Adjust Vizio Tv Brightness Without Remote? (In One Minutes)

Nothing is more frustrating than controlling a TV without a remote. I know this feeling because last week I lost my Vizio TV remote and I was unable change the TV settings anymore. 

Even though, you can control Vizio TV volume and input settings via its external buttons. But unluckily, you can’t control the brightness of Vizio TV using these volume buttons. 

After researching and trying different methods, I have come across different methods to help me adjust the Vizio TV brightness without a remote. 

In this article, I will share the same methods and some tips so you can get out of this problem. After reading this article, I’m sure you will leave this site with a happy soul. 

How Can I Adjust The Vizio TV Brightness Without Remote?

The best way to adjust Vizio Tv brightness is using a Vizio Mobile app, which allows you to turn your phone into a virtual remote control. Secondly, the universal remote control also works perfectly with Vizio TV; you can easily adjust the brightness.

1- Use Vizio Mobile App

The best way to control Vizio TV and change its settings without a remote is to use a Vizio Mobile App. This is an official Vizio app available for both iOS and Android phones. 

You can change the settings using a Vizio Mobile app, but it also lets you launch apps, search, browse, and switch channels directly from your phone. I love its voice command features which let me search apps via voice. 

So if you have lost Vizio TV remote and cannot control the TV settings or change the brightness, install this app, and you’re good to go. 

Here are the steps to install and connect the Vizio SmartCast app with Vizio TV. 

Step 1: Open the App Store or Play Store on your phone and install the “Vizio Mobile” app. 

vizio mobile app

Step 2: Open the app, and log in to your Vizio SmartCast account. 

Step 3: Tap on “Select Device,” and the app will start searching for nearby Vizio TV. 

controlling vizio tv with app

Step 4: Your Vizio Mobile app will ask you for a four-digit PIN code. The code will pop up on the Vizio TV screen. Enter the code to connect the app to the TV. 

Step 5: Once the phone is connected, you will see a virtual remote control on the mobile phone screen. Enjoy! 

Ensure your Vizio TV and phone are connected to the same wifi network.

Now follow these steps to adjust the brightness of Vizio TV; 

  • Press the “Settings” button on Vizio remote. 
  • Tap on Picture
  • Scroll down to brightness. Here you can adjust the brightness according to your preferences.

2- Use A Universal Remote Control App 

If the Vizio Mobile app doesn’t work for you, alternatively, you can use a universal remote control app to control Vizio TV and adjust its brightness. 

There are a lot of universal remote control apps available, but I suggest you go for “TV Remote – Universal Control.” This app is very easy to connect with Vizio smart TV. 

Follow these steps to connect the universal remote control app with Vizio TV. 

Step 1: Go to Google Play Store or App Store and install “TV Remote – Universal Control.” 

universal remote app for vizio

Step 2: Open the app. And it will automatically start searching for your Vizio TV. 

Step 3: Once your Vizio TV is detected, tap on it. And enter the 4-digit pin which pops up on the TV’s screen. 

adjust vizio tv brightness with phone

Step 4: Your Vizio TV is now connected with this universal remote control app. Use the virtual remote on your phone to adjust the screen brightness of the Vizio TV. 

3- Use Universal Remote Control 

Thanks to the universal remote controls that are universally compatible with every smart TV, and if you have one, you can control Vizio and adjust its brightness.

For a few people, including me controlling smart TV with an app is a dire process; that’s why universal remote controls give them the convenience of instantly controlling the TV. 

A universal remote helps to avoid the cluttering of remotes on your couch. You don’t need five or six remotes to control TV, speakers, FireSticks, lights, AC, and other such things because, with one universal remote, you can manage all these devices. 

A substantial amount of universal remotes are available, but we suggest you get a Logitech remote. This remote has a screen to view and easily manage connected devices. 

Final Words

Don’t worry if you lost the Vizio TV remote because you can still adjust its brightness using the ghee Vizio Mobile app. But make sure your TV and smartphone are connected to the same wifi network. 

We recommend a universal TV remote or an official Vizio remote replacement if you want a permanent solution.