Hisense TV Black Screen Issue? 7 Ways To Fix

The sudden appearance of the Black screen on Hisense TV seems like it’s dead. The black screen interrupts your entertainment and puts you in the Illusion of buying a new TV. 

Before going for new smart TV, you must try a few methods to bring back the Hisense TV screen. The black screen of Hisense TV is caused by several factors, few of which can be fixed. 

In today’s guide, we will talk about some common fixes that you should use to fix the black death screen of Hisense TV.

Reasons Behind Hisense TV Black Screen Of Death?

Even though Hisense TVs are reliable but around 30% of Hisense TVs users face the black screen issue, so why this happens? 

Most of the time, the issue is related to hardware, probably the motherboard or backlight. Some other reasons, like the defective cable, faulty input, outdated software, and overheating, also cause the Hisense TV screen to go black. 

Before taking any step, disconnect all the external devices (Firestick, USB, Chromecast, Xbox, etc.), and again turn on the TV. If this won’t work for you, try our next methods. 

  • Check The Cables
  • Power Reset
  • Overheating
  • Update Software Using USB
  • Reset The TV
  • Check The Backlight
  • Check The Motherboard

Method To Fix The Black Screen Of Hisense TV

Method 1: Check The Cables

Hisense TV no display problem

Cables are responsible for transferring data; in case of faulty cables, the data won’t transfer, and Hisense TV shows a black screen. 

So check all the cables. Start with power cables; check the power cord, switch, and cable. Now check for loose or damaged cables. In case you find any faulty cable remove that. 

The input ports in Hisense TV can also be prone to damage, so check all the ports, especially the HDMI port through which you have connected the power cable. Also, make sure to plug in the cables in the right port. 

If the cables are working fine, but the Hisense TV screen still goes black, try the next method.

Method 2: Power Reset

Hisense TV screen goes black

The next thing that you have to do is to power reset your TV. In most cases, a power reset solves the Hisense TV black screen problem. Power reset will also resolve the reset of the issues like freezing screen, blurring, discoloring, and other screen-related issues. 

Here is how to power reset the TV. 

soft reset lg tv
  • First, unplug all the external devices from Hisense TV. 
  • Unplug the power cable from the switch. 
  • Wait for 60 seconds. 
  • Now press and hold the power button for 30 seconds, and again plug it into the TV.

This is a simple way to power cycle the Hisense TV. Try this method 3 to 4 times because the first or second attempt might not work. 

If the problem still exists, try the next method. 

Method 3: Avoid Overheating

Hisense TV screen blank

I have noticed the overheating issue on my old Hisense TV. I was streaming a Netflix series in 4k resolution, and suddenly, that TV turned off itself. When I checked the back side of the TV, it was too hot. 

So if your Hisense TV screen goes black, you should check the back side; if it’s hot, turn the TV off for a few minutes, then turn it on. 

The overheating can be caused by the dust accumulated in the vents of Hisense TV. Or if you might have placed the TV in the small cabinet where is no chance of ventilation. To avoid overheating, place the TV on an open cabinet and protect it from sunlight. 

Method 4: Update The Software Via USB

Hisense TV has a black display

You may wonder if the Hisense TV screen is black, so how can I update the TV? You can use a bootable USB drive to update the software on TV. 

The outdated or corrupted software also causes Hisense TV screen to go black. To avoid bugs in you TV, you must regularly update it. 

You need a laptop or PC to update the software of the Hisense smart TV via USB. First, you must download the latest version of TV’s software and put it into the USB. 

Here are steps to update the Software Of Hisense TV via USB. 

  • Open the Hisense official site and download the firmware for your TV model.
  • Unzip the file on the desktop. 
  • Open the unzip file, copy the package file, and paste it into the USB drive. 
  • Now plug the USB into your TV. 
  • Grab the Hisense TV remote and press the power button to turn it off. 
  • Wait for 30 seconds, then hold the remote’s power button until the Hisense TV shows a “USB Upgrade” screen. 
  • Now it will take some time to complete the update. 
  • After the update, the TV will automatically restart and bring back the screen.

Method 5: Factory Reset Your Hisense TV

factory reset hisense tv

If none of the above methods worked for you, it’s time to factory reset the Hisense TV. Factory reset works as a powerful weapon, and it will solve the Hisense TV black screen problem. 

Here is how to factory reset Hisense TV; 

  • Turn on the Hisense TV. 
  • Find the small reset button on the back side of the TV. 
  • Press the reset button for 15 seconds, and press the reset button with a toothpick, pen, or any clip, etc. 
  • Release the button once the TV restart.

If your TV model doesn’t have a rest button on the back, try to factory reset it with the remote control. Even though there is a black screen, you can follow the official instructions in the manual book, and rest it from advanced system settings

Note: Before trying a factory reset, it’s recommended to do a soft reset. But if the problem still exists, then try factory rest. Resetting Hisense TV to factory settings will wipe out all the data and apps.

Method 6: Check The TV Backlight

A backlight in any smart TV is responsible for displaying pictures. A malfunction in the backlight will make the Hisense TV screen black.

Here is how to check the damaged backlight; 

If an image is stuck on the screen, the backlight is damaged. In this scenario, you must bring the Hisense TV to the nearest repair shop and ask them to replace the backlight. 

Method 7: Check The Motherboard

Hisense TV screen won't show image

The last thing that you have to check is the motherboard. Because if the motherboard is damaged, it won’t send digital signals to the T-con board to project them on screen. 

The sudden change in voltage can damage the mainboard in Hisense TV. If you’re a DIY person, open the back cover of Hisense TV and see if something is burnt or smells. 

If you find the motherboard or T-con board damaged, the only solution is to replace them. 

Does The Hisense TV Show Red Light Indicator?

Hisense TV flashing red light indicators in case of any malfunctioning. In the below table, you can see the various indications of red light.  

Red light BlinkingReasons
2 timesIssue with backlight
4 timesFault in Main logic board or inverter board wires
6 timesIssue with Inverter board, or mother board
10 timesIssue with power board

Final Words

It’s damn annoying when the Hisense TV screen goes black. But you don’t need to worry about it; take a deep breath, and start digging into the problem.

We have mentioned some quick methods that you can follow to fix the Hisense TV’s black screen issue.

But in case the problem still exists, contact Hisense support they will solve your problem. If your Hisense TV is under warranty, you claim it and return the TV. 


How much does it cost you to repair a Hisense Screen?

The cost of repairing a Hisense TV screen depends on the model and size. But usually, it costs you between $200 to $600. C 

How to fix the Hisense TV screen flickering?

The best way to deal with screen flickering is to power reset the TV. Unplug the TV, wait for 30 seconds, and keep pressing the power button. After 30 seconds, plug the TV back into the switch. 

Why is the backlight of my Hisense TV damaged?

The backlight is damaged by sudden voltage, moisture, or physical changes. Once the backlight is damaged, the only way to that you can go is replacing. It costs you around $100 to $200 to replace a backlight of a Hisense TV.