Hisense TV Apps Not Working? [ 7 Quick Fixes]

It’s a very annoying experience when you open any app on Hisense TV, and it doesn’t work. There are several reasons why apps don’t work on Hisense TV. Many Hisense TV users have reported this issue. 

But luckily, you can fix the apps that don’t work on Hisense smart TV with a few simple methods. In today’s guide, we will discuss some quick methods to help you solve the problem.

Hisense TV Apps Not Working What To Do?

  • Check the Internet 
  • Clear Cache
  • Clear some Storage
  • Update The app
  • Update Software
  • Turn off the VPN
  • Reset Hisense TV To Factory Settings

Method 1: Check The Internet Connection 

Hisense Smart TV apps not functioning

All the apps on Hisense TV need an internet connection to work. If the internet connection is unstable, the apps will work. So the first thing you consider is checking the network. 

I recommend you check the internet speed on your mobile phone. You have to reboot the router if it’s slow or doesn’t work.

Unplug the router, remove the ethernet cable from the modem, wait for 30 seconds, and then back the router and ethernet cable. 

If the internet works fine on other devices, you have to reset the network on your Hisense smart TV. 

Go to Settings > General > Network and tap the Network reset option. This will forget all the connected Wi-Fi connections; now, connect Hisense smart TV with your Home Wi-Fi again.

Method 2: Clear Cache

Apps on Hisense TV not responding

Clearing the cache helps you to free up space and ensures smooth performance. Sometimes the high rate of cache prevents apps from working on Hisense TV.

Every app you stream on Hisense TV generates a cache that allocates much memory, and TV apps become stuck. That’s why you must clear the cache and cookies on Hisense TV if the apps are working on it. 

Here is how to clear the cache on Hisense smart TV; 

  • Open the Settings
  • Device Preferences
  • Storage
  • Internal shared storage
  • Clear data

This will clear all the cache data on your Hisense smart TV.

Now restart the Hisense TV and re-open the app which is not working on your Hisense smart TV. In most cases, this method will solve the problem.

Method 3: Check The Storage

Hisense TV applications not loading

The Hisense smart TV has built-in storage, so you can download and store apps. But sometimes apps are not working on Hisense TV because it’s running out of storage. 

So before going forward with other methods, you must check the storage on your Hisense smart TV Settings

  • Device Preferences
  • Storage. Here you can check the internal storage.

You can’t install further apps if the Hisense TV runs out of storage.

So what should you do now?

Well, there are two options: to delete some apps to free up space and to go for a streaming stick or third-party streaming devices. 

Method 4: Update The App

Hisense Smart TV apps not opening

Sometimes the older version of the app can’t work on Hisense TV. Like your smartphone apps, when an app is outdated, it never runs on the phone and asks you to update it. 

So make sure that the app not working on Hisense TV is updated. Just hover over the app that you want to update and long press the “OK” button on the TV remote, now choose “Check for updates,” and update the app. 

You can also update the apps on Hisense TV from the Google play store. Open the app store TV and search for the app that you want to update; you will see the update button if the latest update is available.

Method 5: Update The Software

Unable to use apps on Hisense TV

You must regularly update the software of your Hisense TV to make its performance stable and smoother. The outdated software on any smart TV includes bugs that cause apps to not work. 

By default, Hisense smart TV automatically updates the software, but if you have disabled the auto-update, you can manually check for updates. 

Here is how to update the software on your Hisense smart TV;

  • Tap the gear icon from the top left corner to open “Settings.”
  • Scroll down to “Device Preferences”
  • Tap on “About” > System Updates.
  • Now the Hisense smart TV will automatically search for new updates. If the update is available, the TV will install it. Otherwise, it will show a message: “Your system is up to date.”

Once the update is installed, the Hisense TV will restart automatically. Now check the app, which was not working before. Hopefully, this time, the apps will start working properly.

Method 6: Turn off the VPN

Hisense TV apps freezing or crashing

Few apps are restricted to some regions, so if you have enabled the VPN on your Hisense smart TV, turn it off. 

Even though VPN helps you to stream those apps which are not available in your region but at the same time, it also prevents some apps from working on Hisense TV. 

Method 7: Reset Hisense Smart TV

Apps on my Hisense Smart TV not working

If you have tried all the above methods, but apps are still working on your Hisense TV, you must reset it to its factory settings. Factory reset will delete all the Settings, apps, and accounts from Hisense TV. 

Here is how to factory reset Hisense smart TV;

  • Go to Settings
  • Scroll down to “Device Preference”
  • Under Device Preferences, tap on Reset
  • Erase Everything

Contact Hisense TV Customer Support

If you have tried everything and the apps are still working on Hisense smart TV, then you must contact Hisense customer support. You can directly call or email them and state your problem. 

The Hisense support team will solve your problem. In case of any critical issues, they will also replace the TV if it is under warranty. 

Final Words: 

Like other smart TVs, Hisense smart tvs also lets you install apps. But it’s very annoying when apps don’t work on Hisense TV. There are several reasons behind the malfunctioning of apps on Hisense smart TV. 

Alternatively, you can use the Chromecast feature of Hisense TV to access any app, or go for a Firestick.

In the above article, we have mentioned all the possible ways that will solve the issue of Hisense smart tv apps not working.