Why Does Netflix Keep Crashing On My Roku Tv?

Imagine watching one of your favorite TV shows or movie on Netflix, and suddenly Netflix crashes on Roku TV. I know it’s very frustrating when such situation interrupts your suspense.

If Netflix on Roku TV keeps crashing, there are several reasons behind this. In this article, we will share some of the quick fixes that help you deal with this problem. 

Netflix Keep Crashing On My Roku Tv: Reasons!

The Netflix keep crashing on Roku TV due to these reasons;

  • Internet Connection
  • The Netflix app is out of date
  • Firmware issues
  • Caching might slow down the Netflix
  • Your Roku TV is overheated

1- Check Internet Connection

Netflix app keeps crashing on Roku TV

Streaming on Netflix requires a stable internet connection, especially watching 4K content. The unstable and slow internet connection is the primary cause of Netflix crashing on Roku TV. 

So if Netflix crashes on Roku TV, the first thing you have to do is to check the internet speed on your smartphone. You can use any speed test website to check the connection. 

If the internet connection is slow, you need to reboot your router. But if the Wi-Fi speed is like a thunder jet, you should move toward the next fix. 

Sometimes the router runs out of memory and provides a very poor internet connection; in this scenario, you must reboot the router. 

Here is how to reboot the Wi-Fi router; 

  • Unplug the router. 
  • Remove the Ethernet cable and wait for 2 minutes
  • Now again, plug in the router and Ethernet cable, and wait for the green light. 
  • Reconnect Roku TV to the same internet.

Hopefully, this will solve your internet connection; again, open the Netflix app on Roku TV and continue streaming your favorite TV show.

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2- Netflix App Is Out Of Date

Fixing Netflix crashes on Roku tv

The outdated Netflix app can also crash because Netflix constantly releases new updates to remove bugs and improve user experience. And if you don’t update the Netflix app, you might face many issues. 

Here is how you can update Netflix on Roku TV

  • Press the Home button on Roku TV remote
  • Choose the Netflix app
  • Now press the “Star” button on the remote control
  • Choose “Check For Updates” and press ok to update Netflix app.

3- Firmware issues

Troubleshooting Netflix crashes on Roku TV

Like an outdated app, the old version of Firmware can also cause Netflix to crash on Roku TV. So you have to make sure that your Firmware is up to date. 

By default Automatic updates feature is turned-on on Roku TV, but if this is not, you can manually update the Firmware from the settings. 

Here is how to update Firmware on Roku TV

  • Press the Home button on remote
  • Go to Settings
  • System
  • System Updates
  • Check Now

Once the update is installed, the Roku TV automatically restarts. Now again, open Netflix and check whether it’s working fine to not; in case of an issue, follow the next method. 

4- Clean The Cache On Roku TV

Streaming Netflix increases the cache in storage and causes Netflix to crash. Cleaning up the cache can help you to solve this problem. 

Most Roku TVs have limited memory, and streaming software like Netflix creates lot of cache on memory. That’s why if you have installed many apps on your Roku TV, it might crash Netflix while streaming. 

So all you have to do is to clean the cache; here are the steps to clear the cache on Roku TV. 

  • Press the Home button five times
  • Press the up button (^) only once
  • Press the left rewind button twice
  • And press the right rewind button twice
  • Now wait a few seconds, and the Roku TV will automatically restart.

5- Your Roku TV is Overheated

Roku TV: Netflix app crashes during playback

Streaming 4K content on Netflix continuously will overheat the Roku TV. Overheating causes lagging and crashing of apps. 

While streaming, if Netflix on Roku TV crashes, then you should check the back side of Roku TV. If it’s too hot, immediately power off the TV for some time. 

Especially happens in summer. Ensure to provide proper ventilation to deal with Roku TV overheating, and turn on the air conditioner on summer days. 

Also, check the vents of the TV because sometimes dust accumulates in the vents and traps heat inside the Roku TV.

Don’t ever expose Roku TV to sunlight, as it will cause immediate overheating and reduce the lifespan of the TV.

Contact Roku Customer Support  

If you still have trouble with the Netflix app and it crashes constantly, you should immediately connect with Roku TV customer support. 

Tell them your problem, and they will guide you in a better way. Maybe an internal hardware or software issue in Roku TV keeps crashing the Netflix app. 

You should also check the other streaming app like Amazon Prime and Hulu. If other apps are also crashing, there might be an internal issue. And only the Hulu support team can fix it. 

Warping Up

Netflix crashing on Roku TV is a very usual experience. But in most cases, you can solve this problem by following the above-mentioned methods. 

You don’t need to be afraid of this problem; just take immediate action to prevent big damage. 


Why does Netflix keep closing on Roku TV?

There are several reasons behind the malfunctioning of Netflix on Roku TV. It might be because of a poor internet connection, so first check your Wi-Fi connection. Try to update the Netflix app and the Firmware to solve this issue.  

How to reset Netflix on Roku TV?

First, unplug the Roku TV for 2 – 3 minutes. Now press the power button once again and wait for a few seconds. Now plug in the power button again. Open the Netflix app and continue watching your favorite movies. 

Why is Netflix so slow on Roku TV?

If Netflix on Roku TV is slow or lagging, it might be because of a slow internet connection or a lot of caching. So try to clean the cache and reboot your Wi-Fi router to ensure the proper working of Netflix.