Can’t Find HBO Max On LG TV? 6 Quick Fixes!

It’s frustrating when you can’t find HBO Max on LG TV. It’s one of the well-known streaming platforms that everyone wants on their smart TVs. 

But because of some reason, HBO Max isn’t installed on your LG TV. If you’re struggling to find HBO Max on its LG then keep on reading this guide, it will solve your problem. Plus we have also shared some alternative ways to play HBO Max on LV TV. 

Why The HBO Max Is Missing On My LG TV?

The HBO Max is a well-known subscription-based streaming platform that you can easily install on your LG TV, but sometimes you can’t find this streaming platform on LG Tv, this is because of several reasons. 

HBO Max not available outside the USAUse a VPN to change your IP address to the USA and reinstall HBO Max.
Unstable internet connectionEnsure a stable internet connection; reset your router if needed.
LG TV running out of storageCheck available storage on LG TV and delete unnecessary apps or media.
Incompatible LG TV model (WebOS version)Confirm your LG TV is running WebOS 4.0 or later for HBO Max compatibility.
Outdated LG TV softwareUpdate your LG TV’s software to the latest version for compatibility and bug fixes.
Incorrect country and time settingsEnsure your LG TV has the correct country and time settings, especially for USA region.

These solutions should help resolve common issues when trying to get HBO Max on an LG TV.

Here are some ways that will help you get HBO Max working on your LG TV.

Step 1: Use VPN If You’re Living Outside the US

HBO Max not available on LG TV

The HBO Max streaming app is only available for USA residents, so if you’re living outside the USA you will get this message “Sorry, HBO Max isn’t available in your region”. 

In this scenario, you can use VPN to change your IP address on LG TV and reinstall HBO Max. You can use any kind of VPN on your TV, but we recommend using Express VPN because it’s very easy to set up. 

You have to just install the VPN on your smart TV, and choose the USA server, and it will automatically set your IP address within the United States. 

Step 2: Check Your Internet Connection 

Missing HBO Max on LG Smart TV

If you don’t have a stable internet connection you can’t install apps on LG TV, so before installing HBO max on LG TV make sure to check you have stable internet connectivity. 

If you find full signal strength on LG TV but still the internet doesn’t work you should reset your router. Just unplug the router from the socket for a few minutes and plug it back. 

Now, wait for a few seconds until the router reboot. This will probably solve the internet connection on LG TV. 

But if you’re still facing internet connectivity issues, then you have to forget your wi-fi network on LG TV. 

forget wifi on lg tv
  • From Home Screen go to Settings. 
  • Find Wi-Fi and tap on it. 
  • Under the Wi-Fi settings screen tap the name of the network you want to forget and tap “Forget Network”. 
  • Now again connect to this network by entering a password.

If issue still exist, you can also connect your LG TV with any other nearby Wi-Fi connection, and install the HBO Max app.

Step 3: Your LG TV Ran Out Of Storage

lg tv ran out of storage

If you can’t find the HBO max app on your LG TV then this is the probability that your LG TV ran out of storage. 

Most LG TVs come with 2GB of dedicated internal storage, so you can install different apps, and store media on it. 

Luckily you can find the storage information on your LG TV. This will give you an idea that how much space is remaining on your LG TV for the HBO max app. 

Here are the steps to check the storage on your LG TV. 

  • From Home Screen go to Settings -> All Settings. 
  • Find “General” and tap on it. 
  • Under General find Devices -> TV Management. 
  • Tap on TV information, and here you can check the available internal storage.

If your storage is full try to delete a few apps or media from your TV, and then install HBO Max. 

Step 4: Check Your LG TV Model

Issue with finding HBO Max on LG tv

HBO Max is only available in a few LG TV modes. In a nutshell, if your LG TV is running on WebOS 4.0 or a later version then you can install it, otherwise, you can’t get HBO max. 

Here are the steps to Check LG TV mode. 

  • Settings -> All Settings. 
  • Go to “General”. 
  • Find “TV Management” -> “TV Information”
  • Under TV management you can find your LG TV webOS version.

Step 5: Update LG TV Software 

update lg tv firmware

Updating LG TV ensures you a more secure experience and expands the compatibility of apps. If you HBO max app is on your LG smart TV then you should give it a try to update your TV software. 

The latest software brings the latest features, and bugs free user experience. Updating LG TV is so simple. 

  • Settings -> All Settings -> General. 
  • Select “About This TV”
  • And Check for updates, if an update is available simply tap the download button. 
  • After downloading the new software update, turn off the TV for 1 minute and then power ON to install the update.

