How To Install App On Hisense TV?

Hisense smart TV is a great source of entertainment, and you will get dozens of preinstalled entertainment apps. 

Apart from that, you can also install your desired apps on Hisense smart TV. The latest models of Hisense TV have 8 GB internal memory, and you can take advantage of that. 

There are several ways to install the app on Hisense TV. In today’s guide, we will discuss all possible ways to get your desired app on your Hisense screen. 

How To Install App On Hisense TV?

Method 1: For Android Users

How to get apps on a Hisense Smart TV

The prior method that everyone loves is to use Google Play Store to install apps on Hisense TV. 

The latest models of Hisense smart TV come with a built-in Google Play Store, which is the host of apps. Here you can find a lot of entertainment apps, games, news apps, technical apps, and more. 

Here are steps to install apps on Hisense TV using Play Store. 

Step 1: Turn on the TV, and go to “Apps” from Home Screen. 

install apps on hisense tv

Step 2: You will see a button “Get more apps”; tap on it. This will open a Google Play Store. 

Step 3: Google Play Store will ask you for a Google account, so if you have one, put it in to log in; otherwise, you have to create a new one. 

Step 4: Now, on the Play Store, you will see different app categories and apps, and you can choose anyone to download. You can also search app from the top right corner. 

how to install apps on hisense smart tv

Step 5: Type the app name that you want to install; you can also perform a voice search. The available apps will be shown on the screen; tap on it, and then tap on install. 

Now app is installed on your Hisense TV, and you can easily access it from your Home Screen.

Note: You can only use Play Store on your Hisense TV if it’s Android supported. Otherwise, you have to go for another option to install the apps.

Method 2: For VIDAA OS Hisense TV

Installing applications on a Hisense tv

VIDAA is one of the leading OS in smart TVs, and recently Hisense has also adopted it in its latest TV models. This VIDAA OS has its App Store, so you can download apps from there. 

Here are the steps to download the app from VIDAA App Store. 

  • Turn on your Hisense TV and go you the Home Screen. 
  • Locate “My Apps” and tap on it. You can also search for it from the top left corner. 
  • Open the App Store, and ensure you’re logged in. If you don’t have a first, create a new account to access apps on VIDAA App Store. 
  • On the VIDAA app, you will find hundreds of entertainment, music, news, lifestyle, and other apps. You can easily scroll through categories to find your favorite app. Apart from that, you can also search for the app from the top right corner. Tap on the app you want on your Hisense TV and “Install.”

The app will be installed on your Hisense TV after downloading. And now, you can find the app on your Home Screen, and it’s ready to use. 

Method 3: Install Apps Using VEWD App Store

Few of the Hisense TVs have a VEWD App Store. The App Store has over 1500+ apps, and you can easily install your desired app from the store. 

Here are steps to download the app from the VEWD store; 

  • Find the VEWD App Store from the hope screen and press ok. 
  • Like the other App Stores, VEWD App Store shows the app in different categories. You can scroll through categories to find the best apps.
  • Search for the app you want to install. And tap on the install button to install that app on your Hisense TV.

Method 4: On Hisense Roku TV

Installing apps on Hisense Roku TV is quite different from the other methods. Roku is used for entertainment, so you will get bundles of streaming, sports, and news apps. 

Here are steps to install apps on Hisense Roku TV;

Step 1: Grab your remote and press the home button. 

Step 2: Tap on Home, scroll down to “Add Channels,” and tap on it. 

App setup on a Hisense tv

Step 3: Here, you will find all the apps. On the left side, you can navigate menus to find your favorite app. 

Step 4: You can also search channels on the Roku App Store. Once you have your desired app, tap on it, and tap on Add channel. 

Adding apps to a Hisense Smart TV

Step 5: Once the app is installed on the Hisense Roku TV, you will get a notification “The app has been added to the end of the Home.” 

Downloading and installing apps on a Hisense

Apps Are Not Working On Hisense TV

Sometimes, certain apps don’t install on Hisense TV. This might be because of a few reasons. 

  • Your Hisense TV is not compatible with the app. 
  • The app is not supported in your region. 
  • You have enabled the VPN on your Hisense smart TV. 
  • The firmware of your Hisense smart TV is not updated. 
  • The Hisense TV is running out of storage. 

Final Words: 

Apps are the primary element of entertainment and fun on any smart TV. Hisense TVs also offers hundreds of apps that you can install.

You can also install an app on Hisense TV using third-party sources like USB. But it’s not recommended because of malware injection. You will get all the official and secure apps on Hisense TV App Store. 

If you are unable to get your desired apps, you can use the Chromecast feature to get apps on your Hisense TV. Or you can use the FireStick or gaming consoles to access apps.

In the article, we have mentioned several methods to install the app on Hisense TV. So based on your Hisense TV model, you can choose the preferred one.