LG TV Brightness Keeps Changing: 5 Reasons!

Being an LG TV user, you might have noticed unexpected changes in brightness when you’re streaming movies or playing games. This is one of the common issues with LG TVs, especially if you have an OLED one. 

There are several reasons behind due to why LG TV brightness keeps changing. This thing doesn’t cause any potential damage to the TV, but it’s very annoying. 

In today’s guide, we will talk about some of the reasons that change the brightness of LG TVs automatically and some solutions to eliminate this problem. 

Why does LG TV Brightness Keep Changing? 

LG tv screen brightness fluctuates

If you own an LG TV with an OLED screen, you might have seen the automatic dimming of the screen. Especially when there are more black colors in the picture, the brightness dims immediately.

Here are some of the common reasons; 

  • You have turned on the Energy saving mode
  • The outdated firmware
  • AI picture settings might cause the issue
  • Your room’s lighting conditions
  • Faulty HDMI cables and ports

Before moving forward, try power reset. Unplug the LG TV from the source, wait for 60 seconds, then press and hold the power button for 30 seconds; now plug back the TV.

In most cases, a power reset solves the automatic screen dimming of an LG TV. 

If this doesn’t work, move on to the methods mentioned below. 

Method 1: Turn Off Energy Saving Mode

Inconsistent brightness on LG TV

The energy-saving mode on LG TV is responsible for preserving power consumption. The feature adjusts the peak screen brightness automatically when needed. 

Energy saving mode works on ambient sensors, so they automatically dim the LG screen brightness when they detect low lighting conditions. 

If the Energy saving mode on LG TV is turned on, it might cause the brightness to keep changing. 

Here is how to turn off Energy saving option on LG smart TV

  • Go to the “Settings”
  • Scroll down to “All Settings”
  • Go to Support > OLED Care
  • Tap on “Device Self Care”
  • Go to “Energy Saving”> “Energy Saving Step.”
  • Now choose the “Off” option.

Once you have turned off the Energy saving mode, restart the LG TV to save the changes. Now stream any movie to check if the issue is over or not. 

If the problem still exists, follow the next method to eliminate it. 

Method 2: Update The Firmware

Unstable brightness levels on LG tv

The outdated software in LG TV cause several bugs, so it’s good practice to keep updating the software over time. 

Automatic dimming of screen brightness can be related to software, so by updating the LG TV software, you can get rid of these problems. 

The latest firmware update not only solves the bugs but also brings some new features. By default, LG TV automatically installs the updates if connected to the internet. 

But if you have disabled the automatic updates, you can manually update the firmware from Settings. 

Before updating the firmware, ensure the LG TV is connected to the internet. Here are the steps to update the firmware on LG smart TV. (Add pictures)

  • Go to TV Settings
  • Tap on “General”
  • Scroll down to “About This TV”
  • Now tap on the “Download and Install” button. 
  • You will see the progress bar indicating the update progress. 
  • Once the progress is completed, the TV will automatically restart.

Note: Turn on the Automatic updates, so they will automatically install on your TV whenever new updates come.

Method 3: Turn Off The AI Picture Settings

Turn Off The AI Picture Settings

The latest LG TVs are equipped with AI technology to enhance the picture quality and resolution. But sometimes, the contrary happens, and the AI services keep changing the brightness of LG TVs. 

AI services on LG smart TV also have an AI brightness control that recognizes the colors of images and processes them for optimal screen brightness. Although it seems cool, it automatically dims the screen when you’re watching HDR content. 

You should turn off the AI Brightness settings on your LG smart TV. Here are the steps to do that. 

  • Open “All Settings”
  • Go to “General”
  • Tap on “AI Service”
  • Now turn off the “Ai Brightness Control.”

Note: Don’t turn off the “Ai Picture Pro”; this feature enhances the texture and sharpness of the image and gives you more refine video quality.

Method 4: Don’t Disturb Your Room’s Lightning Conditions

While watching the TV, most of us don’t pay attention to room lighting conditions. But do you know that the room’s lightning conditions also automatically dim the LG TV brightness? 

LG TV comes with an ambient light sensor; they detect the surrounding light and adjust the screen brightness accordingly. 

If you’re using smart LD light that changes the color or brightness, the ambient light sensor in LG TV detects that change and adjusts the brightness according to them. 

Secondly, when someone walks in front of the TV or you have placed an Xbox, fire stick, or any obstacle, the TV will detect light changes and dim the screen brightness.

So remove the obstacles, and stabilize your room’s lighting to prevent LG TV brightness from changing.  

Method 5: Check The Faulty HDMI Cables And Ports

Check The Faulty HDMI Cables And Ports

Check the faulty HDMI cable and ports. The fault in HDMI cables causes the LG TV screen to flicker and dimes the brightness. 

Also, switch the ports and check if it solves your problem. Sometimes the dust accumulates in the port and causes poor signals. 

Method 6: Factory Reset The TV

Factory Reset 

If none of the above methods work, try factory resetting your LG TV. By doing a factory reset, all the settings and data will be wiped out. 

You might think, what will be the advantage of a factory reset?

LG TV comes with lot of picture modes and brightness settings, so in the past, if you have done wrong picture settings, it would cause the TV brightness to keep changing. To revert all the settings, you must factory reset the TV. 

Here is how to factory reset the LG TV; 

  • Open “All Settings”
  • General 
  • Reset to initial Settings and tap on Ok

Factory reset will invert all the changes you have made in the past, which will solve the auto-dimming of LG tv brightness.  

Final Words

If your LG TV dim automatically, it means there is something wrong with the settings.

Some folks think there is a backlight issue, but the backlight will never keep changing the brightness. We have mentioned a few simple steps that you can follow to get rid of this problem. 

If your problem wasn’t solved, you must contact LG support and ask them to troubleshoot it. If the TV is under warranty, they will replace the unit.