Step 6: Update the Country & Time

Update the Country & Time

The incorrect country and time can also cause HBO Max to not install on LG TV. So you have to make sure that your region and time are both correct. 

To access time settings: 

  • Settings -> All Settings.
  • General -> System.
  • Time & Timer.

To access region settings:

  • Settings -> All Settings.
  • General. 
  • Location -> Country Settings.

After correcting both region and time you can install HBO max. Keep in mind that the HBO max is only available for the USA region.  

Alternative Ways To Get HBO Max On LG TV

If you have tried all the above mentioned methods and still find HBO Max missing on your LG TV, then it’s time to go for other alternatives to access HBO Max. 

  • Use a Streaming device to access HBO max
  • Use LG TV Browser 
  • Connect your MacBook Via HDMI
  • Use Airplay from your iPhone
  • Use any gaming console

1- Use a Streaming Device To Access HBO Max

The most convenient way to access HBO Max on LG is using any streaming device like Apple TV, Roku stick, or Firestick. These streaming devices not only give access to HBO Max but you can also access dozens of other streaming platforms. 

Once you have paired any streaming device with an LG smart tv, you can search for HBO Max, install it on the device, and enjoy streaming your favorite movies and shows. 

2- Use LG TV Browser 

Use LG TV Browser 

If your TV ran out of storage or you’re struggling to find HBO Max, then try using the browser on your LG TV to access the app. 

Open the browser and search for “HBO Max”, open the website, put your HBO Max account credentials to sign in, and enjoy your favorite shows. 

3- Connect Your MacBook Via HDMI 

Connect Your MacBook Via HDMI 

You can easily install the HBO max app on your macOS and then mirror it on LG TV via HDMI. On your MacBook HBO Max is available both on the browser and in the app. 

All you need is an HDMI cable and converter for your MacBook type C. Connect the HDMI cable to the back of your LG TV and select the HDMI input. Now you’re able to view your Macbook screen right on your LG TV. 

You can also connect your home theater speakers with MacBook via MacBook to enjoy the real-time sound of movies and shows. 

4- Use AirPlay Option From iPhone

If you don’t have a MacBook then you can go for iPhone Airplay features, it allows you to cast videos on your LG smart TV. 

First, install the HBO max on your iPhone, sign-in to your account, and then mirror it with your LG TV via airplay. 

5- Use Any Gaming Console 

Gaming Consoles like Xbox and Playstation allow you to install streaming apps like HBO Max and more. Taking advantage of that you can connect a gaming console console with your LG TV and enjoy streaming HBO Max. 

HBO Max Alternatives That You Can Install On Your LG TV

If you’re living outside of the United States then you will face issues with HBO Max. But you don’t need to worry about that, you can try other alternatives you HBO Max that offer similar entertainment and thrill. 

Here are some of the best alternatives to HBO Max:

  • Netflix
  • DisneyPlus 
  • Amazon Prime

1- Netflix 

Netflix is one of the leading streaming platforms that offers its services worldwide, and luckily you can easily install it on your Netflix. 

Just like HBO max, Netflix offers subscription-based services, And Netflix has a fairly large amount of 4K content as compared to HBO max. 

To install Netflix on LG smart TV, search for it on the LG TV content store, and download it. 

2- DisneyPlus

DisneyPlus is another best alternative to HBO Max that you can easily install on your LG smart Tv. The good thing is that it also offers a yearly based subscription for $139, which is relatively cheaper than Netflix and HBO Max. 

But as compared to Netflix and HBO Max, Disney Plus has a short selection of content. If you’re a fan of Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, National Geographic, and other such content, you must install DisneyPlus on your LG smart TV. 

3- Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime is another best alternative to HBO Max that you can install on LG smart TV. On HBO Max you’re only restricted to limited content, but Amazon Prime offers a wide selection of premium content, TV shows, documentaries, movies, and much more. 

It is available in over 200 countries. Amazon Prime also has a lot of benefits like free two-day shipping on eligible items, access to Prime Music and readings, and discounts on stores. 

Final Words

Getting HBO Max on LG TV is not a big deal especially if you’re living in United states and have the latest model. But in case you’re living outside of the US you can use VPN to align your TV IP with the USA and watch HBO Max.

We have mentioned various steps that you can follow to access HBO Max on LG TV. And if you’re still unable to find HBO Max you can try different alternatives that we have mentioned. 

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