How To Connect Vizio TV To Wifi Without Remote: 7 Ways!

Are you looking for quick ways to connect Vizio TV to Wifi without a remote? Yes, many alternative ways exist to connect Vizio TV to the Wifi network without a remote.

If you don’t have a Vizio remote control, you can connect Vizio TV to Wifi by connecting a mouse or keyboard with it, or you can use a Vizio remote app to control Vizio TV and connect it to Wifi. 

So if you don’t have a remote control, keep sticking with this guide. In this guide, I will explain the best methods to solve your problem and help you connect to Vizio smart TV.

7 Ways To Connect Vizio TV To Wifi Without Remote

1- Use a Mouse Or Keyboard

use keyboard or mouse

You need a USB keyboard or mouse to control the Vizio TV. I prefer to use mouse because, for the keyboard, you need to first reset the Vizio TV

Here is how to connect the Mouse with Vizio TV. 

  • First, restart your Vizio TV. 
  • Plug the mouse into the USB port behind the TV. 
  • Now you will see a pointer on a screen. 
  • The right button of the mouse will work as the enter button. 
  • Go to Settings, network settings, and connect Vizio TV to Wifi.

In the case of the keyboard, there is a little zig-zag. You need to first reset your Vizio TV. Because Vizio TVs only allow keyboard connectivity at the initial setup page. 

You can take help from TV’s physical button to reset the Vizio smart TV. First, locate the Volume and input button, and press and hold the input and Volume down buttons for 10 seconds. Then follow the on-screen instruction. 

Once the TV is reset, you can now connect the keyboard with it and control Vizio TV without the remote. Use the arrow keys on the keyboard to navigate options, and enter key to select options. 

Now select the Wifi network from the list that you want with the TV. It will ask you to enter the password. Use your keyboard to enter the password and tap enter to connect.

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2- Use Ethernet Cable 

use an ethernet cable

You don’t need to worry if you have an ethernet cable. Because nothing is best than ethernet cable, it provides stable and fast internet. 

Due to the reliable connection, we recommend you use an ethernet cable. 

Similarly, you don’t need to enter a password or do network settings on Vizio TV if you have an ethernet. So, in this case, you don’t need a remote control to connect Vizio Tv to the internet. 

All you need is to connect the ethernet cable to the LAN or ethernet port and the second end of the cable in the router. And in a moment, you will see seamless internet connectivity on your Vizio TV. 

connecting ethernet cable with vizio tv

Once you have an internet connection on Vizio TV, you can use the smartphone app to control the Vizio TV. 

3- Make Your Smartphone a Virtual Remote

I know it’s fun to control your Vizio TV through a smartphone. So if you don’t have a physical remote control, the best solution is to use the smartphone app. 

Vizio has an official app, “Vizio Mobile” that lets users manage their TVs on the go. Or you can also install Vizio SmartCast app, If the TV runs on SmartCast OS. 

But to connect Vizio TV to the app, you need an internet connection on your TV. And make sure your TV and phone are connected with the same internet connection. 

So in this scenario, you can use a mouse or ethernet cable to connect your Vizio TV with Wifi. Once the TV is connected to wifi, you can connect it with the Vizio mobile app. 

The app is available for both Android and iOS users. Here are the steps to connect Vizio TV with the app. 

  • Install the app on your smartphone. (Android, iOS)
  • Open the app, and log into the account. 
  • Tap on Add Device, and the app will start searching for nearby Vizio TV. (Make sure that the TV is turned on)
  • Next, tap on your Vizio TV model from the list. 
  • Done! Your Vizio TV is not connected to the phone, and you can use it as a remote.

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4- Use A Gaming Controller

using a gaming controller

You can use a gaming controller to connect your Vizio TV to a wifi network. If the Vizio TV doesn’t have an ethernet port, or you don’t have a keyboard or mouse, then you can use this method. 

You need to change the input settings to connect a gaming controller with Vizio TV. Luckily, there is a physical input button on the backside. 

Press the input button of your Vizio TV, and choose the port to which you have connected the gaming controller. 

Note: You need a wired controller. Because for a Bluetooth controller, you must connect it with Vizio Tv through BlueTooth, which requires a remote control.

 5- Use A FireStick Remote

Are you using a FireStick with your Vizio TV? If yes, you can use the FireStick remote to connect your Vizio TV with Wifi. 

Most of us use Amazon FireSticks; their remotes can control your TV. You can increase the Volume, navigate through menus, turn Vizio TV on/off, and more. 

To control Vizio TV with FireStick remote, ensure the FireStick is properly plugged into the HDMI port. 

6- Use IR Blaster Feature

Another way to control Vizio Tv and connect it to Wifi is to use the IR blaster feature of your phone. Few smartphones come with an IR blaster sensor; you can use them to control Vizio TV. 

connecting vizio TV with wifi using app
use ir feature to control vizio tv

Here are the step to follow; 

  • First, download any Infrared blaster or universal remote app on your phone. 
  • Open the app and search for nearby Vizio TV. 
  • The app will send a code to your Vizio TV. 
  • Enter the code in the app, and you are done.

Once the Vizio TV is connected with the remote app, you can connect it with Wifi from settings. 

7- Use A Universal Remote Control 

use a universal remote

Universal remotes are the permanent solution for controlling Vizio TV and connecting it with Wifi. Luckily all the Vizio TV models are compatible with universal control. 

The big advantage of a universal remote is that you can control the multiple devices at a time. So if you’re getting distressed with cluttering of remotes, use a universal remote. 

With a universal remote, you can control Vizio sound bar, other external Bluetooth devices, smart TVs, and other home appliances at a time. Due to the universal compatibility, these remotes are very efficient and time-saving.  

Different types of universal remotes are available in the market and on Amazon. But we recommend you go with Logitech or SofaBaton Universal remotes because they have remote display machines so it is easier for you to control devices. 


If you have lost the Vizio TV remote and cannot connect it to Wifi, don’t fret because there are various alternative ways to control your Vizio TV and connect it to wifi. 

You can use a keyboard or mouse, smartphone app, ethernet cable, or a universal remote to connect Vizio TV with Wifi. 

But if you have lost your remote control, we suggest you go for a universal remote or buy a Vizio TV remote according to your TV model because these are the permanent solutions.