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Recent Posts

Why Amazon Prime Keeps Buffering

Why Amazon Prime Keeps Buffering? [100% Fixed]

ByAidenAug 10, 20238 min read

Amazon Prime provides the ultimate streaming experience to its users. But it becomes so frustrating when Amazon Prime keeps buffering.  The buffering of Amazon Prime is not a problem with the app itself. Instead, it’s caused by the slow internet connection or the firmware glitches of your TV.  Most of the time, Amazon Prime starts buffering when you use a VPN on your TV, there is a slow internet connection…

Amazon Prime Keep Kicking Me Out

Amazon Prime Keep Kicking Me Out? [Quick Fixes]

ByAidenAug 10, 202310 min read

Amazon Prime is everyone’s favorite streaming platform, but what if Amazon Prime Video kicks you out to Home Screen?  Most of the time, Amazon Prime cause these issues due to…