How Many People Can Watch Crunchyroll at Once? (Limits)

People always want to share their Crunchyroll account with loved ones or family members, but one question stuck in their mind is, “How many people can watch Crunchyroll at once? 

Crunchyroll has account limits. That’s why you can use one account for limited devices. And if the limit exceeds, the Crunchyroll will crash. 

So, in this article, I will share how many people can stream Crunchyroll at once. So let’s get started. 

How Many People Allowed To Watch Crunchyroll At Once?

Luckily, Crunchyroll allows users to share accounts, but it has some restrictions. The number of people who can watch Crunchyroll at once depends on your subscription type. 

So, let’s first discuss the different subscription plans of Crunchyroll. 

1- Free Plan

Freebies are always fun. Crunchyroll also offers a free tier, but it has a lot of ads. With the free Crunchyroll account, you can only stream on one device at a time.  

The free members also receive new content and episodes after a long delay.

Some of the exclusive content is not available for free members. That’s why if you’re a fan of anime and want to access the entire library of Crunchyroll, the free version is not for you. 

2- Fan Plan

The Fan is an add-free plan offering ultimate access to an extensive library of Crunchyroll.

Unluckily, this plan only allows one individual to watch Crunchyroll at once. And if you try to log it on multiple devices, it might start buffering or crash. 

3- Mega Fan

The Mega Fan is a premium plus plan of Crunchyroll. This plan has no ads, allowing users to access all the exclusive content on Crunchyroll. You can also save your favorite anime shows for offline viewing. 

The Mega Fan is the only plan that allows you to watch Crunchyroll on four devices simultaneously. So if you have a Mega Fan plan, you can share account details with family members or friends.  

4- Ultimate Fan

Crunchyroll offers the Ultimate Fan plan in a few regions, which is the most extensive package and best bet for a large family. If you have an Ultimate fan plan, you can watch Crunchyroll on six devices simultaneously. 

This package costs you $14.99/month, but unfortunately, It’s unavailable in most of the countries. The Ultimate fan package also gives convenience at Crunchyroll stores.

Can I Make Multiple Profiles On Crunchyroll?

Most streaming apps, like Netflix, Prime, Hulu, etc., allow users to create multiple profiles. So each user can create a profile subjectively. But does Crunchyroll allow you to create multiple profiles?

Unfortunately, Crunchyroll won’t let users create different profiles on the same account.

But if you have a mega fan plan, you can share an account with up to four people. And all of them will stream the content under one profile name. 

How To Create More Profiles On Crunchyroll?

Users are not allowed to create multiple profiles on Crunchyroll, which means the Crunchyroll will allow only one profile per account. 

So, if you want to subjectively create a dedicated profile with personalized settings, maturity settings, and categories, you must buy another Crunchyroll account. 

If you want to log in to Crunchyroll on your child’s device and create a separate profile showing only family-friendly content, you must purchase another account subscription. For this purpose, you can subscribe to the fan plan, or free is also enough for kids. 

What Will Happen If Multiple Users Watch Crunchyroll At Once?

Crunchyroll has different plans, and users can log in to the same account on multiple devices depending on their current plan. 

But what if you have a free or Fan plan and multiple users watch Crunchyroll at once? In this scenario, Crunchyroll will keep signing you out or keep crashing.  

It means that you can only log in to one device at a time if you have a free or fan plan. If you want to share your Crunchyroll account with multiple users, upgrade it to a mega fan plan, letting you steam on four devices simultaneously.

What Should You Do If Someone Has Logged in Your Crunchyroll Account?

If you have a Crunchyroll fan plan, you can’t share it with other users. What should you do if any of your family members have logged in to your account on their devices?

I know how distressing it is when someone is using your account on their device and you can’t access it yourself. In this case, you can remove unknown devices from Crunchyroll account settings. 

  • Open the Crunchyroll website on your laptop. 
  • Put your account credentials to log in. 
  • Tap on your profile and go to Account Management. 
  • Now here you can remove any unknown devices.

Can two people watch the same Crunchyroll show simultaneously?

Yes, Crunchyroll allows two people to watch the same shows simultaneously on different devices. But for this, you must have a subscription to the mega plan. 

And if you don’t have a mega plan, you can’t share your account with others. 

Can I Share My Crunchyroll Account With a Friend?

Yes, you can share your Crunchyroll account credentials with your friends only if you have a mega fan plan subscription. The mega fan plan allows users to stream up to four devices simultaneously. 

Other plans, like the free and Fan plans, won’t let you share your Crunchyroll account with friends.