Amazon Prime Keeps Crashing On Roku: (10 Quick Fixes)

Enjoying favorite TV shows and movies on Amazon Prime is a daydream of every individual. But what if Amazon Prime keeps crashing on Roku? It sounds very frustrating. 

Amazon Prime crashes on Roku due to poor internet connection, cache, or outdated firmware. But don’t panic; I have some powerful solutions to fix the issue. 

So keep on reading. 

Amazon Prime Keeps Crashing On Roku: Fixes!

1- Power Reset Roku 

Power Reset Roku 

If you have encountered glitches with Amazon Prime on Roku, the first thing you must do is power reset the Roku. This simple solution will drain out all the unwanted power from the Roku and resolve the app crashing problem.

In 90% of cases, the power reset will solve the app crashing problem. 

Here are the steps to power reset your Roku TV. 

  • Simply unplug the Roku TV from the power outlet. 
  • Wait for at least 60 seconds. 
  • Now press and hold the power button of the TV for 15 seconds. 
  • Plug the Roku TV back into the power outlet.

This simple solution will solve the Amazon Prime crashing issue. Apart from that, a power reset also resolves all temporary glitches and software-related bugs. 

Note: I recommend you repeat this process two to three times; if the first attempt get fail, the second or third will work

2- Clear The Cache

Clear The Cache Of Roku TV

The cache is another reason that causes Amazon Prime to crash. The cache also makes Roku TV slow, and it starts lagging. 

Luckily, you can easily clear the cache on Roku TV, and this process will solve most issues. 

To clear the cache and cookies on Roku TV, open the Home Screen of Roku. 

Now follow the below-mentioned steps to clear the cache; 

  • Grab the remote and press the “Home” button 5 times. 
  • Press the Up button once. 
  • Now press the “Rewind” button 2 times. 
  • Lastly, press the “Fast Forward” button twice.
If you have followed the above steps correctly, your Roku TV will automatically restart after 30 seconds.

If the Roku TV doesn’t restart, repeat the same process correctly to clear the cache. 

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3- Troubleshooting Internet Connectivity 

Apps on Roku TV will start crashing and lagging if you have poor internet speed. 

Amazon Prime requires a stable internet connection to provide a seamless streaming experience. So, Amazon Prime might crash if you have a sluggish or unstable internet. 

Before going for any solution, check the internet speed on other devices like laptops or smartphones. 

You can also conduct the speed test on this website. If your internet connection is less than 5Mbps, then it’s slower. To fix it, you need to restart the router. 

Unplug the router from the switch for 30 seconds, and plug it back. This simple chore will fix the internet connectivity problems.

Now reconnect the Roku TV with the same wifi network, and continue streaming on Amazon Prime. 

4- Reinstall Amazon Prime On Roku 

Sometimes there is an issue with the Amazon Prime app, possibly due to the outdated version or the internal cache. 

To fix this problem, delete the Amazon Prime app on Roku and reinstall it. This simple process will wipe out all the data from the app; the next time you use it, you won’t encounter crashing issues.

Here are the steps to delete apps on Roku; 

reinstall amazon prime on roku
  • Press the Home button from Roku TV remote. 
  • Now find and highlight the Amazon Prime app. 
  • Press the star (*) button from the remote. 
  • A menu will pop up; select the “Remote Channel” to delete the app.

Once Amazon Prime is deleted, follow these steps to install its back on Roku. 

how to add apps on roku
  • Open the Home Screen
  • Scroll down to “Add Channel’, and tap on it. 
  • Now tap on “Search Channel.” 
  • Search for Amazon Prime, and tap on “Add Channel.”
  • Wait a few seconds, and the Amazon Prime app will appear on the Home Screen. And login back and enjoy streaming.

 5- Manually Update The Amazon Prime App

Amazon Prime frequently launches new updates to eliminate errors and bugs in the app. But if you’re using an outdated version of the app, chances are it will start crashing while streaming.

Follow the below steps to update Amazon Prime on Roku; 

  • Open the “Home” screen on Roku TV. 
  • Locate the Amazon Prime app and highlight it. 
  • Now press the Star button (*) from Roku remote. 
  • Select the “Check For Updates.” 
  • If an update is available on the Roku, it will automatically install it.

