How To Reset Hisense TV: [With and Without Remote]

Hisense TV users face some common firmware issues, and the ultimate solution for these problems is to reset the Hisense TV. 

Last week my Hisense U7H smart TV kept restarting automatically. After a lot of research and implementation, I finally got the permanent solution which is a factory reset. 

Luckily, resetting Hisense TV is one of the easier ways that takes nearly 1 or 2 minutes. You can reset Hisense TV in different ways; whether you have a remote or not, you can do this in a few moments. 

Quick Overview:
To reset the Hisense TV, go to Settings > Device Preferences, and here tap on the Reset button and then tap “Erase everything.” Now the Hisense TV will restart automatically, and all the data will be wiped out.

How To Reset Hisense TV In A Minute (With Remote)

You’re lucky to have a Hisense TV remote because, with a remote, you can easily reset the TV in a few seconds. 

But remember that Hisense TV comes in different OS, and the resetting process will differ for each one.

For your ease, we have divided this section into three parts. I will share the reset process for Android TV, VIDAA, and Roku TV. So keep on reading. 

#1 Reset Hisense Android TV

Most individuals opt for Hisense Android TV as it’s easy to navigate and operate. The resetting process for Android TV is also very easy. 

Below are the steps to reset Hisense Android TV with a remote. 

  • First, turn on the TV and open the home screen. 
open the settings on Hisense TV
  • Tap the gear icon from the top right corner to enter the Settings menu. 
  • Scroll down to “Device Preferences” and tap on it.
scroll down to device preferences
  • Again scroll down to the very bottom and tap on “Reset.” 
scroll down to reset
  • Now the Reset screen will pop up again; choose the reset option. 
reset hisense tv
  • Tap on “Erase Everything.”

Once you have done the Hisense TV will automatically restart and take some time to show the initial setting page. 

Note: Once the factory reset is done, all the data will be wiped out from your Hisense Android TV. 

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#2 Reset Hisense Vidaa TV

hisense vidaa tv

The Hisense Vidaa TVs offer a user-friendly interface. But unluckily, this OS is more prone to bugs and software issues. That’s why you may need to reset the TV to fix all these bugs. 

Here are the steps to reset Hisense Vidaa TV. 

  • Turn on the TV, and press the Settings button from the TV remote. Or on some remote, there is a “menu” button, so press it. 
  • A Settings menu will appear on the screen. 
  • Choose the “All Option.”
  • Scroll down to “About.” 
  • Tap on “Restore to Factory Settings”
  • A confirmation box will pop up; select the okay option. 
  • If it asks you for a PIN code, put 0000 as a default PIN code and press okay.

#3 Reset Hisense Roku TV

The Hisense Roku TV has a completely different interface, and it’s pretty much different to navigate. Compared to Vidaa and Android Hisense TV, resetting the Roku Hisense TV is pretty much different. 

  • Grab the Roku remote and press the Home button. 
open the home of roku tv
  • Scroll down to “Settings. 
tap on settings
  • Press the right arrow button from the remote to switch to the next menu. 
  • Scroll down, locate “System,” and press the right arrow button. 
go to system
  • Again scroll down to the “Advance System Settings” and press the right arrow button. 
advance system settings
  • Now you will see the “Factory Reset” option; press the right arrow. 
factory reset
  • Choose the “Factory Reset Everything.” 
  • Your TV will show you the 4 digits PIN code; put that code to reset the Hisense TV to its default settings. 

Once the TV is reset, all the settings and data will be wiped out. And if you’re facing any software-related glitches, they will disappear. 

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3 Ways To Reset Hisense TV Without Remote

  • Reset Hisense TV With a Physical Button
  • Use Volume Buttons 
  • Reset Your Hisense TV With Your SmartPhone

Method 1: Reset Hisense TV With a Physical Button

factory reset hisense tv

The first way to rest Hisense TV is straightforward; you don’t need a remote. 

Remember that this is a factory reset; once you have done this, all of the data will be deleted from the TV.

Here are the step to follow; 

  • First, find a rest button behind your Hisense TV. On a few models, it might be located beneath. 
  • Once you have located the reset button, press and hold it with a pin or tooth stick. 
  • Press the reset button until the tv screen goes off, and turn it on back. 
  • Now you can release the button. 
  • Wait for a few minutes; here, Hisense TV will take time to wipe out all the data and bring factory settings. 
  • And yeah! The reset process is done. Now the initial setup screen will pop up, and you must put all the information to continue streaming on Hisense TV.

In case there is no physical button on your Hisense TV, you can try our next methods to rest the Hisense TV. 

Method 2: Use Volume Buttons 

Use Volume Buttons 

Hisense TV has a dedicated physical button, so you can use them when the TV remote leaves you. 

The location of this physical button may vary from model to model, but most of the time, you will find them below the Hisense TV. 

Here are the step to rest the Hisense TV using those physical buttons. 

  • Use the volume button on Hisense TV to navigate through Settings
  • From Settings, go down to Device Preferences
  • Scroll down, and tap on Rest
  • Tap on “Erase Everything”

And that’s it, and now the Hisense TV restarts automatically. 

Method 3: Reset Your Hisense TV With Your SmartPhone

ways to reset hisense tv

Imagine controlling your Hisense TV with a smartphone, and it’s incredible. While having a phone, you don’t need to invest in a new TV remote. 

A bundle of remote control apps is available for Hisense TV on Android and iOS devices. But we still recommend downloading “TV Remote – Universal Control.” This app immediately connects with the Hisense TV.

Open the app, and it will automatically search for the Hisense TV model. Make sure that the smart TV is turned on. Also, turn on the BlueTooth on your phone. 

Once the phone is connected to the Hisense TV, you can control it easily. 

Again, go to Settings > Device Preferences and rest the Hisense TV from there.

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How To Soft Reset Hisense TV

how to soft reset hisense tv

Before trying to do a factory reset on Hisense TV, give it a try to soft reset. The soft reset or power reset will clear the cache and power build-up from the TV and solve the picture and software-related issues. 

The good news is power reset won’t delete data from your TV, and it’s a quick process to solve the firmware-related issues. 

Here are the steps to soft reset Hisense TV; 

  • Keep the TV on, then remove the power cord from the switch or outlet. 
  • Now leave it for 1 minute. 
  • After a minute, press and hold the power button of the TV for 30 seconds. 
  • Now plug back the power cord into the switch. 
  • This will probably solve the picture or firmware-related issues. I recommend you try this method 2 – 3 times; if the first attempt fails, the second or third will work.


I hope you have now understood the way to reset Hisense TV. In most cases, the factory reset will resolve the firmware, picture, and sound-related issues. 

Moreover, the factory reset also improves performance and cleans the memory. But the method wipes out all the data from Hisense TV. 

In the above article, I have mentioned two ways to reset Hisense TV; without a remote and with a remote. So if your Hisense TV remote is broken or lost, you can still reset the TV within a few minutes. 


Can I reset Hisense TV without a remote

Yes, you can reset Hisense TV without using a remote. There is a physical reset button behind the TV; press and hold that button for a few seconds until the TV restarts. This will bring factory settings to Hisense TV. Secondly, you can use a virtual remote app on your phone to control and reset your Hisense TV. 

How to restart Hisense TV?

To restart the Hisense TV, press the “gear” button and tap on “Settings” > Device preferences > About > Restart. A confirmation box will appear. Press on okay to restart the Hisense TV.