Crunchyroll Keeps Buffering [ 14 Quick Fixes]

The buffering of Crunchyroll is no doubt a bad experience ever. It intervenes between your entertainment and ruins all fun. 

Most of the time, Crunchyroll buffering is caused by the cache, so clearing the cache is the best solution to fix Crunchyroll buffering. 

In today’s article, we will discuss some possible reasons that cause Crunchyroll to buffer and how you can fix it easily. 

Why does Crunchyroll Keeps Buffering?

There is not a single reason for buffering. But most of the time, Crunchyroll buffering is caused by cache. And you can fix this by simply power resetting your TV. Similarly, poor internet connection is also a primary reason that causes glitches in Crunchyroll. 

But you can fix the Crunchyroll buffering issues in the following steps. 

Method 1: Soft Reset Your Devices

Crunchyroll buffering issues

Most of the users stream Crunchyroll through smart TV. And The buffering issues are also most likely to occur on the TV. 

So there is a quick solution which is Soft reset.

Are you aware of that?

Well, a soft reset drains out all the power from the TV, removes the cache, and fixes all lagging and buffering issues. 

All you need is to unplug the TV from the switch for 60 seconds, hold the power button on the TV, and plug it back into the socket.

Similarly, if you’re using a laptop to watch Crunchyroll, then it’s recommended to restart the device to remove the cache. 

Method 2: Troubleshooting Internet Issues

Constant buffering on Crunchyroll

The unreliable and inconsistent internet connection is the core factor that causes Crunchyroll to buffer. 

If you have a slow internet connection and you’re watching content in high resolution, you will surely face buffering or lagging of Crunchyroll. 

You can simply reset your router to overcome connectivity issues and poor internet problems. 

Unplug the router from the power source for 30 seconds, and plug it back. Once the router reboots, your streaming device will automatically connect with it. 

Restarting the router will rest all the router’s settings to the default value and fix connectivity problems. This process also increases the bandwidth and hence provides more speed. 

Method 3: Check The Uptime Of Crunchyroll Servers

Buffering problems with Crunchyroll

The inactive servers also make the Crunchyroll app buffer. So, in this case, you can’t do anything except wait for the servers to get up. 

You can check the inactivity or sluggish performance of Crunchyroll servers using Downdetector. This will let you know when the Crunchyroll server goes into inactive or maintenance mode.  

Method 4: Update The Crunchyroll App

The outdated version of the Crunchyroll app can also cause buffering because it contains bugs.

That’s why Crunchyroll frequently launches new updates to fix bugs and give a seamless streaming experience to users. 

You can easily update the Crunchyroll app on your smart TV. Go to the App Store, search for the Crunchyroll app, and tap the update button. 

Method 5: Update The Browser 

Crunchyroll playback buffering

If you’re streaming Crunchyroll on a laptop and using an outdated browser, it can also cause buffering issues because such browsers contain bugs that impact the performance of streaming services.

The new browser updates often improve performance, faster page loading time, smoother rendering, and more. Such updates also benefit the streaming experience. 

So it’s recommended to update the browser before streaming Crunchyroll content.

Method 6: Remove Unnecessary Or Third party Extension From the Browser

Crunchyroll video buffering

Even though browser extensions are beneficial But few third party extensions conflicts with cookies or cache can cause Crunchyroll buffering. 

I have also faced this experience; a bad extension made my Google Chrome browser obsolete and took my browser back five years. 

So if you’re using any third-party or too many extensions, try to disable them all, and then continue to watch your favorite shows on Crunchyroll. 

Alternatively, you can use other browsers or Chrome browsers as a guest to avoid the impact of extensions of streaming. 

Method 7: Reinstall Crunchyroll App

If Crunchyroll keeps buffering, try to reinstall the Crunchyroll app on your streaming device. 

Reinstalling the Crunchyroll app vanishes all temporary data and cache, making the app work smoother than before. Once reinstall the app, you must again enter the account credentials to log in. 

Method 8: Lower The Content Quality 

Buffering delays on Crunchyroll

If you have tried all the methods, but Crunchyroll still keeps buffering, try lowering the streaming quality. 

The high-resolution video quality, especially the 4k, needs around 40 Mbps to 50 Mbps internet speed for seamless streaming. But if your internet speed is slow, try to watch content in 1080 or 720p resolution. 

Method 9: Use Ethernet Cable With You Streaming Device

Constant buffering on Crunchyroll

Are you struggling with a sluggish internet connection? This might be because your router is far away from your streaming device. And the slow internet is the main cause of Crunchyroll buffering. 

In that case, you can use an ethernet connection instead of a wifi connection. The Wifi signals become weaker due to walls, roofs, doors and other mediums. 

An Ethernet connection doesn’t depend on mediums and provides a stable internet connection. That’s why using an ethernet cable with your streaming device is recommended. 

If you can’t use an ethernet cable, ask your internet service provider to upgrade the current internet package.

Method 10: Disable VPNs

disable VPN

VPNs are the enemies of Internet speed and make it like a tortoise. Especially if you’re using a low-quality server, it makes your internet speed very poor. 

That’s why when you use VPNs, it causes the Crunchyroll app to buffer and make it slower. 

Apart from that, VPN also changes your IP location, and in most countries, the Crunchyroll app is restricted. That’s why sometimes the Crunchyroll app doesn’t open when you use VPN. 

Method 11: Close Other Apps

If some hungry apps run in the background while streaming Crunchyroll, it will cause Crunchyroll to buffer. 

Because some apps use more memory, leaving nothing for Crunchyroll, that makes Crunchyroll too laggy.

Similarly, these apps also consume more internet and make the connection slow. 

So to avoid lagging and buffering of the Crunchyroll app, close all the apps in the background and continue streaming your favorite show on Crunchyroll. 

Method 12: Update The Firmware Of Your Streaming Device

Update The Firmware 

The updated firmware is crucial to run streaming services seamlessly. The updated firmware fix the bugs and brings new feature into the device. 

The outdated firmware of your TV or Firestick makes the Crunchyroll buffer and causes some other glitches. 

By default, your streaming device updates its firmware automatically on a stable internet connection. But sometimes these updates miss due to bad internet connection or corrupted files. 

Therefore, it’s recommended to manually check for updates and install the latest firmware on your streaming device. 

Method 13: Delete Ad Blockers 

Most individuals use ad blockers to avoid commercials. Or they install any ad blocker extension on their browser. 

But the downside is; this ad blocker conflicts with the Crunchyroll app and other streaming platform and causes major glitches. 

A few of the ad blockers clash with the backend code of streaming and cause them to buffer. You must turn off the ad blockers before using the Crunchyroll app. 

Method 14: Get In Touch With Crunchyroll Support

Finally, if you’re tired and none of the methods works for you, approach the Crunchyroll support team. They have highly qualified staff, and they will surely solve Crunchyroll app buffering problem. 

Sometimes there is an issue with your Crunchyroll account in the backend database. They will either reset your account credentials in a database or share some troubleshooting steps to fix Crunchyroll constant buffering issue.

Wrap Up!

I know how loathing it’s when Crunchyroll keeps buffering. It not only hinders your entertainment but also wastes your time. 

But instead of getting fret, you need to check the internet connection first because an unreliable connection is a major factor that causes buffering. 

Similarly, the cache problem is also distressing and causes Crunchyroll to buffer. 

You can follow the steps mentioned above to fix the Crunchyroll buffering issues. I hope this article was helpful for you and has solved your problem.