LG TV Not Working with Alexa [6 Quick Fixes]

Controlling LG TV with Alexa is a fun way, and it saves a lot of time. But sometimes, Alexa malfunctions and doesn’t work with the LG TV. It doesn’t mean that your Alexa gets damaged or there is a big issue; many LG TV owners are also struggling with this problem. 

There are many reasons why LG TVs are not work with Alexa. In today’s guide, we shared some best methods to solve this problem. 

Why doesn’t LG TV work with Alexa?

Several reasons stop Alexa from working with LG TVs. First, your Alexa assistant and LG TV are not on the same Wi-Fi network, or your LG TV model doesn’t support Alexa. There might be a connectivity issue between Alexa and LG TV that can be fixed. 

Secondly, Alexa is only available in a few countries, and you can’t download the Alexa app if your region is out of Alexa support. 

We have shortlisted some problems and quick solutions to fix LG TVs not working with Alexa. 

  • Re-add Alexa 
  • Make sure your LG TV supports Alexa
  • Reset Alexa
  • Forgot Alexa From LG TV Settings
  • Reboot LG TV
  • Reset LG TV

Method 1: Remove And Re-Add the TV

LG TV Alexa integration not working
LG TV not syncing with Alexa

If your LG smart TV is not working with Alexa, the first thing you should do is remove the TV from the Alexa app and then re-add it. 

In most cases, this process solves the problem.  

Here are steps to remove LG TV from the Alexa app

  • Open the Alexa app on mobile phone and put in your account credentials to log in. 
  • Now from the menu, select “Smart Home”> “Devices.”
  • Here you will find two smart TVs, one representing your LG TV model and one named “LG TV.”
  • Tap “LG TV” and select Trash to disconnect it from Alexa.

Upon removing the LG TV, you now have to reconnect it. But before reconnecting, turn off the TV and Alexa app for 30 seconds. 

Now again, open the Alexa app, and first, you have to enable the Skill before connecting your LG TV with Alexa. 

  • Open Amazon Alexa app
  • Go to “Skill”
  • Search for LG ThinQ app and enable it
  • The LG ThinQ will ask you to sign in, so put the same LG account credentials that you’re using on your LG smart TV.

Once the Skill is added, open the Amazon Alexa app > Basic > Add Devices, and Alexa will automatically discover your LG TV. Now tap on it to connect, and you can gain control of the LG TV with your voice. 

Method 2: Make Sure your LG TV supports Alexa

Not every model of LG smart TV is compatible with Alexa, so you must first ensure that your LG TV supports Alexa. 

The rule of thumb is your LG TV must have webOS 4.0 and a higher operating system; otherwise, you can’t control it with Alexa. 

You can check the WebOS version of your LG TV from the settings. Here are the step to check the WebOS version of LG smart TV. 

  • Go to Settings
  • General
  • About this TV
  • WebOS TV version

Here you can check the current version of your LG smart TV; if it’s lower than 4.0, you can’t connect Alexa to your TV. 

Method 3: Reset Alexa

LG TV Alexa skill not functioning

Resetting the Alexa device may solve a lot of connectivity issues. If your Alexa is unresponsive or slow, resetting it’s also recommended. Resetting Alexa is also beneficial if your LG TV doesn’t work with it. 

Here are the quick steps to reset Alexa. 

  • Press and hold the Action button for 20 seconds. 
  • After 20 seconds, the light ring automatically turns off and on. 
  • Now Alexa will show orange light, which is a welcome option. Now Alexa is ready to connect with the Wi-Fi network and LG TV.

Method 4: Restart The LG Smart TV

If your LG TV is not working with Alexa, you can try to restart the LG TV. This will clear up memory and remove unexpected errors. Restarting also gives lag-free experience. 

Here are steps to restart LG smart TV with the remote; 

  • From your remote, Press the Home button. 
  • Go to Settings
  • General
  • Reset
  • Choose “Confirm”
  • Enter the password and select restart.

Method 5: Update Software/Firmware

Alexa cannot control LG TV

LG launches regular updates to provide bugs free and smooth experience to their users. If your LG TV is running on old firmware, there is a probability of bugs and malware.

A few bugs don’t allow LG TV to work with third-party apps and devices like Alexa. That’s why keeping the Firmware of LG TVs up to date is recommended. 

By default, Auto Updates are enabled on LG smart TVs. But if this option is turned off, you can manually install updates on LG smart TV. 

Here are the steps to update the firmware of your LG smart TV.

  • Settings
  • General
  • About This TV
  • Under “About This TV,” tap on “Check For Updates.”
  • Now the LG TV look for new updates; in case of update availability, follow the on-screen instruction to install it.

The LG TV will automatically install once the update is completed. Now again, try to connect Alexa with LG TV, and this time, it will work the TV. 

Method 6: Reset LG TV To Factory Settings

LG TV not compatible with Alexa

If you have tried all of the options mentioned above and still LG TV is not working with Alexa, you should reset LG TV to its factory settings. 

Factory reset will delete all the settings and dates from the TV. So in case you have made any changes in the past that caused LG TV to don’t work with Alexa will also redo it. 

Here are the steps to reset your LG TV. 

  • Settings
  • General
  • Scroll down and find “Reset To Initial Settings.”
  • Select OK
  • The TV will automatically turn off after pressing the “OK” button.

Now you have to do some initial settings on the LG TV. Once initial settings are done, reconnect the Alexa with your TV. We hope this time, and your LG TV will work with Alexa without any issues. 

Final Words:

Most people like to control their LG TV with Alexa. But sometimes, LG TV doesn’t work with Alexa. We have mentioned all the possible ways that will surely help to solve this problem. 

But one thing that you must make sure of is that your LG TV and Alexa are both connected to the same Wi-Fi network. And secondly, your LG TV model must support Alexa.