How to Get TNT on Samsung Smart TV: [100% Working]

Are you struggling with getting the TNT app on Samsung smart TV? Don’t worry. In this article, I will let you know to stream TNT content on your Samsung TV.

Officially, Samsung TV stores don’t have a TNT app, but you can use alternative ways like Fire TV Stick, Airplay, and casting features to get the TNT app on your Samsung Smart TV.

So let’s discuss all the alternative methods one by one. 

1- Use Airplay Feature 

The best method to get the TNT app on Samsung TV is to use the built-in Airplay feature. This allows you to stream TNT content on TV from your Apple device (iPhone, iPad, or Mac). 

You might wonder if my Samsung TV is compatible with Airplay. If you have a 2018 model Samsung smart TV or a later version, it supports Airplay. 

Before streaming content from your Apple device on TV, you must first turn on the Airplay feature. So, follow the below steps to turn it on. 

turn on airplay on samsung tv
  • Grab the TV remote and press the “Settings” button. 
  • Go to All Settings. 
  • Scroll down to “Connection”
  • Under connection, choose the Airplay Settings. 
  • Now turn the Airplay on.

The Airplay is turned on your Samsung TV, and now you can share content from any of your Apple devices. 

  • Let’s say you’re using iPhone. First, install the TNT app, which is named “Watch TNT” on app stores. 
  • Open the app and put your login credentials. 
  • Now play the desired content you want to share on Samsung smart TV. 
  • Press the cast button from the top right corner. A list of devices will pop up; select your Samsung TV, and you’re ready.

Make sure that your Samsung smart TV is turned on. To successfully establish the Airplay connection between the Samsung TV and Apple device, ensure both are connected to the same wifi. 

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2- Use Smart View Feature To Cast TNT Content 

Smart View Feature To Cast TNT Content

Like Apple devices Samsung also provides one native platform to internally connect devices under single ecosystem. 

Thanks to the Smart View feature that lets Samsung mobile users mirror their phone screen on Samsung TV with just one click. So if you want to get the TNT app on your Samsung TV, you can use the Smart View feature to cast content instantly. 

  • First of all, install the Watch TNT app on your Samsung smartphone. 
  • Enter the login credentials in the app, and play the desired content you want to share on TV. 
  • Now scroll down from the top bar of the screen and tap on the Smart View option. 
  • A list of devices will pop up; select your Samsung TV. 
  • Tap on “Start Now.” 
  • Now your Samsung mobile screen will be mirror on TV. Turn on the landscape mode to enjoy the full-screen experience on TV.
To use the Smart View feature, ensure your Samsung TV and phone are connected to the same wifi network.

3- Use SmartThings App 

Use SmartThings App 

SmartThings App is another official Samsung app that lets you connect your phone to Samsung TV, and mirror phone’s screen to it.

To use this feature, ensure you have a 2016 model of Samsung TV or a later version. 

Follow the steps below to cast your phone screen to Samsung TV and get the TNT content on the big TV screen. 

  • Install the SmartThings app on your Samsung TV. 
  • Open the app and tap the “+” icon to app your Samsung TV. 
  • Tap on add devices, and select your TV option. 
  • Now your smartphone will ask you to enter the code on the TV’s screen. 
  • Open the Settings on the SmartThings app. Ant turns on the “Tap View, Tap Sound” option. 
  • Now slightly tap your smartphone with your TV. A confirmation box will appear on the phone; tap “Start now.”
  • Congratulation! Now your smartphone screen will be a mirror on your TV. And you can directly watch content from the TNT app.

4- Use FireStick 

use firestick

If you want a permanent solution and want to directly access the “Watch TNT” app on your Samsung TV, opt for the FireStick option. 

You can choose a Roku, Amazon Fire Stick, Apple TV, or Android TV box. All these external streaming drives allow you to access the “Watch TNT” app on your Samsung TV. 

Apart from just getting the TNT app, you can stream other apps unavailable on Samsung TV. 

Fire TV Sticks are very easy to connect. All you need to do is plug their HDMI cable into the HDMI port behind the TV and power cable into any power source. Now open the app of FireStick and install the “Watch TNT” app. 


There is no TNT app available on Samsung TV App Store. But alternatively, you can use the Airplay feature or Fire TV Stick to access the content of the TNT app. 

I hope you have found this article helpful. Using the above methods, you can watch your favorite TV shows or movies from the TNT channel on Samsung TV.