Once Amazon Prime is updated, relaunch the app, and you won’t face the crashing issue again. 

6- Update Roku’s Firmware 

update the roku tv firmware

If you have updated the Amazon Prime app, but it still keeps crashing, then you should update the firmware of Roku. 

The outdated firmware of Roku also causes bugs in the Roku TV and affects the performance of streaming apps.

Roku frequently launches new updates to avoid bugs and brings new features. 

By default, Roku automatically updates the firmware if it’s connected with a stable internet connection. But sometimes the update got missed due to the unreliable internet. 

So here are the steps to manually install a new firmware update on Roku. 

  • Grab the Roku remote and press and “Home” button. 
  • From the left-hand side, you will see a menu. 
  • Scroll down and tap on Settings. 
  • Under Settings, locate the “System.” 
  • Select “System Updates” and tap on “Check Now.”
  • If there is any new firmware update available, Roku will automatically install that.

Once the firmware update is installed, the Roku will restart automatically.

7- Check The Amazon Prime Servers Uptime 

amazon prime server status checking

If you have tried the above solution and the problem persists, then you should check the Amazon Prime server status. 

Sometimes the servers are under maintenance mode, and at that time, you won’t be able to stream anything on Amazon Prime. To ensure this, you should check Amazon Prime on other devices. 

You can also check the down or uptime of servers on Downdector.com, and this website will let you know about the current status of Amazon Prime servers. 

If the servers are down, you need to wait for their uptime. There is no other way to fix this problem in such a scenario. 

8- Use Ethernet Connection 

Use Ethernet Connection 

The seamless streaming on Amazon Prime relies on a stable internet connection. And with the ethernet connection, you will get a faster internet speed preventing the app from crashing.  

If you place the wifi router far away from Roku TV, it will get weak wifi signals and cause lagging while streaming. 

Similarly, mediums like walls, roofs, and fans can obstruct the wifi signals. At the same time, ethernet connection doesn’t affect by any such medium. That’s why you will get faster internet speed if you have an ethernet connection. 

9- Disable VPN

If you’re using VPN on your Roku, then make sure to turn it off before streaming on Amazon Prime. 

The VPN changes the IP location and points the IP address to countries where Amazon Prime is restricted. 

Secondly, the VPN also slows down the internet speed, which is the primary cause of apps crashing. 

10- Reset Roku To Its Factory Settings

If nothing works and Amazon Prime keeps crashing, try resetting the Roku TV to its factory settings. 

The factory reset will wipe out all the data, settings, and apps from the Roku TV. So if you have done anything wrong previously, it will be undo automatically. 

To factor reset the Roku, go to Settings > System > Advance System Settings > Factory Reset > Factory Reset Everything. Now the Roku TV will give a code; type that code to begin the reset process.

11- Contact Amazon Prime Customer Support

It’s also worth considering contacting Amazon Prime customer support, and they will assist in solving the problem. 

The issue might be related to your account. So they will reset the account settings from the backend database to solve the problem. 

Final Words

I hope this article has solved your Amazon Prime crashing issue on Roku. Most of the time, the simple power reset resolves the app crashing issue. 

If not, then try other methods mentioned in this guide. Ultimately, the Factory reset is the extreme solution to your problem. But remember that factor reset will delete all the data from your Roku TV. 


Why does Amazon Prime start lagging on Roku TV?

Amazon Prime will start lagging on Roku TV if you have a poor or unstable internet connection. To eliminate this problem, restart your wifi router or use an ethernet connection. 

Why does Amazon Prime keep going back to the home screen?

Amazon Prime keeps returning to the Home Screen due to the sluggish internet or cache problem. To fix this issue, power reset your devices and restart the wifi router. 

How to install Amazon Prime on Roku? 

To install Amazon Prime on Roku, open the Home Screen and scroll down to “Add Channels” > “Search Channel,” search for Amazon Prime, and tap on “Add Channel.” Now you can access Amazon Prime from the Home Screen of your Roku.