Are Hisense TVs Good And Reliable?

There are many smart TV brands available in the market, but when it comes to cost, the Hisense TV become the choice of everyone. The budget-friendly cost is the primary benefit of Hisense TV. 

But is Hisense TV good and reliable? How long does Hisense TV last?

I know you would come across these questions before choosing the Hisense TV. And in this article, I will answer these questions and let you know if you should buy Hisense TV.

Are Hisense TV Good And Reliable?

are hisense tv reliable

Undoubtedly, Hisense TVs are good and the best budget smart TVs. Their picture quality is comparatively better than other expensive brands; they have a nice and clean design, lot of smart features, and a solid build.

At the same time, the Hisense TVs have some drawbacks, like limited app support and sluggish firmware performance, and customer support.

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Why Are Hisense TVs Good?

1- Budget Friendly Price

Budget Friendly Price

The first and foremost thing for us is price; luckily, Hisense TVs have affordable prices compared to other brands. 

If you’re on a budget, the Hisense smart TVs are the best option. Under $500, you can get nice, durable 55″ 4K TVs. Contrary, other brands offer the same TVs in the 700 – 1K price range, which is expensive. 

The price-to-performance ratio of Hisense TV sets them apart from other smart TV brands. But the low price doesn’t mean low quality; they have superior finishing and design, and that’s why they are the best value smart TVs in the market. 

2- High-Resolution Picture

High-Resolution Picture

Picture quality and resolution is the foremost requirement for streamers and entertainment lovers. And luckily, Hisense TVs offer competitive picture quality, higher frame rates, and superior contrast settings.

The high-quality screen resolution of Hisense TV ensures you a better streaming experience than other TV brands. 

I have both Hisense ULED U6 4k and TCL Roku tv, but I found that the picture quality of Hisense is still better than TCL. The vibrant colors and higher frame rate give a cinema experience at home. 

The latest flagship models of Hisense TV also offer HDR, which means you will get a realistic experience and brighter scenes. That’s why you can stream ultra 4k HDR content from Netflix on your Hisense TV without any hurdle. 

Hisense TV also offers sports mode and gaming mode for gamers. By turning on these modes, the TV automatically sets its colors, frame rate, and resolution according to gamers’ requirements.

3- Smart Features 

Hisense offers smart TV with different platforms, including Android, VIDAA, Fire TV, Google TV, and Roku. If you’re an entertainment lover, Roku and Fire TV are the best options. 

Every model comes with the latest smart features that make your life easier. 

Especially the Android Hisense TV gives you a plethora of smart features like; google assistance, higher third-party app compatibility, many customization options, and more. 

Thanks to the voice control feature, which is available in almost all the Hisense smart TVs. Rather than typing on a virtual keyboard, you can search for your favorite TV show or movie with your voice command. 

Unlike the other TV brands, the Hisense VIDAA and Android TV allow you to customize your Home Screen according to user preferences. 

The ambient light sensor is another smart innovation in Hisense TV. This light sensor automatically adjusts screen brightness accordion to your room’s lighting condition. 

To save your electricity bills, Hisense TVs come with power saving option. This option ensures low energy consumption by adjusting a few settings. 

There are also a lot of other advanced features available in Hisense TV, including parental controls, home automation integration, screen mirroring, Airplay, gaming capability, and much more.

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4- Durable And Clean Design 

The durability of smart TV is an important factor that increases their lifespan. And luckily, Hisense TVs are durable and last longer, especially for their price range. 

Their frame is made with robust material that makes them more durable. Usually, they use hard plastic for frames; that’s why overall TV weight is super light. 

From the front, the Hisense TV gives a bezel-less feel because the bezel is too sleek. At the bottom, you will get a logo like other TV models. 

I’m using the 58″ U6 4K TV, and it’s super lightweight. This Hisense TV got two feet of metal, providing stability and sturdy support. 

Overall, the Hisense TV offers a slim and sleek design and is pretty durable. But I wish the bezel’s quality could be superior because their plastic looks cheaper. 

Drawbacks Of Hisense Smart TVs

1- Sound Quality 

Sound Quality 

Even though the Hisense TV offers louder sound but it’s not at that standard to compete with other brands. 

I know the sound quality of Hisense TV varies across different models. But on base variants, the should quality is not too good. So you need to invest in an external sound bar for a better listing experience. 

Especially if you have an older Hisense TV with LED panels, their sound doesn’t feel sweet, and the peak volume can tear out the sound.

The advanced Hisense TVs are equipped with Dolby Vision and atmosphere sound, providing a dynamic sound experience. 

2- Firmware Glitches  

The firmware of Hisense TV is the most questioned element. Especially the Hisense TV with VIDAA OS might open a box of bugs after a few years. 

Even though the performance of TVs depends on the usage of users, the firmware also contributes to the performance. Most users complain that their Hisense TV’s performance worsens after a few years. 

Overheating and the freezing screen are also the most noticeable problem in Hisense TV. Below is proof of some firmware issues of Hisense TV. 

“I’m really starting to loathe ever buying this TV. The fact that it shuts itself off after a little more than 10 minutes being paused is so very annoying.”


“The Fire TV OS is VERY BUGGY as other reviews have stated – it seems to crash a lot or mess up the operation of apps almost daily, expect to have to restart the TV a lot.”


“The TV shuts off after xx minutes of being paused. I switched to streaming a couple years ago, maybe if it’s on an input it won’t do this… but, I don’t know. “


“I have contacted Hisense three times now due to my TV freezing up constantly when using the streaming apps.”


3- Irresponsible Customer Service 

Customer Service of any brand reflects reliability and trustworthiness. Unfortunately, The Better Business Bureau BBB reports many negative reviews regarding Hisense customer support. 

Their support team is unresponsive or responds very late. I hope that Hisense will bring customer support to a high level in the future. 

Because customer satisfaction is what makes the brand reliable and gives confidence to users to invest in that brand. 

How Long Does Hisense TV Last?

The lifespan of Hisense TV is about 5 – 7 years, but it will last even longer if you use it carefully.

Similarly, if you intensively use your Hisense TV or keep it turned on throughout the day, its expected lifespan could be less than five years. 

That’s why it’s your responsibility to turn off the TV when not in use and use it with proper care and guidelines to avoid any big loss. 

Overall, Hisense TV is durable, and its lifespan is nearly equal to the major brands like Samsung, Sony, Tcl, etc. 

Are Hisense TV Reliable – Summary 

Yes, Hisense TVs are reliable and provide the best value for money. If you want to upgrade your old-age TV without breaking your budget, then definitely Hisense TV is worth considering. 

Their picture quality and screen resolution are still very competitive; also, Hisense TVs are durable and provide a long lifespan. 

Even though Hisense TV’s performance become slow over time, but it works seamlessly for at least three years. Similarly, I wish customer support could be responsive, which is questionable. 

If you encounter any firmware glitches in Hisense TV, the factory reset is the ultimate solution to fix the bug. Because with time, the memory of Hisense TV gets overloaded with tons of cache that can cause several problems. But a factory reset can fix all these problems. 

In a nutshell, you can invest in Hisense TV, but it’s recommended to always opt for a flagship model because the latest model has minimum bugs and smooth performance.