5 Simple Ways To Control Vizio Tv Without Remote!

Have you loose the remote control of your Vizio TV? It’s aggravating! But you don’t need to worry because there are many ways to control Vizio TV without a remote. 

Vizio TV has various models, and each one comes with a remote control. The good news is you can control every Vizio TV model without a remote. 

You can use a smartcast app, or any universal remote app, or a firestick remote to control the Vizio TV.

In today’s article, we will share some best ways (free) that you can use to control Vizio TV. So have a look!

Lost Your Remote! Here is How To Control Vizio TV Without a Remote

One of the worst problems with Vizio TVs is not having a remote. But luckily, there are some workarounds to overcome this problem.

  • Use SmartCast app
  • Take Advantage Of Built-in Chromecast
  • Use Airplay feature 
  • Connect Vizio TV with FireStick 
  • Buy a universal remote control

Method 1: Use Vizio SmartCast App

Vizio TV control without remote

The first method to control Vizio tv without a remote is the SmartCast app. You must install the app on your mobile phone (available both on iOS & Android). And then you can control the tv through your phone. 

Here are the steps to connect the SmartCast app with Vizio smart TV. 

vizio smart cast app
  • Grab your phone and download the app from the App Store or Google Play Store. 
  • Once the app is installed, open it. 
  • From the top left corner, tap on the cast button. 
  • Now the app will start searching for nearby Vizio smart tv. 
  • Ensure that the TV is turned on and that your phone and TV are connected to the same internet network. 
  • Tap on your Vizio TV name from the list, and you’re done. 
  • Now you can control Vizio TV through your smartphone.

Note: If your Vizio TV is not connected to wifi, you can use an ethernet cable to process this process.

Method 2: Take Advantage Of Built-in Chromecast 

Alternative methods to control Vizio TV

The latest Vizio smart TVs that run on SmartCast come with built-in Chromecast. 

Now how can Chromecast help you to control Vizio TV without a remote?

This feature allows you to share content on your Vizio TV screen through your mobile phone. This feature lets you get Netflix, Paramount, Disney, Youtube, and every other streaming service on your TV without any barriers. 

Here you check which Vizio TV has built-in Chromecast.

And Here is how it works:

  • Open your phone and install any streaming app that you won’t get on Vizio TV. 
  • Now play the desired content from that streaming app. 
  • You will see a cast icon from the top right corner at the bottom. Tap on it. 
  • Your phone will search for nearby Chromecast TVs and tap on your Vizio TV model. And your phone is now connected.

I love the Chromecast feature because it lets you share content through the phone without destroying the resolution of the content.

Method 3: Use Airplay Feature

use air play feature

The Airplay feature is the same as the Chromecast feature, but this one only works if you have an Apple device like iPhone, Mac, or iPad. 

Luckily Airplay feature is available in most of the Vizio TV models. Even if you have an early 2016 Vizio tv or the 2017 model, you can use the Airplay feature to watch your favorite content on Vizio TV without a remote. 

Here is how does Airplay feature works on Vizio TV;

Using smartphone to control Vizio TV
  • First, ensure your iPhone and Vizio smart Tv are connected to the same wifi network. 
  • Now open the control center on your iPhone or MacBook. 
  • And Tap on start screen mirroring. 
  • Choose your Vizio TV model from the list. 
  • Done and Dusted!

Now you will see the iPhone or MacBook screen mirror on the Vizio TV. And you can stream any content and access streaming services on Vizio TV. 

Method 4: Use FireStick 

firestick remote to control vizio tv

Most folks go for FireStick because it allows you to install any streaming app on Vizio TV. Plus, it has a dedicated remote control, so you can easily control Vizio TV. 

Connecting Firestick with the Vizio smart TV is a cakewalk; just plug it into the HDMI port, and you’re done. Secondly, I love the Fire tv stick because of its low cost. You can get FireStick for between 35 to 50 bucks. 

Luckily, Fire TV Sticks work with every Vizio TV model, so you don’t need to worry about compatibility issues.

Method 5: Buy A Universal Remote Control 

If you’re a remote addict, then none of the methods can entertain you for long. The best and permanent solution is a universal remote to control Vizio smart TV. 

I feel convinced about controlling my tv with a physical remote, and it’s true for most folks. 

Hundreds of universal remotes are available, ranging from 8 bucks to over $150. So you can choose anyone depending on the quality of the remote. 

We recommend using SofaBaton or Logitech universal remote controls, compatible with every sound bars TV and other Bluetooth devices. And you can connect it with multiple devices at a time. 

Final Words: 

Most people get stuck when their Vizio remote is lost or broken. But it doesn’t mean you can’t control Vizio TV without a remote. 

You can use the SmartCast feature to get the virtual remote control on mobile device and control Vizio smart tv from there. But if you are addicted to a physical remote, a universal remote is the best solution. 

I hope this article was useful for you and solved your problem. We love to hear any questions from our audience. 


How to Connect Vizio TV to the internet without a remote?

If you don’t have a Vizio TV remote, using an ethernet connection is the only way to connect it to the internet. Once your TV is connected to ethernet, then you can use the SmartCast app on your phone to control the TV. 

Once you have the virtual remote on your phone, you can connect the TV to a wifi network from Vizio Tv settings.

Are there buttons on a Vizio TV?

Yes, most of the Vizio TVs have physical buttons behind the TV or underneath. Using that buttons, you can control the volume, turn on/off the tv, and change the input.

How to factory reset Vizio TV without a remote control?

If you don’t have a remote control, you can still reset Vizio TV using the physical button behind the TV. 

Locate the buttons behind the TV, and hold the “Input” and Volume down buttons until a message appears on the top. Now just press and hold the input button for 10 seconds. 

This process will reset the Vizio TV to its factory settings.

How to change the input on a Vizio tv without a remote?

There is an input button behind your Vizio TV. Just press the button and you will see the input pop up on the screen; now, use the volume buttons to select the desired input.