Crunchyroll App is Keep Crashing: Fix It In 2 Minutes!

Most Crunchyroll users often face crashing issues with the app. It’s very annoying when you are streaming your favorite Anime, and suddenly Crunchyroll crashes. 

Usually, this issue is spotted on smart TVs, and there are multiple issues that cause the Crunchyroll app to crash. 

In today’s guide, we will discuss the root cause that prevents the Crunchyroll app from running smoothly. And also discuss some fixes for crashing the Crunchyroll app. 

Why Crunchyroll App Keeps Crashing?

There are many reasons that crash the Crunchyroll app. However, poor internet connection is one of the primary causes. 

Similarly, sometimes a few software-related issues also cause the Crunchyroll app to crash. But it’s not a bug problem; you can easily fix it once you have identified the root cause. 

Below are some quick solutions to fix Crunchyroll app crashes.

1- Power Reset Your Device

Crunchyroll App is Keep Crashing

Before rushing for any big step, try to power reset your device. This is the quick solution that most of us disregard. But resetting the device solves all streaming problems. 

Most of the users use smart TV to stream the Crunchyroll app. So here are the steps to power cycle or power reset a smart TV. 

  • Unplug the smart TV from the power source. 
  • Wait for 60 seconds. 
  • Press and hold the power button of the smart TV for 30 seconds. 
  • Now plug back the power cord into the switch.

You might think, what power rest will do? The power rest clears all the temporary data or cache and frees up the memory. It also resolves most of the internet connection issues that are the major causes of crashing Crunchyroll app. 

Similarly, if you’re using the Crunchyroll app on an Android phone or iPhone, simply shut them off, wait for 60 seconds, and turn it on again.

2- Check The Uptime Of the Crunchyroll App Server status

Crunchyroll app won't open

Crunchyroll provides streaming services through servers, so if there is a fault on the backend side or servers, the app will crash automatically. 

So you must check the server status before taking any big step.

You can use WhatsMyDNS to check the uptime of Crunchyroll servers. So if the servers are down in your region, then you can only wait.

3- Internet Connection

Crunchyroll app keeps closing

An unstable and unreliable internet connection is also one of the main reasons to crash the Crunchyroll app.

Check the internet connection on another device in your home. And if you’re struggling with poor internet on all the devices, try resetting your router. 

Unplug the router from the power switch for a few minutes, and plug it back. Now wait for the router to reboot, and you’re good to go. 

Once the router is rebooted, reconnect your device with the same internet connection, and continue streaming the Crunchyroll app on it. 

If the internet speed is still slow, you can connect an ethernet cable directly to your smart TV or laptop to get reliable speed. Once you have stable internet on your device, Crunchyroll won’t crash. 

4- Update The App To Latest Version

Crunchyroll app shuts down unexpectedly

Crunchyroll frequently launches new updates to provide a smooth streaming experience to its users. The new updates fix Crunchyroll bugs and bring new features to the app. 

If you’re using an outdated version of the Crunchyroll app, it might crash because of bugs. So make sure to update the app to get rid of all streaming issues. 

5- Reinstall The App

Sometimes reinstalling the Crunchyroll app solves the crashing issue. Reinstalling Crunchyroll will delete all the cache and old data from it, and streaming issues will also run with the older version. 

First, delete the app from your device, then go to the App Store and again install the Crunchyroll app. 

6- Turn Off VPN And Ad Blockers

Crunchyroll app crashes on startup

VPN and ad blockers can also bust the Crunchyroll app. VPNs slow down the internet speed, which directly impacts your streaming experience. 

When you turn on the VPN, either the Crunchyroll app crashes, or it starts lagging, and it completely ruins your recreation. 

Crunchyroll is only available for USA residents, and VPN changes the IP location, so you can’t get access to it from any other country. 

Adblockers also hamper Crunchyroll streaming; the app automatically detects Adblock and then crashes. 

So make sure to turn off VPN and ad blockers while accessing Crunchyroll on your TV or any device. 

7- Submit A Request To Crunchyroll Support

If you’re still hopeless after trying the above-mentioned methods, go to the Crunchyroll website and submit a request. They will take action and solve your problem ASAP. 

Wrap Up

You’re not alone if the Crunchyroll app keeps crashing on your device. There are many possibilities in which the app crashes. But it’s not absurd; you have to first identify the root cause and then can implement a solution accordingly. 

Hopefully, this short guide will solve Crunchyroll app problems and revive your streaming experience on the Crunchyroll app.