Netflix Loads But Won’t Play On Tv: How To Fix!

Sometimes Netflix gets stuck on the loading screen, and it keeps loading and loading and won’t play. The infinite Netflix loading makes everyone furious, but don’t worry; there are some ways to escape this problem. 

So if Netflix loads but won’t play on your TV, stay stuck with this guide; we have mentioned some quick steps to solve this problem. 

Why Netflix Loads But Won’t Play On TV?

This might be because of several reasons, but most commonly, if your internet connection is dull or the storage is full of cache, the Netflix app will keep loading and won’t play. 

Sometimes outdated firmware or software issues might also cause this issue. 

Here are some quick steps if Netflix keeps loading but won’t play on TV.  

  • Clear Cache & Cookies
  • Check The Network Connection
  • Reset Network Settings
  • Update Netflix app
  • Restart The TV
  • Uninstall and Reinstall Netflix app
  • Disable VPN
  • Update the TV Software

1- Clear Cache & Cookies

Netflix not streaming on TV

Streaming apps like Netflix generate a lot of caches, and if the storage of your TV is limited, it might cause the Netflix app to get stuck on the loading screen.

In this scenario, all you have to do is to clean the Cache and Cookies on your TV. The clear cache settings are different for every TV, but they will work on every TV. 

Once you have cleared the cache, the Netflix app will Sign out, and you have to again put in your credentials to Sign into Netflix account. In most cases, this method will fix Netflix problem.

In my case, I have Hisense Smart TV, and here is the step to clear the cache on it. 

  • Go Settings
  • System
  • Application Settings
  • Tap on “Clear Cache & Cookies” and confirm “OK.”

If this process doesn’t work for you, move on to the next step. 

2- Check The Network Connection

Unable to play Netflix on television

Poor or unstable internet connection is another primary reason that causes Netflix to load but won’t play. 

Sometimes you receive full Wi-Fi signals, but your Internet doesn’t work on smart TV. In this case, perform the internet speed test on any website first. If you find a slow internet connection, restart your router. 

Restarting the router solves network connectivity issues, so if there have any issues, they will solve them.

To restart the router, just unplug it and remove the Ethernet cable for 1 to 2 minutes. And again, plug it back in.

3- Reset Network Settings

TV connected to Netflix but not playing content

Smart TVs can also be prone to Network issues, which also stuck Netflix app on the loading screen and won’t allow it to play. 

In this scenario, before performing any action, check the Internet on other devices first. If the Internet on these devices works fine, reset the Network Settings on your smart TV. 

The network reset settings are pretty much the same across smart TVs. Here are the quick steps to reset Network on Samsung smart TV. 

  • Settings
  • General
  • Network 
  • Reset Network

After resettings the Internet connection, you have to connect your smart TV to Wi-Fi again by putting the password. 

4- Update Netflix

TV screen stuck on Netflix loading

The outdated version of Netflix can also cause many problems; most commonly, Netflix might get stuck on the loading screen and won’t play. So all you have to do is simply update Netflix. 

To update the Netflix app, open the App Store on your TV, search for Netflix, and click update. In most cases, the issue will disappear upon updating Netflix app.

5- Restart The TV

If Netflix still loads but won’t play on TV, you need to restart the TV. Restarting smart TV eliminates unusual errors and abnormal behavior of TV. It clears up the memory and improves the visual experience. 

Here are steps to restart smart TV; 

  • Go to Settings
  • Scroll down to System
  • And tap on Restart
  • Press OK to confirm

After restarting, the TV will turn off and turn on itself. Now open the Netflix app and check whether the issue has gone.

6- Uninstall and Reinstall Netflix

Netflix stuck on loading screen on TV

Try to Uninstall and reinstall the Netflix app. This will clear all the previous data of Netflix. So in case you have disturbed any Netflix Settings that are causing Netflix to load but won’t play will again reset. 

To uninstall the Netflix app, simply hover over the app and long press the “ok” button on the remote, now choose to uninstall. Alternatively, you can also uninstall the app from App Store. Open the play store or App Store, search for Netflix, and tap the Uninstall button. 

Once uninstalling the app, open the App Store and install Netflix. Now it will ask you for Netflix account credentials to login.

7- Disable VPN

turn off vpn

If you have Netflix Standard, it will work only on two devices, and if you’re accessing Netflix using VPN, it will pretend that you’re using it on a third device. 

The Netflix Standard will not work on the third device. In this case, simply turn off the VPN on your smart TV or log out the Netflix from other devices. 

8- Update The TV Software

Update The TV Software

The outdated TV software will also cause many problems and produce unexpected bugs. If Netflix keeps loading but won’t play, it could mean your TV software is outdated. 

Updating the TV firmware and Software will give you bugs free smart TV, improve security, and brings new features. So it’s recommended to update your smart TV software. 

Here are steps to update Software on smart TV. 

  • Settings
  • System
  • About
  • Software Update
  • And here, you can update the Software of your Smart TV

Wrapped up

Sometimes Netflix on TV behaves abnormally and keeps loading but won’t play. I know how frustrating it is; it interrupts our entertainment. But you can eliminate this Netflix error by following the methods mentioned above. 

If Netflix keeps loading on your smart TV but won’t play, you should contact Netflix support. They will give you personalized help to solve your issue, and you can again watch Netflix content.