Why Does Netflix Keep Kicking Me Out: [100% Fixed]

I know how frustrating it’s when Netflix keeps kicking you out. It diminishes your entertainment craze and can put you in trouble. 

The problem might be with your Netflix account limits or streaming device. Sometimes the cache or internet connection also makes Netflix load but won’t play. Similarly, the VPN and overheating can also crash the Netflix app. 

But you don’t need to worry!

Last week I encountered a similar situation and asked myself why Netflix kept kicking me out. But luckily, after some research, I have got some quick solutions that fixed my problem. 

So let’s jump towards this solution. 

Netflix keeps kicking me out | How To Fix 

Netflix account limit exceededLog out of Netflix from all devices
App crashing or firmware glitchesPower reset your TV
Internet connection issuesTroubleshoot and restart the router
Outdated Netflix appUpdate the Netflix app
Outdated TV firmwareUpdate the TV firmware
Netflix server issuesWait for Netflix servers to be back online
App cache causing issuesReinstall the Netflix app
VPN interferenceTurn off the VPN
Streaming device issuesFactory reset the streaming device
Unidentified issueContact Netflix customer support for assistance

#1 Check Netflix Account Limit

This is the most probable problem that can keep Netflix kicking you out. Have you ever thought about it?

Netflix subscription allows you to sign in Netflix Account on a specific number of devices, and when you exceed the limits, it won’t let you sign in to any other devices. 

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Follow these steps to log out of Netflix from all other devices. 

sign out netflix from all devices
  • Open your laptop and go to Netflix.com. 
  • Put your account credentials to log in.
  • Now from the top right corner, click on your profile image. 
  • Choose Account > Settings. 
  • Under the Settings option, click on “Sign Out of All Devices.” 
  • Congratulations! Now you have been signing out of all devices.

Now again, log in to your Netflix account, and hopefully, this time, Netflix won’t kick you out. 

#2 Power Reset Or Soft Reset Your Device 

power reset tv

Most of us use Netflix on smart TV, and due to cache build-up, the apps automatically crash on smart TVs. Or you might be kicked out of Netflix due to firmware glitches.

To handle such a problem, you need to power reset your TV. 

In most cases, the power reset removes temporary glitches in firmware and removes cache build-up, which helps to improve TV performance. 

Here are steps to power reset your TV. 

  • Unplug the TV for 1 minute. 
  • After one minute, press and hold the power button of the TV for 30 seconds. 
  • Now plug back the TV, and you’re good to go.

This small process will refresh the TV’s memory and makes its processing faster. And if this solution doesn’t work for you, try the next one. 

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#3 Troubleshooting Internet Connection 

reset the router

Instead of getting fretful and asking why Netflix keeps kicking me out, first, you should check the internet connection and speed.

The Netflix app requires a stable and fast internet connection. Otherwise, you won’t be able to sign in to your Netflix account.

So how can you know that there is a network connectivity issue on your TV?

First, check the internet speed on devices like mobile phones or laptops. You can use speedtest.net to learn about your internet speed. If you encounter any issues, try to restart your router. 

Below are the steps to restart the router

  • Simply unplug the router for one minute. 
  • Now plug it back and wait for a few seconds to reboot. 
  • Again connect your smart tv to the same network and see if Netflix is working fine.

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#4 Update The Netflix Update 

If the issue persists, there is something wrong with the Netflix app. 

In most cases, the outdated Netflix app keeps kicking you out; that’s why you make sure that you’re using an updated version of Netflix. 

Similarly, the outdated version of the Netflix app can also conflict with the firmware, and the firmware doesn’t support it. That’s why the Netflix app gets crash. 

It’s mandatory to keep Netflix up to date. To check for updates, go to the App Store of your TV and search Netflix. If you see the update button, then it means there is a new update available; tap on it to install.

#5 Update The Firmware 

Just like the outdated Netflix app, the outdated firmware of your TV can also conflict with the new version of the app. 

So if you’re constantly getting kicked out of Netflix, don’t forget to check for new firmware updates. 

Smart TV and streaming devices frequently launch new updates to prevent bugs and glitches. That’s why updating the firmware regularly is necessary to prevent such issues. 

#6 Check Netflix Server 

Check Netflix Server 

Sometimes Netflix servers crash due to high traffic volumes or backend faults. This situation can also kick you out of your Netflix account.

In this case, you can’t access Netflix on any device. So what is the solution? You need to only wait until the Netflix server goes live again.

To encounter Netflix server problems, you can downdetector.com. This website will inform you about your region’s current status of Netflix servers. 

#7 Reinstall The Netflix App 

The cache of the Netflix app may be the issue that kicks you out of your Netflix account.

You should delete and install the Netflix app again on your streaming device. Reinstalling the Netflix app will clear all the cache and temporary data. This process solves problems like freezing or crashing the Netflix app. 

Once you have reinstalled the Netflix app, it will ask you to re-enter the password. Enter the account credentials to successfully log in again.

#8 Turn Off the VPN

The VPNs can alter your current IP address and slow your internet. That’s why if you have enabled VPN on your streaming device, Netflix can keep kicking you out. 

Similarly, Netflix officially doesn’t recommend using any kind of VPN. If you’re accessing the Netflix app through VPN, it will kick you out. 

That’s before streaming content on Netflix; turn off the VPN to prevent issues. 

#9 Factory Reset Your Streaming Device 

If you have tried all the above mention methods and Netflix keeps kicking you out. Then you should reset the streaming device to its default factory settings. 

There might be something wrong with the streaming device that is constantly kicking you out of Netflix and preventing Netflix from seamlessly working on it.

The factory reset is the last solution that will surely resolve the issue. But it will wipe out all the data from your streaming devices, so you must compromise.

#10 Contact Netflix Customer Support 

The last hope is Netflix customer support. If the problem is with your Netflix account and you are unable to figure it out, contact Netflix customer support. 

There might be a problem with your Netflix account from the backend, so their support team will reset your settings. 

Netflix keeps kicking me out: Summary. 

Nothing is more frustrating than a Netflix account that keeps kicking you out. This conundrum could be due to a fault in the streaming device or an issue with the Netflix account. 

I have listed different solutions that can solve the problem. So, don’t fret; try these solutions to eliminate the problem and stream your favorite TV shows back on Netflix.