Why Is My FireStick Remote Blinking Green: [Quick Fixes]

Amazon FireStick is the ultimate source of entertainment; it has a user-friendly and Intuitive design so everyone can easily control it. The light indications on FireStick remote let you know about pairing modes and faults. 

But what if your Firestick remote blinks green? 

The green light on the Firestick remote indicates that the remote is paired with your TV, but if the green light is constantly blinking on your Remote, then it’s unusual.

In this troubleshooting guide I will tell you how to fix the blinking green light on the Firestick remote. 

What Does Green Light Mean On FireStick TV Remote 

Whenever you pair the remote with the Fire TV device, it blinks a green light for a few seconds.. The Greenlight indication is safe, so you don’t need to worry about it. 

But if the green light is constantly blinking on your FireStick remote, then it’s unusual. It means that your remote is still in pairing mode, and most of the time, it won’t work in this situation. 

So once you have encountered this situation, you don’t need to worry; it can be fixed by following simple solutions. 

How To Fix The Green Light On FireStick Remote 

1- Change The Remote Batteries 

Change The Remote Batteries 

If you’re using weak batteries in your FireStick remote, then it will give a sluggish performance. 

Weak batteries in the remote cause unstable connectivity, and the remote won’t work seamlessly with Fire TV Stick. Due to this reason, it doesn’t get out of pairing mode and blinks green light frequently. 

So before contacting Amazon FireStick Support, you should check the batteries and try to replace them with powerful ones. 

Once you have the powerful batteries, again try to pair the remote with FireStick; hopefully, you won’t see the blinking green light on the remote. 

Here are the steps to pair the remote with FireStick. 

  • Grab your old TV remote and go to Settings. 
  • Go to Bluetooth settings. 
  • Tap on add new Remote. 
  • Now grab the FireStick remote and press and hold the Home button for 10 seconds.  
  • You will see a confirmation box on the tv screen, press okay on the old tv remote, and you’re good to go.

2- Bring The Remote Closer To The TV

If you’re sitting too far away from your TV, the FireStick remote won’t work with it. You should bring the Remote in the Bluetooth proximity range for seamless working. 

The green light on FireStick starts blinking if the Remote is not paired with the FireStick, and it still searches for nearby devices.

So if you’re far from your TV, the remote won’t detect any Bluetooth device and continuously blink green. 

Similarly, don’t sit aside from your TV or at the back; the remote will work well if you’re sitting in front of it. 

Amazon recommends using the remote less than 10 feet away from Fire TV. 

3- Make Sure That The BlueTooth Is Turned On 

Sometimes something unusual happens, and BlueTooth turns off on the TV. And when there is no Bluetooth connection, the FireStick remote keeps blinking green light until it finds a FireTV. 

So before getting fret, you should check your TV’s Bluetooth connectivity and ensure it’s turned on. 

4- Reset Your FireStick Remote

Reset Your FireStick Remote

If the green light is still blinking on your FireStick remote, try to reset the Remote to solve this issue. 

Resetting the remote is the ultimate solution that eliminates all the connectivity glitches from the remote. And I’m sure after resetting your Remote; you won’t see the continuous blinking of the green light again on the Remote. 

Resetting the FireStick remote is a little tricky than resetting your smart TV. Follow the below-mentioned steps to make the process easier. 

  • First, unplug the FireStick from your TV for 60 seconds. 
  • Next, grab the fire tv remote and press and hold the Menu, back button, and left direction button for at least 12 seconds.  
  • Now remove the batteries from your Remote. 
  • Plug the FireTV back and wait for another 60 seconds. 
  • Put the batteries into the Remote. 
  • Now press the Home button for attest 10 seconds. Done!

Once the remote is reset, you have to pair it again. For pairing, you can follow the steps mentioned in Solution # 1.

5- Contact The Amazon Customer Support 

If the problem persists and the FireStick remote blinks green light or won’t pair with Fire TV, contact Amazon customer support

But before getting in touch with the support team, you should first try the above solutions. And if you’re not getting any outcome, contact the support and tell them the entire situation. 

If there is any internal hardware fault in the FireStick remote, they will replace it and gives you a free one. 

Wrap Up 

Whenever you see a green light on a firestick remote, it indicates that your remote is searching for nearby FireTV.

The green light will keep on blinking. It can’t detect the Fire TV or is unable to connect with it. 

Don’t use the remote more than 10 feet away from your FireTV; bring the remote closer to it. Also, make sure that the BlueTooth on your TV is turned on. Also, replace the batteries of the remote with a new one. 

If you’re still facing the issue and the green light doesn’t disappear, try to factory reset the FireStick remote. 


Is the Fire Stick remote blinking but not working?

If the Remote is frequently blinking an orange or green light but not working, the remote is not pairing with your Amazon Fire TV. Bring the remote closer to the TV for successful pairing. Or try to reset the Remote to instantly fix this problem. 

Why is my Firestick remote blinking orange?

The orange light on Firestick shows that the remote is not paired with the TV. In this case, you must reset the remote to fix the problem. The orange light also indicates that the remote batteries are weak, so try to replace the batteries. 

Why is my Firestick remote blinking red fast?

The red light indicates that there is some fault in the FireStick remote. A quick reset is the ultimate solution in this scenario. Moreover, you should also consider replacing the batteries.