solve all the glitches and bugs and redo all unwanted settings.

But try this step only if you have failed to get results after trying all other methods. But Factory Reset is a powerful way to solve freezing app problems and get you out of trouble. 

Once you have done a factory reset, install the Paramount plus again to continue streaming your favorite TV shows.

11- Get In Touch With Paramount Plus Support

The last hope is the Paramount Plus support team. If you have tried all the above methods and are still getting no results, ask the Paramount Plus support team to solve your issue. 

They will reset your account at the backend or share a few troubleshooting steps to solve the streaming issues. Here you can contact the Paramount Plus app support team. 

Wrap Up!

Freezing the Paramount Plus app wouldn’t put you in dire straits, so don’t fret if you encounter this. Just a few simple steps can help you to get rid of this problem.

In my case, the slow, poor internet connection kept freezing the Paramount Plus app. But I contacted my Internet service provider and asked them to upgrade the plan. 

In the above guide, we have mentioned all the possible ways to Fix Paramount Plus glitches.