How To Pair The TCL Remote To The Tv?

Pairing a TCL remote with a TV is a straightforward task. If you have recently bought a TCL smart or Android TV and are struggling to pair TCL remote to TV, stay connected with this guide. 

If your remote is not paired with the TV, it doesn’t mean that it wouldn’t work with it. The only feature you will miss is Google Assistant, which will only work once the TCL remote is paired with the TV.

In this guide, I will share a step-by-step process via visuals to pair TCL Smart TV remote with your TV. So let’s get started. 

Steps To Pair TCL Remote To TV

Before pairing the TCL remote control to the TV, ensure there are batteries in the remote; it will work fine. 

Step 1: Turn On The Smart TV

turn on tcl smart tv

The first step is to turn on the TV and plug the switch into the outlet. 

If the TCL logo doesn’t appear on the screen, your TV is in Stand by mode. You can turn it on by pressing the button hidden beneath the TV. This will turn on the TV. 

Step 2: Pair TCL Remote

pair tcl tv remote

To pair the TCL remote to the TV, simply press the “OK” and “Home” buttons on your remote. 

Before pairing, ensure you are in the range of 3ft from your smart TV. Otherwise, it will not work. Keep pressing both buttons for a few seconds until the popup appears. 

The popup will tell some instructions and let you know that your remote is successfully paired. 

Hurry, you have successfully paired the remote control with your smart TV. Now you can use the Google Assistant feature and enjoy a hands-free remote experience. 

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How To Pair TCL Remote To Older Smart TV Or Roku TV

On the TCL Roku TV or older version, there is no “Home” button, so in that case, you have to press different buttons to pair the TCL Roku TV remote. Here are the steps to follow the pair remote with the older version. 

Pair TCL Remote To Older Smart TV
  • First of all, turn on your TV. 
  • Tap on Setting from the top right corner of your screen. 
  • Select “Remotes & Accessories” and tap on “Add accessories.”
  • Now it will search for new accessories. During this process, press the “Ok” and “Back” buttons on the TCL Roku TV remote. 
  • Next, a popup will appear, telling you the remote is paired with a smart TV. And you are good to go. 
  • You can also check the connectivity of your TCL more under the “Remote & Accessories” option.

How To Unpair TCL Remote To TV 

In rare cases, few folks don’t want a Google Assistant feature on their TV, which might be because their kids consider this feature fun.

So to disable the Google Assistant feature on your TCL smart TV, you have to unpair the remote control. 

unpair tcl tv remote

So here are the steps for unpairing the TCL remote. 

  • Tap Settings (gear icon) from the top right corner. 
  • Scroll down and tap on “Remotes & Accessories.”
  • On the left side, you can find your TCL remote model, tap on it and then choose an unpair option.

What To Do If TCL Smart TV Remote Not Pairing? 

The first and foremost thing you must ensure is that the batteries in TCL remote have enough juice. Secondly, keep TCL remote closer to the TV while pairing. And also, make sure your remote buttons and remote sensor are fine. 

If all these things are fine, you should reset your TCL tv remote; hopefully, this will solve your problem. Here are the steps to reset TCL TV remote. 

  • First, open the back of the battery compartment and remote the batteries.
  • Now press and hold the “1” for 60 seconds. 
  • Reinstall the fresh batteries, and check whether the remote it’s working normally or not.

Again, pair your TCL remote by pressing the “Home” and “Ok” buttons together; hopefully, you will not face any issues this time. 

If you’re still facing the issue, you should restart your TCL Android TV. Here are steps you can follow to reset your smart TV.

reset tcl tv
  • Go to Settings by tapping on the gear button from the remote, and you will find the Settings option in the top right corner of your smart TV. 
  • From Settings, tap on “System” > “About.”
  • Here tap on reset > Factory reset. This will bring your TCL tv to its initial settings.

Now you can try to pair the TCL remote with the TV, and this time you wouldn’t face any issues. 

Final Words: 

So if you want to take advantage of Google Assistant on your TCL Roku TV or Android TV, pair the TCL remote with your smart TV. And the process is very straightforward. 

In the above guide, we mentioned pairing methods for older and the latest TCL smart TV models. We have also mentioned a few steps if your TV remote doesn’t pair with the TV.