Do I Need A FireStick With A Samsung Smart TV? (8 Reason!)

Samsung Smart TVs have all those features that fulfill expectations. But still, few folks ask whether they need a FireStick with a Samsung smart TV.

Connecting Fire stick with Samsung smart TV is not a hard and fast rule. But if you want to expand content options, app compatibility, voice control, or Alexa integration, and want to save the storage of Samsung TV, then you should go for a Fire Stick. 

Amazon FireSticks are an inexpensive way to improve your streaming and entertainment experience. They come with top-notch features and functionality that set them apart from your Samsung smart TV. 

Reasons Why You Need A FireStick With Samsung Smart TV?

1- Expand Content Options

If you’re a fan of entertainment and want a lot of streaming apps, then you should opt for a FireStick. 

FireSticks are jam-packed with streaming services and apps like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, etc. The endless streaming services in FireSticks are the first reason you must use them with Samsung TVs. 

You can’t expand the content option on Samsung TV because of limited storage. Whereas Amazon Fire Stick offers 8GB of built-in storage for streaming apps.

Similarly, a few FireStick, like Fire TV Cube, come with 16GB of onboard storage to take your streaming experience to the next level. 

2- FireSticks Are User Friendly & Easy To Use

firesticks are easy to use

Unlike Samsung Smart TVs, FireSticks are very user-friendly. They are easy to navigate; you don’t need to enter the menus to open the apps. 

They are very easy to set up. Once you have set up the Fire Stick with Samsung TV, you don’t need anything except internet connection. 

Whenever you turn on your TV, a list of streaming apps will appear. And you can easily choose the desired streaming app to play. 

3- FireSticks Are Portable

FireSticks are like a USB; you can even put them into your pocket and connect them to any TV. 

So if you’re traveling and checking into any hotel room, you can take Fire Stick. Because of the hybrid compatibility and portability, you can connect it to a hotel room TV. 

So you will never miss your favorite TV show even if you’re traveling to foreign lands. 

With FireStick, you don’t need to re-login to the streaming apps because these devices save your login credentials. Just plug them into the HDMI port of any smart TV and play your favorite streaming service. 

4- FireStick Can Make Your Samsung TV Last Longer

The firmware of Samsung TV has become sluggish over time. It will start lagging if you’re excessively using and installing the apps on Samsung TV

You should use FireSticks with your Samsung TV to avoid putting load on TV’s firmware. If you have a Fire Stick, you don’t need to install apps on your Samsung TV. 

With the FireStick, you don’t need to switch to Samsung TV Home Screen. This way, the TV’s firmware remains in good condition and wouldn’t pop up any bugs. 

5- Compatibility 

Tizen OS powers most Samsung Smart TVs, that’s why only a limited amount of streaming apps are compatible with it.

You can’t access Daily Wire, Peacock, HBO Max, Discovery+, and other apps that are unavailable on Samsung TV OS. So to access such apps, you need Fire TV Sticks. 

Amazon Fire Sticks offers a wide range of streaming apps. If you’re a crazy entertainment fan and want more unique apps, you should consider Amazon Fire TV Sticks. 

Plus, Fire TV Sticks provides the latest versions of the streaming app, so you can enjoy the latest TV shows, movies, and serials on your Samsung TV. 

6- You Don’t Need To Invest In New Samsung TV Model 

no need to invest in new tv

Are you using the older model of Samsung TV? If yes, then you might be deprived of the latest streaming apps. Similarly, the old Tv models also have a wired user interface. 

But you don’t need to worry anymore if you have a Fire Stick. 

You can easily connect an Amazon Fire Stick to older Samsung TV models and access hundreds of streaming apps on it. It will also improve the user interface so you can easily navigate and manage apps on your TV screen. 

Instead of investing $500 to $800 in a new Samsung TV, you should go for a Fire TV Stick. This will fulfill your streaming needs and save a huge amount of money. 

7- Voice Control & Alexa Integration 

Voice Control

Most of the Samsung TV models come with voice assistants, but if your Samsung TV lacks these features, you don’t need to worry. 

The Amazon Fire TV Sticks have built-in Alexa, so you make voice searches and control the TV. The voice assistant is in the remote control of Fire Sticks, which gives hands-free control over your Samsung TV. 

You can also connect the Amazon Fire Sticks with the Alexa devices and change the following things from your sofa. 

  • Control Volume 
  • Change channels
  • Turn on/off the TV
  • Open streaming apps with commands
  • Mute TV
  • Switch Inputs and much more

8- Lot Of Customization Options

The Amazon Fire TV Stick gives you many customization options to make your Samsung TV Home look more aesthetic and professional. 

Even though the Samsung TV also lets you customize several things, Amazon Fire Stick gives bundles of customization options. 

You can;

  • Rearrange the apps according to your preferences
  • Change the Theme and color scheme
  • Change the picture quality, resolution, brightness, contrast, hue, etc
  • Customize the screensavers
  • Change the Parental controls
  • Upload personal photos for screensavers
  • Manage your account and profile according to your preferences.

Final Words

It’s not indispensable to use FireStick with Samsung TV. But if you want to take your streaming experience to the next level, then you should need a Fire Stick with your Samsung TV. 

FireStick is inexpensive, but it has many advantages, especially for those who love streaming and entertainment. 


Which FireStick is best for Samsung TV?

The Amazon FireStick is one of the top-notch and inexpensive options for Samsung smart TV. It’s easy to connect and has a lot of customization options. Amazon sticks offer 8GB of storage, so you can install many streaming apps. 

Does FireStick charge a monthly subscription fee?

No, Fire TV Sticks don’t charge any monthly subscription fee. You only have to pay a one-time payment. But if you have subscribed monthly to streaming apps like Netflix, you have to pay for it every month.