LG TV Keeps Restarting! How To Fix?

LG TVs are completely freaking nuts in the smart TVs industry. Undoubtedly their TVs last longer as compared to other brands. 

But every electronic device is prone to damage; likewise, sometimes, LG TV keeps restarting and annoys you. There are several reasons why this happens. 

This article will discuss why your LG TV behaves strangely and keeps restarting and how you can fix it. 

LG TV Keeps Restarting! What To Do?

First, don’t fret because this issue is temporary, and you can easily fix it by power resetting your TV. 

Unplug the TV from an outlet for 60 seconds, then press and hold the power button on it for 30 seconds, and then plug it back. This simple trick will resolve your problem. 

But if still, your LG TV keeps restarting, then we have some quick solutions that will surely solve the issue. 

  • Check The Power Cable
  • Turn Off The Sleep Timer
  • Disconnect All External Devices 
  • The Software Updates 
  • Avoid Overheating
  • Factory Reset
  • Remove The Batteries From the LG Remote Control
  • Issue With Power Board 
  • Contact LG Customer Support

Method 1: Check The Power Cable

LG TV keeps restarting itself

The first thing that you should look for is the power cable. Because when there is a fault in the power cable, it won’t supply consistent power to the TV.

Also, ensure the power cable is plugged perfectly into the power outlet. The loose power cable is also a red flag for your LG TV and may force the TV to keep restarting.

Check for faults in the power cable. If it’s leaking, use any tap to block leakage.

Similarly, the faulty power cord sometimes hinders the flow of electric current, which keeps LG TV from restarting. So, ensure that the power cord is also working fine.

Try changing the power outlet and see if it makes a difference. You can also use a surge protector to check the difference.

Method 2: Turn Off The Sleep Timer

sleep timer on lg tv

If you have set the sleep timer on LG smart TV, it will automatically turn off after a specific time. 

You might think, what is the purpose of this feature? Well, a sleep timer is helpful for those who fall asleep while watching TV. With this feature, the TV automatically turns off to save energy. 

But most of the time, sleep timer features cause interruptions because no one likes their TV to be turned off while streaming their favorite TV shows.

So need to turn off the sleep timer on LG smart Tv; here are the steps to do that;

  • Open Quick Settings
  • Scroll down to General
  • Hover over to the Sleep timer
  • Turn it off

Method 3: Disconnect All External Devices 

LG TV won't stop restarting

External devices sometimes update their firmware automatically and force LG TV to restart. 

Like a few FireSticks force smart TV to restart after completing their updating process. 

Similarly, external devices can also cause conflicts with the LG TV setting and make it restart continuously. 

So disconnect all the external devices from your LG smart TV, and check whether it causes the issues again or not. 

Method 4: The Software Updates 

Constant rebooting issue with LG TV

You know that after downloading any update on the TV, it automatically restarts to install that update. The same is the case with LG smart tv.

By default, the auto-update option is turned on, so when any update comes, the LG TV downloads it automatically over Wifi once the downloading process completes the TV restarts itself.

You must turn off your LG TV’s auto updates to avoid this situation. 

Follow these steps to turn off auto updates; 

  • All Settings
  • General
  • About This TV
  • Toggle off “Allow Automatic Updates.”

Note: Once you have turned off the automatic updates, make sure to check for new updates after every month. The new updates fix bugs and bring new features to LG TV. 

Note: Once you have turned off the automatic updates, make sure to check for new updates after every month. The new updates fix bugs and bring new features to LG TV. 

Method 5: Avoid Overheating

LG TV keeps turning off and on repeatedly

The overheating of the LG TV automatically shut it down to prevent severe damage. 

Overheating might occur due to poor ventilation or dust particles accumulating in the air vents of LG TVs. Similarly, the TV will overheat if you put it into a closed cabinet. 

Make sure the place the TV in a well-ventilated area to avoid overheating. 

Method 6: Remove The Batteries From the LG Remote Control

How to fix LG TV that keeps restarting

A faulty power key in the remote also forces LG TV to restart. Or maybe some dust and debris particles accumulate in the remote, causing malfunctioning. 

Also, if the batteries in the remote control have lower power, they send invalid signals to the TV and shut it down.

So first remove the batteries from the LG TV remote to make it non-functional, and check if your LG TV restarts automatically. 

If you don’t encounter any issues again, put the new batteries into the remote control. 

Method 7: Factory Reset 

factory resetting lg tv

The last solution is to rest your LG tv to its default factory settings. This will surely solve all the glitches and software-related issues. 

If the LG tv keeps restarting due to software glitches, then a Factory reset is a perfect solution.

But keep in mind that all the data from the tv will be wiped out by doing a factory reset. So always try the method if none of the above methods works for you. 

Here are the steps to factory reset your LG TV; 

  • Open All Settings
  • Open General
  • Tap on “Reset To Initial Settings”
  • A dialogue box will appear; tap on Ok for confirmation.

After doing factory reset, you will see brand new LG TV software. And this will solve all the problems. 

Method 8: Issue With Power Board 

The power board is an essential component in any smart TV, and it controls the power supply and serves as a connection between the power cord and the TV. 

Is there any issue with the power board letting LG TV restarts automatically? There are a couple of reasons why the power board gets damaged, but inconsistent electric current and overheating are two main possibilities. 

If you’re a DIY person, open the back side of the LG TV and check if the power board smells out. Or discolored outlet wall plates is also a sign of a damaged power board. 

In this case, you only need to bring your LG TV to a nearby repair shop and replace the power board. 

Method 9: Contact LG Customer Support

Your last hope is LG customer support. Contact LG support and ask them if your TV keeps restarting. They will surely find a way to get rid of this situation. 

Similarly, if your LG TV is under warranty, they will replace it and provide a new model. So never forget to contact LG Support. 

Wrap Up

I know how frustrating it’s when LG smart TV keeps restarting itself. But instead of getting worried, you must encounter and solve the problem. 

Automatic restarting of LG TV is a normal issue, and you can easily fix it by doing a soft reset or power reset. If a power reset doesn’t work for you, follow the above mentioned solutions to fix LG TV restarting issue.