Connect Hisense TV To Wifi Without Remote: “In One Minute”

In this article, I will share how to connect Hisense TV To Wifi without a remote in just a few minutes. 

Without wifi, your Hisense TV has no value, and you can’t stream content or watch live channels and movies. But what if you don’t have a Hisense TV remote control? Don’t worry. You can still connect it with Wifi. 

How Can I Connect Hisense Smart TV To Wifi Without a Remote?

You can use a keyboard or mouse, ethernet cable, virtual remote app, or mobile hotspot to connect the Hisense TV with Wi-Fi without a remote. 

So let’s discuss all these methods individually; if one method doesn’t work, try the next. But I’m sure this guide will solve your problem, so stick with us. 

1- Use a Keyboard or Mouse To Control Hisense TV

I suggest you use a keyboard or mouse to control your Hisense TV. This method is super easy and takes barely a minute to connect the TV to Wifi. 

All you need is a mouse or keyboard with a USB wire. Plug the wire into the USB port behind the Hisense TV. And that’s it. You can now control your TV without a remote.

In my case, I’m using a mouse. Below are the steps with a picture demonstration to connect Mouse to Hisense TV and then connect it to Wifi. 

  • First, plug the mouse Into the USB port of the Hisense TV. 
plug the mouse into usb port
  • Wait a few seconds, so the TV will pick up the mouse. Now it will show the pointer on the screen. 
  • From the top right corner of the TV screen, click on the “Gear” icon to open Settings. 
go to network settings
  • Click the “Network & Internet.” 
go to network settings
  • Turn on the Wifi, and choose the desired network you want to connect with. 
turn on wifi
  • Put the password using the on-screen keyboard. With the mouse, click the keys to enter the alphabet. 
  • You’re good to go once you don’t lick on the done button. 

If you have a keyboard, you can use the arrow keys for navigation and the “Enter” key for selection. 

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2- Use Ethernet Cable

use ethernet cable

Ethernet cable provides a faster internet connection and is one of the easiest ways to connect your Hisense to the internet. 

If you’re using an ethernet cable, you don’t need to enter the passwords and navigate to wifi settings.

Unluckily, if you’re using the older model of Hisense TV, it lacks the ethernet port, so you can’t use this method. 

And if the Hisense TV has an ethernet port, follow the below-mentioned steps to connect it to Wifi. 

  • First, you need an ethernet cable; it’s available on Amazon. 
  • After you have the cable, connect one side to the ethernet port of the wifi router. 
  • And plug the other side of the cable into the ethernet port behind the Hisense TV. 
  • You don’t need to do anything else. Now your Hisense TV is connected to the internet.

Once the Hisense TV is connected to the internet, you can use the smartphone app to connect it to Wifi. 

3- Use Smartphone App To Connect Hisense TV To Wifi

Use Smartphone App To Connect Hisense TV To Wifi

There are a lot of virtual remote apps available that you can install on your smartphone to control your Hisense smart TV. 

One of the user-friendly and convenient apps is TV Remote – Universal Control. This app instantly connects with Hisense TV and lets you control the TV on the go. 

Here are the steps to connect your Hisense TV with the universal remote app; 

  • First, install the universal remote app on your phone. 
  • Open the app, and it will start searching for nearby Hisense TV. 
  • Make sure that your TV is turned on. Now tap your TV name from the list to connect with it. And you’re done!
  • Now Go to Settings > Network & Internet > Wifi, and enter the credentials to connect the TV to Wifi.
To control your Hisense TV with a smartphone app, ensure your TV and phone are connected to the same wifi network.

4- Use a Gaming Joystick  

Use a Gaming Joystick  

Do you have a gaming console? Then you must have a joystick, which you can use to control your Hisense TV without remote, and connect it with the internet. 

But you need a Joystick having a USB cable. Otherwise, you can skip this step.

Just plug the USB end of the Joystick into the USB port behind the Hisense TV. And use the movement buttons to navigate the settings menu. Go to Network & Wifi, and there you can connect tv to the internet.

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5- Use Universal Remote Control 

Use Universal Remote Control 

You might have used the universal remote controls, which are super nifty because of hybrid compatibility. If you have a universal remote control, you can use it to connect Hisense TV to Wifi. 

I love the universal remote because it helps to avoid the cluttering of remotes. If you have a lot of remotes, you can replace them with a single universal remote control. 

There are a lot of universal remotes available, but we recommend Logitech remotes because they offer screens so you can easily navigate devices. Also, this remote is easy to connect with the Hisense TV. 

Once the universal remote is connected to Hisense TV, go to Settings > Network Settings > Turn on the Wifi. Enter the credentials of the wifi network, and you’re good to go. 

6- Cheat Your Hisense TV With Mobile Hotspot

Almost all smart TV automatically connect to the wifi network with whom they have previously connected. Taking the benefit of this, you can cheat on your Hisense TV using a mobile hotspot. 

If you remember any previous wifi network with which you connected your TV, you can use its name and password to trick the Hisense TV.

Open your mobile hotspot, and change its name and password to a previous wifi network. Now turn on the Hisense TV, which will automatically connect to your mobile hotspot. 

Note: If you have connected the Hisense TV with a mobile hotspot, it might need the data, so make sure you have a mobile data plan subscription to operate the TV. 

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Once the TV is connected to the mobile hotspot. You can then connect the Universe remote app to your smartphone to your home’s wifi network.


If you have lost the remote control of your Hisense smart TV, you can still operate it and connect it to Wifi without a remote control. 

There are a lot of methods that you can opt to solve the problem. The quickest way is to use the keyboard or mouse to connect your Hisense TV with Wifi. Also, you can use the mobile hotspot to trick the Hisense TV and connect it with your home network. 

I hope you have liked the guide and It has solved your problem. If you have any questions, you can ask me personally by email. We love to solve the problems of our readers. Thanks!