Netflix Not Working On Tv But Works On Phone

Watching Netflix on a large-screen TV is an amusing and enjoyable experience for anybody. But what if Netflix not working on TV but works well on your phone?

It’s not a big problem, and there are a few reasons why Netflix stops working on a smart TV. In today’s article, we will dive deeper into these reasons and find solutions to eliminate the problem. 

Why Is Netflix Not Working On My Tv But Working Fine On My Phone?

The primary reason is account limitation, Netflix has different plans, and every plan supports various devices. Similarly, sometimes the cache buildup also freezes the Netflix app on a TV, and a slow internet connection can also make Netflix not work on TV. 

In a nutshell, there is no single reason behind the malfunctioning of Netflix on a TV. But you can easily fix all if you follow the below mention solutions. 

1- Netflix Account Limitation

Netflix app not working on TV

Netflix only supports a specific number of devices based on your current subscription plan. If you have a mobile plan, it only supports a phone and a tablet, and you can’t log in Netflix account on a smart TV. 

So you must first check how many devices you use to access your Netflix account. 

Open the Netflix website on your laptop, and tap on your profile. Select “Account”> “Security & Privacy” > “Manage Access and Devices.” You can see all the devices you log in with your Netflix account here. 

You can even log out of your desired devices to create a vacuum for your TV. 

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2- Clear The Netflix Caches On Smart TV

TV connected to Netflix but no video

The cache is a common element on any tv; it frequently builds while you are streaming. In some cases, the cache gets corrupted for some reason, which will crash the Netflix app. 

So you must clear the cache of your TV, which will improve the performance and fix glitches in the Netflix app. 

No doubt, clearing the cache varies across various smart TVs. But for most models, you must go to Settings > Apps > and select “Clear Cache or Data.”

3- Sign Out of Netflix Account From the TV

TV screen black when trying to play Netflix

If the above two solutions don’t work for you, try to log out Netflix account on your TV. And again, log in to it. 

In this way, all the temporary data will be wiped out, which helps enjoy a glitch-free Netflix experience. 

4- Update The Netflix App

update netflix app

If Netflix is not working on TV but works on the phone, it means you’re using an outdated version of Netflix on TV.

The old version of the Netflix app is a big headache for tv streamers; it delivers poor performance and is prone to security issues and vulnerabilities. 

That’s why you must frequently update the Netflix app. You can update Netflix from the App Store on your smart TV. 

5- Disable VPN And Ad Blockers 

Can't watch Netflix on TV, but phone can

VPNs and ad blockers are the ultimate reasons that hinder Netflix from working on smart TVs. 

VPNs make your internet connection slugging and unreliable, which can cause streaming issues on Netflix. 

Similarly, Ad blockers negatively impact Netflix’s performance; most of the time, Netflix might crash due to ad blockers. 

So it’s ideal for turning off VPN and ad blockers before streaming your favorite tv show or movie on Netflix. 

6- Check The Internet Connection 

Netflix not playing on tv

The unreliable internet is also a primary reason that causes Netflix to not work on TV but work well on the phone. 

In this scenario, you first check the internet connection speed on other devices. You can also conduct a speed test, and if you find slow internet, try to reset the router. 

Unplug the router from the switch for 60 seconds. And then plug it back into the switch. This will fix all the issues and glitches regarding connectivity. 

If resetting of router didn’t work, you can rest the network on your smart TV. Or ask your internet service provider to upgrade your current package.

Once you have a stable internet connectivity, you will never face problems streaming Netflix on TV.

7- Use Ethernet Cable 

Use Ethernet Cable 

Compared to the Wifi connection, the ethernet cable provides stable internet speed. So to avoid Netflix lagging and glitches, you should connect an ethernet cable to the TV.

The wifi signals worsen if the router is far from your smart TV. Such connections have high latency rates, which can interrupt subscription based streaming service like Netflix. 

So to get a faster internet connection, you must opt for ethernet cable, which provides a dedicated connection for your smart tv.

8- Update The Firmware Of the TV

update the firmware

Smart tv runs on software that requires regular updates to avoid glitches and bugs. Sometimes, Netflix doesn’t work on smart tv due to an old firmware version. 

By the way, smart TVs automatically update the firmware if they have a stable internet connection. But you can also manually update the firmware from settings > System > Software.

The updated tv software provides stability, improves performance, and optimizes smart TV resources.

Hopefully, after updating the firmware, Netflix will work fine on your smart TV, and now you can watch Netflix episodes without any interruption.

9- Close The Apps Running In the Background 

Some apps running in the background might cause conflicts with the Netflix app. So close all the apps on your TV before opening Netflix. 

The more apps running in the background, there more will be Internet usage, and the more will be the slow performance and lagging. 

Similarly, a few apps take a lot of resources and can’t let any other app open; that’s why Netflix doesn’t work on your TV but works fine on your phone.

10- Contact Netflix Support Team

If you have tried everything, but the Netflix malfunction is still firm, you must contact Netflix support

Maybe there is a problem with your account in the backend, and they will reset your account in the database and resolve the issue. 

Final Words

It is a common problem when Netflix not working on tv but works on phone. At first, it feels irksome, but you can easily fix Netflix issues on tv using the above mentioned steps. 

I hope this article was helpful for you, and Netflix app working again on your TV.