How To Connect TCL Smart TV To Wifi Without Remote ?

I know how frustrating it’s to control TCL smart TV without a remote; real trouble comes with connecting Tcl TV to wifi without a remote. 

Without wifi, your TCL Smart TV is meaningless because you can only stream your favorite TV shows if you have a wifi. 

Luckily, there are some magic bullets that you can use to connect TCL smart TV with Wi-fi, and in today’s article, we will dive deep into these solutions. 

If you have TCL Roku TV, refer to this guide.

Different Ways To Connect TCL Smart TV To wifi Without a Remote:

Most people think of controlling TCL TV via phone, but it’s impossible. Because you have connected both your smartphone and TCL tv with the same Wi-Fi, and unfortunately, your TCL tv is not connected to wifi. 

So you have to opt for other methods, which are mentioned below. 

1- Use a Keyboard Or Mouse

TCL Smart TV WiFi setup without remote

Everyone has a mouse or keyboard at home, so you can connect it to your TCL smart TV. 

You can choose a mouse or keyword. Both work for TCL tv. But remember that both devices should have a USB cable, or else this solution won’t work for you. 

So how does it work?

Well, first plug the USB cable of the mouse or keyboard into the back side of the TCL TV. Once done, the tv will automatically pick up the device, and now you can control it with a mouse or keyboard. 

using mouse to control TCL TV

So in my case, I’m going to connect it with a wireless mouse. 

  • First, I connected the USB to the port. 
  • Then, it automatically shows a cursor on the tv’s screen. 
  • Next, navigate to Settings and wifi. 
  • Now connect your TCL tv with the desired wifi network.

2- Use Ethernet Cable

WiFi connection for TCL Smart TV without remote

An ethernet cable is the second viable way to connect your TCL smart tv with wifi. If you have one, you don’t need to fret; just connect the ethernet cable to the back side of the TCL tv. 

The advantage of ethernet cable is you don’t need to dive into the settings or manually do anything. 

Once you have connected the ethernet cable with TCL tv, the internet starts working on it. 

Now you can also use a remote app to control the tv and connect it to any wireless network. 

The second advantage is ethernet provides a fast and reliable connection, so you can stream your favorite movies and TV shows without lagging. 

3- Use Old Wifi Name & Password 

Connecting TCL Smart TV to WiFi manually

If the above two methods don’t work, try this solution. In this method, we will cheat the TCL TV by changing the wifi name and password to the old network. 

Perhaps, you have connected TCL TV with any wifi network before, and if you remember its name and password, you’re almost done. 

Now follow the below steps to connect TCL tv with wifi. 

TCL Smart TV WiFi setup using alternative methods
  • Grab your iPhone, and go to Settings > General > About
  • Replace the name of your phone with the old wifi network name. 
  • Go back and open the Personal Hotspot
  • Now turn off the wifi and turn on the data. 
  • Change the wifi password and put the password of your previous network. 
  • Now you have gained traction. 
  • Restart the TV and leave it for a few seconds; it will automatically connect to your mobile hotspot. 
  • Once the TCL tv is connected, you can use the remote app to connect it with other wireless connection.

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4- Buy a Remote Control

use a remote control

All the solutions mentioned above are temporary ways to connect Tcl tv with wifi. 

To satisfy your soul, you must buy a tv remote, and you can go for a universal or genuine TCL remote. Here you can view the deal on Tcl tv remotes. 

Final Words: 

I know connecting your TCL TV to wifi without a remote seems daunting because TCL tv has no physical buttons for navigation. Similarly, you can’t even connect the remote app from your phone to the tv. 

But you don’t need to worry if you have a keyboard or mouse. This is one of the most convenient solutions to control the TCL tv. 

Hopefully, this article solves your problem. And you can now stream back your favorite TV shows and movies. 


Can I connect TCL tv with wifi using physical buttons on the TV?

No, there is only one button beneath the TCL tv; using that button, you can only control the volume, channel selection, and turn on stand-by mode. And unfortunately, you can’t use this button for navigation. 

Hence you will remain deprived of connecting your tcl tv with wifi using that button. 

Can I connect TCL TV to wifi with Google Assistant?

The latest models of TCL TV come with a built-in voice assistant that allows you to control the TV. And you can use it to connect the TV to the wifi. 

Simply ask the Google Assistant to open wifi settings, and from there, ask him to connect the tv to your home wifi. 

What kind of remote does a TCL TV Use?

You can opt for RC802V FNR1 remote, which works with all TCL Android 4K UHD smart TVs. But unluckily, this one has no voice command feature. 

How to turn on the TCL TV without a remote?

There are a couple of ways to turn on a TCL TV without a remote, but the physical button under the TV is the best option to turn on or off the tv.